Top 10 Highest Paid Careers In The World 2019

Who does not fantasise of having a life where a shiny red Ferrari is parked in the driveway of a sophisticated bungalow? Who does not dream of having a band of workers to look after every minor necessity? All these require something in common. Yeah, it is the money in the account and a strong career to build up that heavy balance.

An apt selection of the career by a proper coordination of your passion and necessities is the key behind a portal to your dreamland. Breathe easy and choose wisely because if you play it right, u will have showers of cash. Here goes a list of the highest paid career options in 2019 that one can choose from:


Highest paying careers 2019

Average Pay: 5-7 LPA
Average Pay: – $1, 68,000

The IT sector has been experiencing rise since inception and is a vast employment sector for the fresh engineering pass outs. The average salary for freshers is about 1.5-3 LPA which escalates up to figures of 6 -8 LPA with growing experience. The salaries can go as high up to 8-19 LPA as program developer and manager. These jobs can be termed as experience breeding grounds for the freshers. However, these jobs require a timely update of one’s skills as per the ever-changing technologies in the sector. International assignments come as a bonus for the deserving employees.


Highest paying careers

Average Pay: 5.5-7 LPA
Average Pay: – $1, 75,000

The black robe can pay you really well. The salaries that the law professionals draw vary as per the firms that they work for. The salaries for those working under the Government are a bit less than those working for private firms excluding all other perks and benefits. Private Law professionals draw about 6-9 LPA. With the growth of experience, the salaries can go up to 10-15 LPA. These jobs have also found place in the MNCs as well. Therefore, a graduate willing to pursue corporate law can earn a good pay at the MNCs.


Highest paying careers

Average Pay: 6-8 LPA
Average Pay: – $1, 36,400

These career options let you have your office amidst the clouds. The ever-increasing market for the aviation sector has increased the job vacancies in the sector. The jobs that are quite high paying and let you travel places. The cargo and passenger aircraft pilots are paid as high as 7-10 LPA as per the experience. The air hostesses and flight attendants get a sum of about 4-6 LPA. The traffic controllers and the ground staff have average salaries of about 5-6 LPA. However, the recruitment into this industry demands the candidate to pass through a course of tests. A strong will power and passion is must for a well paying job in this industry.


Highest paying careers

Average Pay: 7-9 LPA
Average Pay: – $84,490

Chartered accountancy provides a large number of job opportunities to choose from. The primary money building skills in this stream are Auditing, Financial advisor, Budget Framing, management, and much more. The salaries may escalate as high as 60-70 LPA with the enhancement of experience. The highest salary package to be ever offered to a CA is metered at 76 LPA, which is quite a whopping sum. The bitter part? You have to work 12 hrs a day all through the week. Well, that is much less than the elegance of a Ferrari, right. Just find places to pile up those green bundles.


Highest paying careers

Average Pay: 8-10 LPA
Average Pay: – $1, 19,330

The objectives and the skills associated with this job include the enhancement of the business of the clients by analyzing the existing business plans and even reconstructing it for optimization. This also includes documentation works, preparation of business presentations for the client etc. Freshers earn about 4-7 LPA and the pay escalate to about 12-18 LPA with the growing experience. The jobs in this sector have a lot of perks associated with them, which include insurance policies, paid leaves, global exposure etc. The level of interaction and knowledge gain is quite high in the job although there are fewer chances of promotions in the same job.


Highest paying careers 2019

Average Pay: 9-12 LPA
Average Pay: – $1, 50,000

Often the public set the actors they see in the movies as their role models and fantasize of enjoying the same luxury and comfort as the actors are portrayed in. However, quite a few people really know what is the average salary of an actor or model. This industry solely works on the principle of fame and popularity. The new entrants to any project as actors earn up to about 2K to 10000K per episode on the television and in the case of movies, the salary for a debutant may be as high as 50 LPA depending on the type of project. Fame plus money, dream life! However, this job also demands long and hectic work hours.


Highest paying careers

Average Pay: 12-15 LPA
Average Pay: – $1, 75,000

This is the only profession, which has maintained a steady demand over the years. One of the noble jobs by itself, this profession has been one of the primarily chosen ones by the students of ages. Various new branches have been growing which comprises of dentistry, surgery etc which enhance the job opportunities in this field. The minimum salary of a doctor is about 4.5 to 6 LPA and can be almost triple for the well-experienced ones. The doctors can even run a private practice of their own in parallel with the job from the Government. So get set to do some good for the humankind and earn a thick salary as a complimentary.


Highest paying careers

Average Pay: 12-14 LPA
Average Pay: – $93,000

The Investment Banking is one of the jobs where you get a better payment to choose a back office role. The rise rate of the stream is quite high. The jobs are classified into tiers of five, which are an analyst, associate, vice president, director and managing director. The salaries of the new entrants are about 5-9 LPA for the analyst position, 7-12 LPA for being Associate and 10-40 LPA for vice presidents. The job-giving firms are quite well reputed. The people undertaking Investment Banking as a career choice, often tend to opt out for other jobs after gathering the necessary experience.


Highest paying careers

Average Pay: 15-17 LPA
Average pay: – $90,000

To the much astonishment, the jobs of teachers especially equipped with the extra tuition ad coaching classes are found to be one of the highest paying jobs. These jobs are exempted from paying taxes and thus are a charm. Imparting good knowledge to others for earning money is quite a charm by itself. The teachers earn an extra of about 15-17 LPA in addition to the regular school or college job salary of an average of 5-6 LPA which totals to a larger sum of about 22-24 LPA. This definitely makes teaching as the best career option for good salaries.


Highest paying careers 2019

Average Pay: 19-21 LPA
Average Pay: – $1, 13,000

Quite a large number of B-schools have grown up who provide degrees in management courses. However, the graduates from the top schools like IIMs get extravagant offers from top-notch companies that offer thick salaries. The initial phase of the job is the training to brush up the skills of the recruits and it is the first step of recruiting them into higher positions basing upon their talents. The on-campus placement offers are high as 20-24 LPA and can increase to about 40-50 LPA with the increasing experience. This is one of the professions where candidates from a multitude of professions converge.

However, it must be noted that neither of the jobs provides easy money to the employees. A good payment comes as a free accessory with a number of hard works put in for the accomplishment of the work. The employee should maintain the perfect level of zeal and enthusiasm to carry out the duties that his job demands failing in which can result in a termination. It is as simple as this. The salaries that these above-listed jobs offer to vary much as per the locations and from firm to firm as well. Do not forget to take these factors should be taken into account before selecting your dream job. Train well and hit the jackpot.


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