Top 10 Highest Paid Government Jobs In India 2019

The government sector in India is known to be the heart of an organisation that provides opportunities for a lucrative and prosperous career. In the past seven decades of Independence, the Indian job market has gone through a lot of changes with respect to capital and exposure whether in public sector or the private sector. Whenever there is a discussion on benefits, perks and pay of these two sectors, the government jobs is rated highly as compared to the private jobs.

There are approximately 298 Central Public Sector Enterprises that operates across the country. Banking and railways are two of the highest and well paid recruiting government sectors. There is a perception that private sector pays more as compare to the government sector. But, there are also some government jobs that pay way more salary and here is the list of top some highest paying government jobs in India 2019.

10. Bank

Highest Paid Government Jobs In India 2019

Job Designation: Probationary Officer
Basic Salary: INR 23700 + allowances
In Hand Salary: INR 36570
Organization: IBPS

Banking is considered as the backbone of Indian economy. Banking Industry is growing at a rapid rate and is one of the fastest growing industries in India. Bank PO is one of the most beneficial jobs. IBPS conducts exam annually on All India basis in the month of October and lakhs of graduates apply for this profitable career opportunity. A handsome salary with cheeky allowances encourages youth to opt banking as a career. Cracking a Bank Exam requires a lot of dedication and hard work as the vacancies are limited and the exam is conducted on national Level.

9. Indian Railway

Highest Paid Government Jobs In India

Job Designation: Section Engineers
Basic Salary: INR 6500-10500 (Scale) + 4600(Grade pay) + other allowances
In Hand Salary: INR 42,854
Organization: Central government

Indian railway has more than 1.4 million employees and it is the world’s seventh largest employer just lagging the US Department of Defense. Aspirants of engineering background go through the recruitment drive conducted by the central government for the post of section engineers. If you are dedicated enough to be selected for this privileged work, you will spend days in travelling all over India and you get paid for it. A student with electrical, mechanical or IT background can apply for job in Indian railway as a section engineer. Railway offers perks and a good amount of salary with some extra facilities like housing, discounts of railway tickets etc to his employees.


Highest Paid Government Jobs In India

Job Designation: Engineer/Officer
Basic Salary: INR 24900 + other allowances
In Hand Salary: INR 46500
Organization: Central government

National Thermal Power Corporation Limited is a public sector undertaking. It is the largest power company in India. It recruits engineers through GATE every year. The company offers a handsome amount of salary with impressive allowances. For some, NTPC is the foremost choice for the advancement of career and a steady life. The job is very demanding and exciting as you are directly linked to the development of Nation. The growth outlook for this profession over the next 10 years is very much high.

7. Doctors

Highest Paid Government Jobs In India

Job Designation: Junior Resident
Basic Salary: INR 15,600 + INR 5400 (GP) + other allowances
In Hand Salary: INR 50,000
Organization: Central Government

Doctor as a profession is depicted to be on the top of the career pyramid not only in India but also across the globe. It is the most respected job and provides an opportunity to serve others, which in turn leads to treat doctors as God’s acquaintance. This profession is termed as a noble profession because there is nothing noble than this profession. This is one of the highest professions in India. There are numerous benefits like you acquire notable perks, foreign trips, and be the guest of honors at different prestigious government and private organised institutes.

6. Scientist

Highest Paid Government Jobs In India

Job Designation: Engineers/Scientist
Basic Salary: INR 15600-39100 (Pay Scale) + 5400 (Grade Pay) + allowances
In Hand Salary: INR 55,000
Organization: ISRO, DRDO

ISRO or Indian Space Research Organization deals in development and application of the space program and space science. A scientist at ISRO receives a comprehensive benefit and perks like Insurance, Housing facility, Travel Concession, Medical benefits and much more. The role of the scientist is to design, develop and test different aircraft systems. They handle satellite related data, mapping, image processing etc. It is one of the most interesting profiles that provide you an opportunity to display one’s idea in a most productive way.

5. Defense Services

Highest Paid Government Jobs In India 2019

Job Designation: Army/Navy/Air Force Officers
Basic Salary: INR 15600-39100 (Pay scale) + 5400 (Grade pay) + allowances
In Hand Salary: INR 65,000
Organization: Defense Ministry

Indian Defense forces are one of the most reputed organizations in the world. If one aspire for a better life and want to serve country, then, one should opt for the Indian defense forces. After the latest 7th pay commission, the pay scale has been significantly increased. There are multiple allowances offered by the government for their officers. One could join one of the forces after intermediate through NDA. After graduation, there is also an opportunity to join forces through Combined Defense Services Examination (CDS) conducted by UPSC.

4. University Lecturer

Highest Paid Government Jobs In India

Job Designation: Professor/Lecturer
Salary: Varies for different state
Roughly: INR 76,000
Organization: HRD Ministry

Professor is a source of knowledge within the university that processes a range of skills which contributes to the institute in different ways. At present, teaching is considered as one of the renowned profession. They build leadership qualities among their students. Due to this reason, they receive a very good amount salary from the government. After 7th pay commission, there is a certain hike in salaries of professors which will be applicable once the UGC accepts the recommendations of the commission.

3. PSU

Highest Paid Government Jobs In India

Job Designation: Engineers/Scientist/Assistant Manager
Basic Salary: Grade Pay depends on status of PSU
In Hand Salary: INR 80,000 – 90,000
Organization: PSU

There are diverse companies that come under Public Sector Units (PSU). These companies are owned by the government either fully or through a majority stake. Some of these organisations include ONGC, Coal India, IOCL, HPCL, HAL, BHEL etc. This organisation gives plenty of wages to their employees. Most of these companies have well-structured training programs for the new recruits to groom them into future leadership positions. Engineers in PSU are recruited through GATE and internship program that is conducted every year. Most of the graduates are influenced by these high paid salary jobs and just after college goes for entrance preparation.

2. Public Service Commission

Highest Paid Government Jobs In India

Job Designation: State Service Officer
Salary: Depends on State
Roughly: INR 80,000
Organization: State PSC

The state government employees are one of the most well-paid government employees. According to the 7th pay commission, employees will be paid according to their position. The government also provides benefits like housing, servants, insurance etc. After going through the tough recruitment process, one could become revenue officer, SDM, an officer in police administration. These officers are entitled to perks and benefits that far much better than any other job.

1. Civil Services

Highest Paid Government Jobs In India 2019

Job Designation: Civil Service Officer
Basic Salary: INR 15600-39100 (Pay Scale) + 6600 (Grade Pay)
In Hand Salary: INR 93800
Organization: UPSC

Civil service officer has topped our list of highest paid government jobs. Based on the period of service, salary could rise up to INR 199600 monthly. The IAS officer gets two extra increments of 6% when they are at level 11, 12, and 13. These officers manage their respective field. These includes administration of the state, police, forest, external affairs, revenue, tax department, etc. UPSC conducts Civil Service Examination (CSE) every year through which one becomes an officer and serves the nation.

Government jobs are the most prestigious and reputed jobs. These are full of perks and benefits simultaneously it also requires hard work and skill. Aspirants spend years to be in the government sector to serve and build a stable life. These jobs are very demanding and round about 0.2% person makes it to the final stage. One with a very good knowledge can easily make to that percentage. Which sector you opt for depends on the time you put on and ability to handle pressure. In the end, the best choice will solely depend on one’s interest.


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