Top 10 Highest Paid Kickers In NFL

NFL or The National Football League is a professional football league which is played in America. Football is amongst the most popular and most viewed sports in United States. This makes the athletes or players involved in this the most popular and highest paid sports of the nation. This game is played similar to Gaelic football and rugby. Here is the list top 10 highest paid and successful kickers in the NFL in 2018.

10. Ryan Succop – $3,583,334

Highest paid kickers in NFL

Ryan Succop is a popular Tennessee Titans Team. He made headlines in 2014, when he injured himself on the sidelines. However, this didn’t affect his annual salary, which makes him one of the highest paid kickers in NFL. He is the most popular and promising kickers of Tennessee Titans Team. He has also played for Kansas City Chiefs in the past. He has a record for making 168 field goals. He has also been a soccer player in which he scored over 104 career goals.

9. Stephen Gostkowski – $5,000,000

Highest paid kickers in NFL

Stephen has played multiple great seasons in NFL, which add a credential record in his cap. He made his big NFL debut in 2006, where he also won the XLIX Super Bowl and AFC Championships. He is currently serving as a player in New England Patriots, which is amongst the most expensive teams of NFL. He has made over 334 field goals. He is considered as the prominently accurate kickers of NFL. He is only the second player ever, who has scored 500 points in his first 4 seasons. In 2014 he surpassed Adam Vinatieri and became the all time scoring player. He even has an all time field goal leader record with Patriots, including an NFL record for gaining consecutive extra points.

8. Nick Folk – $5,066,666

Highest paid kickers in NFL

Nicholas Alexander Folk is amongst the most popular and highest paid kickers in the world. He is currently playing with Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who drafted him in 2017. He has also played for teams like Dallas Cowboys and New York Jets. He is also popularly known as Bike Fork by his team members. He has been playing ever since he entered University of Arizona, where he build a name and reputation which has only helped in making him the best kicker in the NFL world. He has scored over 239 goals in the field.

7. Matt Prater – $9,000,000

Highest paid kickers in NFL

Matt Prater is the greatest kicker, who had ever blessed the Detroit Lions with his NFL skills. He started off his career with Detroit Lions in 2006 and is back with them drafting in 2014. Between the years he also played for Miami Dolphins, Atlanta Falcons and Denver Broncos. He has made over 216 goals on the football field. He has also set a record of gaining 52 of 53 extra points. His longest goal measure covered over 64 yards. He stands at the 5th position as placekicker in the team.

6. Adam Vinatieri – $10,000,000

Highest paid kickers in NFL

The Elite Kicker, who has won conference Championship with his powerful kicks. Adam started of his professional career in 1996 with Amsterdam Admirals. Currently he is drafted with Indianapolis Colts, with whom he has been playing since 2006. He has a field goal record of 530 goals, which is the third maximum record score. He has three super Bowls with New England Patriots in 2001, 2003 & 2004. He holds a record for majority of significant goals in the history of NFL.

5. Robbie Gould – $10,400,000

Highest paid kickers in NFL

He is amongst the richest and the most accurate kicker of NFL world. He started off his NFL journey with New England Patriots in 2005. Currently he is playing with San Francisco 49ers since 2017. He has a field record of scoring over 286 goals. He has also played with Baltimore Ravens, New York Giants and Chicago Bears. Each season, Gould is known for playing over 8 games. In 2006, he won Pro Bowl and All Pro First Team with Chicago Bears.

4. Josh Scobee – $14,000,000

Highest paid kickers in NFL

Josh Scobee is amongst the most legendary kickers of NFL, he has record of collecting 71 out of total 78 gold items from the field. He is especially popular for his goal percentage on the field which is over 81.5%. He has secured over 241 goals in his entire career. He is currently retired; however he has played for teams like Jacksonville Jaguars, Pittsburgh Steelers and New Orleans Saints. Josh has made a total net world of $14,000,000 with his kicks in NFL. He is one of the richest and most legendary NFL players in the history of Football.

3. Mason Crosby – $15,000,000

Highest paid kickers in NFL

This name doesn’t require an introduction; he is amongst the most popular kickers of NFL. After facing a few shady circumstances he made a splendid comeback in 2012 scoring 33 out of 37. He has been playing with Green Bay Packers, ever since the start of his career in 2017. He has a field goal record of over 262 goals, with field percentage goal of 80.4%. He has also won XLV Super Bowl including two First All American and three All Big 12. He started playing football in University of Colorado and has earned multiple All American awards.

2. Matt Bryant – $18,000,000

Highest paid kickers in NFL

Steven Matt Bryant is a well known placekicker of American Football. He started off his professional career with Iowa Barnstormers in 2000. He is currently playing with Atlanta Falcons since 2009. He has also played with teams like Berlin Thunder, Frankfurt Galaxy, Dallas Cowboys, Indianapolis Colts, Miami Dolphins, Florida Tuskers and New York Giants. He won the 2016 Pro Bowl. He has a record of over 334 field goals. He has a number 3 jersey at the Atlanta Falcons. He also has a conversion rate of 88 by 90 percent.

1. Sebastian Janikowski – $33,000,000

Highest paid kickers in NFL

Maintaining a reputation of the highest paid NFL kicker can be a challenging task. Sebastian is known for scoring his large sized positions and some of the strongest and longest yard kicks. He started playing the game from a very early age, when he kicked a football to a distance of 82 yards for the first time. He has a maximum field record in NFL with goals of 60 yards in 2 games. He is also a two time winner of Lou Groza Award, which is the highest honor in Football. He is considered as the best kicker in America. He has an on field goal record of 414, with a percentage of 80.4%. He is currently playing for Oakland Raiders ever since 2000. He has several records of winning multiple awards from Pro Bowl to All Americans. Till 2016, he had played over 262 games with Oakland Raiders. He is the most successful and the highest paid kickers of the National Football League.

These are some of the most promising and the highest paid football kickers of the NFL world. They have built a whole empire worth millions throughout their career. All these NFL teams spend millions to draft a single player from this list, by overdoing the bet over each other. The above players have been ranked based on their total net worth till 2017.


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