Top 10 Highest Paying College Majors 2019

In order to make your career bright, you must be able to choose a college major that promises you high salary. It is a fact that on average college graduates earns more money over their course of life as compared to non-grads. But, not every majors assures you the same amount, hence based on your interest, choose the college major.

You must even consider that not every college will offer you with degrees of similar value. Few college graduate students end up earning higher amount in starting and midcareer payment as compared to their peers studying at other colleges. It is clear that salaries of private sector job vary from those of public sector, even for the identical job. If you are misguided regarding college major that promises to pay high amount in 2019, then refer below sections:

10. Civil Engineering -Starting Salary $55,600

Highest Paying College Majors 2019

This college major has a mid-career salary of around $94,500 and estimated 10-year job growth is expected to be 17.2%. Students of Civil engineering have improved prospects like civil engineers, capable to supervise and design big construction projects, comprising sewer systems, airports, and tunnels. All these are anticipated to add approximately 50,000 positions to their positions by year 2025. In year 2015, the total of students for civil engineering was over 286,000. A disposition toward science and math would lead you as a respected civil engineering student. It is known that your course load would contain statics, structural analysis and design, fluid mechanics, and thermodynamics.

9. Finance & Economics-Starting Salary $55700

Highest Paying College Majors

Visionary are notorious for doubting financial experts, however they might regard inhabiting Wall Street in an extra collaborative capability. Request for employees with economic and financial acquaintance is motivated by latest regulations, products and gradually complex investment portfolios encompassing the worldwide market—providing you lots of opportunities to join the course. Finance & Economics College major has a mid-career salary of around $101,000 and estimated 10-year job growth is expected to be 15.5%. High school scholars attentive in this course can make for this college major by learning calculus and statistics courses. In college, you will complement to your financial markets and investing, schedule accounting, as well as macroeconomics, microeconomics, and economic theory.

8. Nursing-Starting Salary $56,600

Highest Paying College Majors

The necessity for nurses is as tenacious as the common cold happening to most of individual. In matters of demand, majority of health care specialists, in overall, profit from the aging population as well as a growing number of insured individuals. Predictions for registered nurses (i.e. RNs) are chiefly promising—and also more hence for nurse practitioners (i.e. NPs) (amongst finest jobs for the prospect), whose positions are predictable to increase by 25.7% by year 2025. In order to reach RN ranks, college nursing aspirants should learn several science courses, including chemistry, anatomy, microbiology and nutrition. Nursing College major has a mid-career salary of around $73,600 with high starting salary as well.

7. Management Information Systems-Starting Salary $56,800

Highest Paying College Majors

Information systems courses concentrate on the education of applying technology inside an organization or company. The management share of your studies associates to the business part of the field. Apart from your computer courses, students will learn Internet ethics, sociology and psychology, and project management. Your MIS college degree can direct you to several diverse computer-related career opportunities, however it appears finest suited to the designation of information systems manager. Through a bachelor’s, you can succeed into the field in form of a computer systems analyst, who can anticipate to gross median pay of approximately $82,700 per year and relish an anticipated long-term growth rate of around 22.5%.

6. Information Security-Starting Salary $57,100

Highest Paying College Majors

Private companies and government agencies over the board are recruiting more number of information security experts to contest the increase of hacker attacks as well as defend their data. Whereas these experts have completed fine with some tech-related degrees in bachelor, like computer science or programming, businesses are often looking for job candidates with this specific skill. You can definitely assume to g for computer courses, like intro to C++ programming or courses on applications of information technology. However, you need to learn the legal part of the equation with classes focused on ethics, criminal investigation, and criminal justice. Information Security College major has a mid-career salary of around $86,600 and estimated 10-year job growth is expected to be 30.9%.

5. Actuarial Mathematics-Starting Salary $58,800

Highest Paying College Majors 2019

You will identify lower risk in continuing a career in an actuarial college major. These experts—who operated in the sector of insurance and finance, investigating the costs of risk and ambiguity—are in great demand today. Recent health care laws as well as financial regulations assist to drive businesses’ requirements for their services. Their practicality is well remunerated; actuaries relish a median salary of over $99,500 a year, a reason to choose this major. For better pay, an actuarial sciences degree could direct you to a position of a financial manager, who normally receives more than $116,000 per year. Overall actuarial mathematics directs you to the third-greatest mid-career salaries out of different college majors.

4. Biomedical Engineering-Starting Salary $60,900

Highest Paying College Majors

The growing overlap amongst technology and biology is growing the sector of biomedical engineering. For instance, smartphone apps and three-dimensional printers being applied to health care oriented facilitates demand for biomedical engineers, who develop, form and uphold such equipment or software. The aging population increases the necessity for biomedical procedures and devices, like knee and hip replacements, as people persist to live longer. It assists to own a creative mind as well as talent to problem-solve, and also facilitates an interest in medicine, to flourish in this field. Biomedical Engineering College major has a mid-career salary of around $96,400 and assessed 10-year job growth is also expected to be high.

3. Software Engineering-Starting Salary $62,500

Highest Paying College Majors

As today’s era incorporate computers everywhere, people who recognize how to create, alter and lead the machines are in great demand. In general, computer designation jobs are predictable to grow 18.1% by year 2025. You get job basically as an app developer, developers of applications as well as systems software usually make around $96,461 and $103,083 per year, respectively. It is known that Software engineering majors demands many technology-focused classes, like computer science and programming. Also, business and communications lessons can help, , since several managers desire high-tech labours with corporate skills and communication competences on topmost of average tech savvy.

2. Computer Science-Starting Salary $63,100

Highest Paying College Majors

When you go for this college major, you will learn programming courses, comprising computer languages like C++ and Java in your schedule. There are also other classes that include computer system organization, artificial intelligence, and digital system design. This degree lets you a feasible candidate for a flow of tech jobs, containing systems analyst, software developer, and network administrator designation. This job demands work to make new technology and point out innovative approaches to apply prevalent tech. Candidates can opt to concentrate on robotics, hardware, or software and get work with computer systems design, the federal government firms and scientific research corporations. Computer Science College major has a mid-career salary of around $105,000 and assessed 10-year job growth is also expected to be approx. 15.5%.

1. Aerospace Engineering-Starting Salary $64,800

Highest Paying College Majors 2019

Aerospace engineer are the one that works to design spacecraft, aircrafts, satellites and missiles—that are in demand as the field pursues to yield engines that are soundless and fuel-efficient. Apart from this, as the space race accelerates up, acquisition enlarges beyond space agencies to private firms that are evolving into the market. It is known that Aerospace engineers can anticipate earning a median annual salary of approx. $107,260. This college major should be capable to poise a heavy course load, comprising thermodynamics and robotics, flight mechanics, and master abstract theories like lift and drag.

Choosing an appropriate college major is a turning point of your life that can lead you towards success with high salary or failure with low salary. Hence, it becomes prime importance to wisely choose it based on your interest, financial situations, institutions and ultimately your dream.


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