Top 10 Highest Paid Coaches In The NFL 2019

Today the great success of NFL players has put us into state of confusion that we actually have to figure out who are the highest paid NFL coaches currently. It is believed that coaching in the National Football League (NFL) is a career path that is not for the faint of heart, but many have made it possible and they are now successful coaches. The fact is it is almost impossible to break into the trade; NFL coaches too need to search a way to manage with working 20-plus hour workdays.

Apart from this, they also need to be comfortable with the view that one off the field mishap or one bad season can result them either alighting on the feared coaching hot seat or losing their NFL coach job. However, becoming a lead coach in the NFL definitely comes with a few perks and this is the reason why some NFL coaches have become millionaire. Are you interested in knowing who some of the highest paid coaches in NFL in 2019? Well, read below sections to get complete idea:

10. Mike Tomlin -$6 Million

Highest paid NFL coaches 2019

Mike Tomlin has developed as bright coach with quick pace in history of NFL. Tomlin started his coaching career as defensive coordinator for the Minnesota Vikings in year 2006, when he was of age 34 and that was the time, he was admired for his contribution in the team. This eventually caused in the Vikings completing out the season with the eighth finest overall defense in NFL. It is known that the next year, Tomlin was brought on-board the Pittsburgh Steelers in position of a head coach, and he has hold this position since then.

9. Mike McCarthy -$6 Million

Highest paid NFL coaches

Since year 2006, Mike McCarthy stayed as the head coach of the Green Bay Packers, and throughout that time, the Packers team have perceived great success. Under his excellent coaching, since last 10 years, the team has seen a Super Bowl championship, an NFC title, as well as five divisional titles. It is known that Mike McCarthy jolted off his coaching career small, by performing as graduate assistant as well as he worked as wide receivers coach at Pittsburgh on an NCAA level too. McCarthy entered the NFL in year 1993 in form of an offensive quality control director for the Kansas City Chiefs and he also stayed as a quarterbacks coach for the Packers in year 1999 prior moving on to more renowned positions.

8. Andy Reid -$6 Million

Highest paid NFL coaches

Andy Reid is a successful coach in NFL today but his earlier hiring was thought doubtful by fans, who supposed that he was an unsafe choice as coach, mentioning his lack of experience in this field. Andy Reid has too had collaboration to the Green Bay Packers; however that’s not what he is finest recognized for. It is known that between years of 1999 and 2012, Reid was basically the face of the Philadelphia Eagles and he also stayed as the head coach during these years. Reid was commonly popular in Philadelphia throughout his early years with the team, directing them to numerous playoff appearances, and also directing taking them towards the Super Bowl in year 2004.

7. Tom Coughlin -$7 Million

Highest paid NFL coaches

The career as a coach in NFL started when Coughlin entered the NFL in year 1984 in position of a wide receivers coach for the Philadelphia Eagles. The coach also bounced about from position to position as well as team to team till he appeared to have encountered his match. In year 2004, the New York Giants appointed Coughlin, quoting his experience with the Jacksonville Jaguars in position of a head coach. Coughlin was capable to bring this level of achievement with him to New York, where he was successful to lead the Giants to three divisional titles, five different playoff appearances, as well as two Super Bowl Champions.

6. Chip Kelly -$7 Million

Highest paid NFL coaches

Though, in comparison to other coaches, Chip Kelly is little new to the NFL, however his remarkable career in college football has provided him major credit in this league. In period 2007 and 2012, Kelly stayed as a member of the Oregon Ducks’ coaching staff, in form of both a head coach as well as an offensive coordinator. It is known that till date, Kelly’s NCAA coaching records holds an impressive 46-7 score. Owing to his representative performance in the NCAA, Chip Kelly was finally appointed in the NFL by the Philadelphia Eagles, wherein he stayed as coach in period 2013 to 2015.

5. John Harbaugh -$7 Million

Highest paid NFL coaches 2019

Harbaugh stayed as special teams coach for the Philadelphia Eagles for nearly ten long years before coming to Baltimore. This performance made Ravens admirers cynical of his selection and though the Baltimore Ravens aren’t the most famous team in the NFL, with the support of Harbaugh, the team have set many records. Harbaugh owns a regular season record of 77-49, as well as he led Baltimore Ravens to a gigantic six playoff appearances since he coached this team. It is known that, Harbaugh just newly completed his first losing season in association with the Ravens due to many injuries, but the future games will be successful under his consistent coaching.

4. Jeff Fisher -$7 Million

Highest paid NFL coaches

Out of many coaches in NFL, Fisher has been involved in in the NFL for quite a long time now. The coach began his career in NFL as a defensive back for the Chicago Bears in period 1981 and 1985, where he mainly played football on special squads. After that, Fisher worked as coach between 1997 and 2010 and supported six playoff appearances and won three separate divisional titles as well. Though, Fisher eventually left the Titans for St. Louis in year 2012, where he has struggled enormously to maintain hi position.

3. Bill Belichick -$7.5 Million

Highest paid NFL coaches

Bill Belichick is a renowned as NFL coach since year 1975, moving around from team to team to team before eventually being confirmed in New England in year 2000. In his coaching with the New England Patriots, Bill Belichick has led the team to great heights of success. Belichick is popular today because he has been named as AP NFL Coach of the Year for three times. Till date, Bill Belichick continues to work as NFL coach with Chuck Noll for noting the highest Super Bowl victories being a lead coach.

2. Pete Carroll -$8 Million

Highest paid NFL coaches

Carroll is now a prevalent name in NFL as he worked as coach since last many years, holding brief stints in form of a head coach for New England Patriots as well as the New York Jets. Carroll stayed as the head coach of the USC Trojans for period of nine years, where he succeeded to provide efficient coaching. It is known that Carroll’s record till date with the Trojans is at 97-19, and he is supposed to have revitalized the college team 2016. This will be actually the final year of Pete Carroll’s agreement with the Seahawks, however if he sustains to work on such a constant level, it is of no doubt that Carroll will be staying in Seattle for several years.

1. Sean Payton -$8 Million

Highest paid NFL coaches 2019

Out of all the coaches, Sean NFL chronicle has been unique one with his exceptional coaching and high scores. Sean started his coaching career back in year 1997, and he turned out as a major coach of the New Orleans Saints team by year 2006. Through assistance of new-to-New-Orleans quarterback Drew Brees, Sean conveyed the dispirited team a playoff appearance as well as the divisional title in his initial year. Sean later lead the Saints to their first Super Bowl victory in franchise history in year 2009, which fundamentally named him as being one of the most beloved lead coaches that team of New Orleans can have.

To become a NFL coach is altogether a different concept as compared to usual coaching as it involves exceptional skills and good history. Listed successful coaches in NFL have proved that it is not difficult to be a millionaire if you have sheer dedication.


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