Top 10 Highest Paid College Football Coaches 2018

It is common to agree with the fact that since last twenty-five years, big time college football has been transformed into a billion dollar industry. It is seen that colleges are presently finding innovative ways like sponsorship’s, performance incentives, and in few cases, the use of private jets in order to recompense coaches.

The consequences of this are eye-opening because college institutions pay hefty amount to these coaches for their supreme level of coaching. Some college coaches have become successful in shaping their career in terms of finance with help of coaching college level teams to play football. If you are interested to know the famous coaches who have gained immense wealth just by being a college football coach, refer below sections: Here is the list of top 10 highest paid college football coaches in 2018.

10. Hugh Freeze -$4.3 Million Yearly

Top Richest Coaches

Hugh Freeze earned degree of graduation in year 1992 and directly accepted a job at Briarcrest Christian School in Memphis, Tennessee in role of their football team’s coordinator. In period of just three short, Freeze was promoted to become head coach for both the football team as well as for the girls’ basketball team. Throughout his coach leadership as head coach for both these teams, he worked to successfully win many state level championships and he was also bestowed with many “Coach of the Year” accolades. In his career, Freeze even stayed as coach of Michael Oher, who is essentially a future Carolina Panther and is the real personality presented in the movie entitled The Blind Spot featuring Sandra Bullock.

9. Les Miles -$4.4 Million Yearly

Top Richest Coaches

Les Miles belongs from Ohio and presently he is among the highest paid football coaches with annual income of around $4.4 million. Miles remained as an outstanding player in many sport games throughout his high school education at Elyria High School, which includes wrestling, baseball, and football. After he completed his graduation, Miles stayed as an assistant coach at the University of Colorado for the football team and later made comeback to the University of Michigan in year 1987 where he was positioned as offensive line coach. Though Miles has been presented other coaching positions since past decade he has decided to continue coaching with Louisiana State University. Miles is predicted to stay their head coach till after year 2019 season when his contract will terminate.

8. James Franklin -$4.6 Million Yearly

Top Richest Coaches

James Franklin attended Neshaminy High School from where he played football matches for many years, and later attained his Bachelor of Science degree in psychology courses at famous East Stroudsburg University. In this University, Franklin played as quarterback for the school’s football team for period of four years and was later named as Sports Illustrated’s Player of the Year as well throughout the final year studying in college. It is known that Franklin devoted a great amount of time travelling all over the country searching for talent and astonishingly he turned out as excellent coach at spotting it, as he was recommended by several experts to be a topmost recruiter.

7. Kevin Sumlin -$5 Million Yearly

Top Richest Coaches

After completing his college education, Sumlin started his job at Washington State in the position of assistant head football coach. Apart from that, the coach even had a few other assistant coaching jobs at many reputed colleges including Minnesota University, Purdue University, Wyoming University, and the University of Oklahoma. Throughout his final year working at the University of Oklahoma, it was came to know that Sumlin has one of the finest offense teams all over the country as they scored an average score of 44 points per game. This incredible score achievement made Kevin Sumlin to be a topmost contestant to obtain the Paul Bryant Award. Due to his leadership, Sumlin’s contract has been increased to an additional six years to be continued till the end of year 2019 football season.

6. Charlie Strong -$5.1 Million Yearly

Top Richest Coaches

Charlie Strong worked as a wide receivers coach at Southern Illinois after receiving his college graduation degree. In the following decade, Charlie transferred to many locations to coach as a defensive coach including South Carolina, the University of Florida, Notre Dame and even Ole Miss. Presently, Charlie is serving as the head coach at the reputed college named as University of Texas. Present Athletic Director Bill Powers mentioned regarding Charlie that the reason he selected him as head coach is because of his dedication to assist development of student-athletes both on as well as off the field.

5. John “Jimbo” Fisher -$5.2 Million Yearly

Top Richest Coaches

Throughout his career as football coach, Fisher was a close friend of Bowden and when Bowden abandoned his coaching job at Salem International, this coach mad it confirm to follow suit. Fisher later was relocated to Samford University, in order that they could stay as coach and quarterback. Fisher has once mentioned that he wanted to play his football final season with head coach named Bowden and it was a n intellectual decision on his side as he was termed as the Division III National Player of the Year. Later, Fisher outscored many school records at Samford Between in years 2000 – 2006, Fisher also coached quarterbacks as well as served as the offensive coach at Louisiana State University.

4. Bob Stoops -$5.4 Million Yearly

Top Richest Coaches

Bob Stoops initially worked as coach in year 1988 when he applied for the football coach position. His proposal and was approved as the assistant coach below head coach named Richard Crum at famous Kent State University. It is known that only continued for a year as in year 1989, Stoops worked to become the defensive coach at Kansas State University. While he worked at Kansas State, Stoops helped their football team, who at the time was regarded by experts to be one of the bad teams in the region, making a comprehensive turnaround in matters of overall performance. In year 1999, Stoops accepted one of the proposals in position of head coach at the University of Oklahoma where he continues to work as football coach till date.

3. Urban Meyer -$5.8 Million Yearly

Top Richest Coaches

Initially Urban Meyer played both football as well as baseball matches at Saint John High School and he also drafted by the MLB. There Meyer spent two complete seasons playing as shortstop for the Atlanta Braves in period 1982 – 1984. Simultaneously, Meyer also studied at the University of Cincinnati in expectations of attaining a bachelor’s degree in psychology courses in year 1986. After completing graduating education, Meyer spent the following thirteen years working as an assistant coach for three colleges namely Colorado State, Illinois State, and lastly at Notre Dame, which he regards to be his “dream job” in life. After working for many years, Meyer continues with the team Bowling Green as coach and it has been mentioned that he has agreed a contract with them to coach till the end of year 2020 football season.

2. Jim Harbaugh -$7.0 Million Yearly

Top Richest Coaches

After completing his graduation, Harbaugh relocated to Ann Arbor, Michigan where he studied at the University of Michigan as well as continued playing football there for four years. Harbaugh has held the position of opening quarterback every year which assisted his career in many ways, as after graduating in year 1987 he spend the following fourteen years playing for the Chicago Bears as an NFL quarterback. He also worked for the Baltimore Ravens, the Indianapolis Colts, the San Diego Chargers and lastly the Carolina Panthers for period of around six games. It is known that during his entire NFL career, the coach participated in 177 different games, leading 140 of them.

1. Nick Saban -$7.2 Million Yearly

Top Richest Coaches

Nick Saban secures the first position in list as the number one greatest paid college football coach. Saban is presently working as the head coach of the University of Alabama. In year 1989, the coach made his debut as head football coach at the University of Toledo where he coach for six years also in year 1995 he shifted to Michigan State once again to serve as their head coach. Saban has received several awards, including a “Most Powerful Coach in Sports” award in year 2008, adding to his popularity globally.

Without a suitable football coach, the future of college football games is dark. Listed college football coach have excelled not only as an outstanding coach but also prospered in their life by amassing good wealth.


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