Top 10 Highest Paid Business Jobs 2019

A lot of job opportunities are created by pursuing a business degree, as it is not just versatile and valid to almost every industry; however, more prominently it’s an intelligent investment. Graduating a business degree promises healthy returns after education, particularly if you study from one of the best worth colleges for business majors.

It is recommended that you consider linking your business major with a minor that respects your personal interests so that, after education, you are more prepared to continue a bright career by getting a decent business job. This job has potential to suit your personality, or more significantly turn your desires into a business of today’s world. If you have decided to flourish in business jobs with just a bachelor’s degree then the key is concentrating your education while you’re in college—and networking both before as well as after your education.

Are you interested to doing a high-pay business jobs in 2019 but do not have a clue which are these jobs? Well, you will get complete details after reading below:

10. Account executive

Highest Paid Business Jobs 2019

This is basically a business sales job, in which a candidate works to understand client’s goals, and then arrange the agency’s original and managerial staff to support them yield effective campaigns. Responsibilities involve meeting clients to deliberate their advertising requirements, working with account planners to plan a campaign that encounters the customer’s brief and financial plan. Account executives generally serve in various industries and manage business relationships among their customers and companies. For grabbing this job, you must develop relationship management, sales savvy, and product knowledge skills. Account executive job has a usual median pay of about $50,294 and links with insurance carriers; brokerages, agencies, and other insurance-related companies.

9. Hotel general manager

Highest Paid Business Jobs

A Hotel Manager (or a hotelier) supervises the effectual and commercial organisation of the hotel or lodging asset. This manager can work in various hospitality fields, in casino hotels, hotels, sports resorts, holiday resorts, beach retreats, cruise liners, spa and recreation formations, destination spas, bush/safari camps and guest houses, etc. Attaining the role of Hotel General Manager demands extreme hard work and dedication but certainly has its perks after making careers in the hospitality industry. Hotel Manager job has a usual median pay of about $53,835 and links with industry like traveller accommodation.

8. Senior accountant

Highest Paid Business Jobs

A senior accountant is the one who makes and records liability, asset, income, and expenses entries by amassing and analysing account info. A candidate needs to balance and maintain subsidiary accounts by confirming, posting, allocating, settling transactions; determining discrepancies. He/she also needs to maintain general ledger by relocating subsidiary accounts, making a trial balance; merging entries as well as analyse financial statistics to control profit, loss and legal responsibility. Senior accountant job has a usual median pay of about $64,766, paying high to skilled and experienced accountant.

7. IT business analyst

Highest Paid Business Jobs

The primary objective of a business analyst’s is supporting businesses apply technology solutions in a cost-effective method by deciding the necessities of a program or project, and collaborating them evidently to facilitators, stakeholders, and partners. These business analysts outline requirements for how an IT system must operate and then connect those requirements to the technical employees. IT business analyst job has a usual median pay of about $67,527 and it links with depository credit intermediation; management, systematic and technical consulting services.

6. Media supervisor

Highest Paid Business Jobs

Media supervisor has to work with many partners and media strategists, media supervisor’s principal teams of media researchers, consumers, and coordinators. This job candidate assists to develop the overall media messaging of a firm, and facilitates crafting and monitoring media campaigns. If you have accepted this job, you need to supervise media researchers, customers and planners as well as assure the appropriate ads shown on the web, in newspapers, radio or TV shows, or somewhere in advertising. The goal of this job position is to spend a company’s media budget in the maximum productive way possible, offering you with a typical median pay of around $70,093 and it links with popular industries like advertising services.

5. Business development manager

Highest Paid Business Jobs 2019

This job involves position of a business development executive, who is a senior manager accomplished with the job of assisting his or her business development and hence, they are high-level sales professionals working in this job. These business specialists investigate and take benefits of business prospects, either by enhancing present revenue streams or launching new ones. They analyse major strategic partnerships, collect information on clienteles and competitors, and recognise competitive landscape of their industry. It is known that the maximum paying skills linked with this job are Technical Sales, Account Management, and Pre-Sales. This business job has a typical median pay of around $70,091, paying high for experienced business development manager.

4. Construction project manager

Highest Paid Business Jobs

This job position involves assignment of responsibility to the project sponsor to guarantee that all pertinent goals are met. The role is the most significant during the entire building process as the construction project manager owns the final accountability for all features of the building. This manager usually creates budgets and prepares plans for developing or preserving roads, buildings, bridges and other constructions. This business job has a typical median pay of approximately $70,873 and it links with residential building construction; building equipment contractors; engineering and related services; architectural, non-residential building construction.

3. Senior financial analyst

Highest Paid Business Jobs

A senior financial analyst is the one who contribute in semi-annual incentive recompense payments and compensation management. The job involves providing analytical and financial support for the incentive recompense accounting as well as for forecasting procedures. A candidate working in this job reply to ad-hoc projects connected to incentive compensation program investigate data influencing their companies’ investment programs. This business job has a typical median pay of approximately $77,300, linking with computer systems design; depository credit intermediation (businesses that receive deposits and lend funds; like banks); saleable equipment wholesalers; national security and global affairs.

2. Regional sales manager

Highest Paid Business Jobs

Candidate in this job achieves regional sales human resource goals by employing, orienting, selecting, training, allocating, scheduling, coaching, counselling, and disciplining staffs in allocated districts. Candidate also needs to manage communicating job potentials; planning, appraising, monitoring, and studying job contributions; planning and studying compensation actions; applying policies and actions. Regional sales managers create objectives and quotas and analyse staff sales figures to regulate opportunities and even direct sales training programs. This business job has a typical median pay of approximately $78,325 linking with pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing; health and personal-care stores; agriculture, building and mining machinery trade, etc.

1. IT project manager

Highest Paid Business Jobs 2019

Being a project manager in the IT field make project plans for the growth of latest products, services and releases. The job ensures that departments functions together to encounter deadlines, accomplish tasks, assign resources precisely and upkeep quality. This business job has a typical median pay of around $84,725 and it links with many popular business industries.

This job position links with computer systems design: scientific, management, and technical consulting facilities; appliance and electronics stores; software publishers; marketable equipment traders. It is known that an amazing 97% of organisations trust project management is acute to business performance as well as success of organisation. An expertise in Oracle is related with high pay for this business job. Candidate in this business job usually don’t have over 20 years’ experience, but experience powerfully effects revenue for this job.

You can make bright career by earning a good amount of money by working in an appropriate business jobs. Listed jobs involve a good skills and excellent dedication from candidate to earn a hefty salary.


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