Top 10 Highest Paid Hedge Fund Managers In The World 2019

In the rapidly growing modern world, hedge funding has developed its own market. Market analysts and investors spend hours and hours studying the trends, and success stories of the investment market. The investing world is a big risk as a whole, which is filled with uncertainty, which doesn’t guarantee any future gains. Here, is the list of some of the most popular highest paid Hedge Fund Managers of 2019. These managers can be considered as the Gods of Hedge Fund investments.

10. Israel Englander – $550 Million

Highest Paid Hedge Fund Managers 2019

Israel Englander is a head manager of a company named, ‘Millennium Management’. The company is a hedge fund raising firm, which is responsible for managing over $34 Billion of its assets. Israel’s shop is known for using a multi manager platform, which farms out the access cash to its all 180 teams. This outlet feeds more cash to the users who manage to perform well, while getting rid of the people who perform poorly. This approach has worked wonders for hedge funds in 2015, witnessing a 12.5% increase in total net fees. Israel Englander made a profit of over $550 million with Millennium Management.

9. David Siegel – $600 Million

Highest Paid Hedge Fund Managers

The other half or the co founder of Two Sigma Investments is amongst the most popular hedge fund managers in the world. The company comprises of more than $32 billion total asset value, which is increasing by 14% every year. David is constantly seen making headlines, for his exceptional marketing and managing skills, which has turned the company into a leading tycoon that it is today. They had a brilliant 2015, where the total net rates showed an increase of 15% which is a record touching figure for Two Sigma Investments. Their enhanced funds showed a beneficial return value of 30.4%. He made a profit of $600 million in his last financial year for the company.

8. John Overdeck – $600 Million

Highest Paid Hedge Fund Managers

John Overdeck is the co-founder of Two Sigma Investments. The company holds a quantitative trading powerhouse of over $32 billion. Two Sigma had an amazing 2015 and 2016, in which the company made almost twice the profit made by its other competitors. The company is showing an increase of 15% in its overall net worth, including other investments and exchange schemes. John is the leading manager in the company who has taken the company to new heights of success. It is believed that they might see a 30% increase in their profits by next year. Like the other co-founder, John also made an annual profit of $600 million with the company.

7. David Shaw – $700 Million

Highest Paid Hedge Fund Managers

David is a computer scientist, who completed his PhD from Stanford University. His company D E Shaw and Co. is amongst the most popular mathematical techniques. The company has total assets of $39 billion. There was a 14% increase in total net fees. Shaw established the company in 1988, after Morgan Stanley. He is the vice president of the trading group propriety. He is also the chief scientist in the D E Shaw Research team. David Shaw made a private profit of $700 Million in 2015, with his company and hedge fund marketing trails.

6. David Tepper – $1.2 Billion

Highest Paid Hedge Fund Managers

He is amongst the most popular names in the hedge fund management world. He resigned from Goldman Sachs, to start his own management company named ‘Appaloosa’. He has transformed into an investing legend. Tepper returned investment worth $18 billion regularly to his outside investors. Tepper is an active philanthropist, who recently offered a $67 million gift to Carnegie Mellon University for sponsoring a Quadrangle in his name, which is a new building where the university plans to create classes for collaborative learning. David Tepper, was able to make an annual income of $1.2 million in 2015 thanks to his hedge fund raising strategies.

5. Steve Cohen – $1.55 Billion

Highest Paid Hedge Fund Managers 2019

Point72 Asset Management is amongst the most popular and successful hedge fund investing company in the world. Steven Cohen helped the company see a 15.5% return rate in its capital hedge investments. The company also had to repay a $1.8 billion penalty to SAC, which settled all the remaining issues with the court and regulations. Cohen is currently managing his fortune by Point72, who might manage external money in 2018 again. Recently, Cohen contributed a donating amount of over $75 million to NYC Presbyterian. Steve Cohen earned over $1.55 billion last year with Point72 making it the highest profit earning company of 2015.

4. George Soros, Soros Fund – $1.62 Billion

Highest Paid Hedge Fund Managers

Soros fund Management Company saw a decrease of $1 million last year, after the defeat of Hillary Clinton, whom the company supported with utmost passion. Soros limited along with other democrats have commented on Trump to be a ‘con man’, ‘imposter’ and ‘a wannabe dictator’. Despite seeing a defeat in the presidential election, the company still manages to show net gains worth $41.8 billion since its inception in 1973. This definitely ensures that Soros will be seeking quite a lot of scrutiny from analysts all around the world.

3. Ray Dalio Bridgewater – $1.64 Billion

Highest Paid Hedge Fund Managers

He is the current head manager at Bridgewater, who has topped the list of highest paid hedge fund managers. Bridgewater is the biggest hedge fund company in the world, with over $118 billion total assets under its name; the company saw an increase of $49.4 billion since its launch in 1975. Dalio recently was making headlines for his comment on the current president of USA; Donald Trump who he claims can hurt the world’s economy with his populist policies. Ray Dalio managed to earn a profit of $1.64 billion for himself and the company in 2015.

2. James Simon – $1.65 Billion

Highest Paid Hedge Fund Managers

Although the 77 year old ‘Quant King’ has already retired, from his $29 billion Hedge Fund Company named Renaissance Technologies in 2010. He still continues to take benefits of his funds. He still plays a significant role in the firm. Renaissance has established itself amongst the best hedge raising funders, which showed a 17% equity raise, including a 16% net profit. James Simon makes over $1.65 billion in 2015, which showed a 10% increase in his 2016 earnings, making him the second highest paid hedge fund manager.

1. Ken Griffin – $1.7 Billion

Highest Paid Hedge Fund Managers 2019

Ken Griffin has an established hedge fund firm named Citadel, which has been delivering good market results compared to other brands. Citadel made an Equity fund rise global funds by 17.2%, while its trading funds showed a profit of 16% net return. Griffin recently invested in a $200 million condo in Manhattan. He also invested in two paintings worth $500 billion. He began trading from his college years in his dorm, founding Citadel in 1990 with the capital worth of $4 billion. Today citadel comprises of $25 billion worth assets.

These are some of the highest paid hedge fund managers, who are offering people with an opportunity to transform their lives overnight by becoming rich. These profits often include a well thought out study and a detailed analysis of the market, which consumes a lot of time and resources. They are best people in the industry, who are known for guaranteeing profits.


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