Top 10 Highest Paid Medical Jobs 2019

A job in the medical field is the most promising job worldwide. It is the fastest growing careers all over the world. Every decade there is an increase of 23% of demand for this job in this field. A number of advancement have been observed in the healthcare sector which guarantees life insurance and other accessibility in this field.

These health care centers and hospitals are emerging day by day with qualified and licensed medical representatives. Here is a list of top 10 highest paid jobs in the medical field in 2019:

10. The Profession of a Health Information Manager

Highest Paid Jobs in The Medical Field 2019

According to the Affordable care Act which came out in the year 2012, the government has been offering a number of opportunities for qualified and skilled Health Information Managers. The job profile of a health information manager includes the job of analyzing of clinical data, a consultant for information technology, and the job of chief information officer. According to the U.S.A World Report the average salary of a health information manager range from $55000 to $95000.

9. The Profession of a Medical Perfusionists

Highest Paid Jobs in The Medical Field

During cardiac and pulmonary surgeries the job of medical perfusionists is to assist the surgical team of the operation. These perfusionists have to operate a heart or lung machine which is a machine that artificially replaces a heart or a lung during the operation. They control these machines and correct the patient;s status by constantly regulating their blood pressure and medicines. They also keep observing and monitors the temperature of the patients while the surgery takes place. Apart from the normal medical subjects, students need an extra degree to be certified and licensed medical perfusionists. Their average salary is more than $93500 per annum.

8. The Profession of a Physician Assistant

Highest Paid Jobs in The Medical Field

The major job profile of physician assistants is to examine, analyze and medicate patients. They also order blood tests and X-rays which are needed to be done by the patients. They should hold a bachelor and a masters degree in the medical field to be a licensed physician assistant. There is a high demand for this kind of job in the health care sector and this demand is always increasing day by day.

7. The Profession of a Gerontology Nurses

Highest Paid Jobs in The Medical Field

According to a report presented by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the profession of a gerontology specialist if offered an average salary of around $96460. The demand of this job profile in the health care sector is going to increase by 31% in next few years. These medical nurses would easily acquire a job in every department of the health care centers. They also capable of providing long-term medical facilities to the patients. With the advancement of technology, these gerontology nurses are providing online services to patients to provide better medication in this medical field.

6. The Profession of a Doctor of Nursing Practice

Highest Paid Jobs in The Medical Field

The major job profile of the Doctor of Nursing Practice includes on all the practicing medical services. All jobs relating to clinical administration, medical nursing, the job of medical faculty as well as observing the treatment of patients all are included in the job profile of the doctor of nursing practice. The average salary of this profession would amount to around $96940. According to BLS report, the increase in demand for this job profile would be around 34% in the next decade. The degree of the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) would be a certified and licensed degree for nurses working in international health centers.

5. The Profession of a Psychologist

Highest Paid Jobs in The Medical Field 2019

According to a report given by the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, the monetary gains differ for the profession of a psychologist depending upon the educational level and the career chosen by the candidate. If you are working as a human resource manager then you can earn around $100000. The graduates in this field who work as counselors for various institutions and organizations may have a salary which varies from $39000 to $56000. According to a survey, hospitals and health care centers have around 50% psychologist, 16% work for government organizations, 10% have their own private clinic where they counsel their patients. The rest of the psychologist diligently work in school and universities to solve the problems of teenagers and students. There is a lot of scope in this field as it has around 15 subcategories where a psychologist can be a specialist in.

4. The Profession of an Optometrists

Highest Paid Jobs in The Medical Field

This job profile requires a 4-year degree for being a Doctor of Optometry (OD). The subjects studied by these medical students are anatomy, biochemistry, optics, physiology, visual science, and the diagnosis of diseases and medicating disorders of the visual system. This job profile also allows its candidates to take up online programs. Some may also choose to take up this profession as a family practice, set up a rehabilitation for low vision, and practicing pediatric or geriatric optometry. A certified and licensed Optometrist if offered an average salary of $101410 per annum. This job field will observe a growth of 27% in the job sector for the next few years.

3. The Profession of an Advanced Practice Nurses (APRN)

Highest Paid Jobs in The Medical Field

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics a masters degree in necessary for the job of an APRN. The subspecialist degrees in this field includes Nurse Midwives, Nurse Anesthesia, and Nurse Practitioner. This job is also in hog demand which will observe a growth of 31% in the next few years. The average salary offered in this field is around $102670. These nurses cater to all kinds of primary care in the health centers.

2. The Profession of a Podiatrists

Highest Paid Jobs in The Medical Field

To acquire a position of a specialized Podiatrist, you need to have a four-year graduate degree in Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM). Apart from the basic medical subjects, the students have to study an additional subject of clinical rotation to obtain this degree. The basic job profile of a Podiatrist is to treat and medicated all the medical issues related to the bones and muscles of the legs. They also perform x-rays and other medical tests to treat the foot, ankle and other parts of the leg of patients. They use the latest technology to help their patient to walk properly. The average salary offered in this field is around $120700.

1. The Profession of a Pharmacists

Highest Paid Jobs in The Medical Field 2019

To acquire a specialized position of a pharmacist you have to get a four-year degree in the field of Pharmacy from a recognized university or school. Pharmacists have the authority to prescribe medicines and fill in prescriptions. They also suggest the pros and cons of the medicines they keep in their pharmacy. They have a good knowledge about almost all the medicines which are used in this health care sector. The average salary or income of pharmacists is around 120950 per annum.

So, these were the top 10 highest paid and successful jobs available in the medical field. The demand for job opportunities is never ending in the field of medical and healthcare sector. So if you have the proper degree and qualification then nobody can stop you from acquiring a job which highly pays you every month.


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