Top 10 Highest Paying Dirty Jobs 2019

There are many disgusting jobs around the world that surprisingly pays a big paycheck to the workers. There is no shortage of jobs that nobody wants to do ranging from cleaning adult film theaters to chimney sweepers and female porn stars. These kinds of jobs often have a shortage of regular manpower. If some of you think that your 9-5 office job isn’t paying well and ask for lots of hard work, then you need to think again.

However, if you have a strong courage and will to do these jobs, then you can earn well. Some of these jobs even allow the workers to earn in six figures. In this article, we will tell you about the top 10 highest paid dirty jobs around the world in 2019.

10. Garbage Collector

Highest paying dirty job 2019

The main duty of the garbage collector is to remove waste and recyclable products from the factories, offices, and homes. Collecting smelly trash, working in unpleasant conditions and longer hours makes it a very dirty job and that’s why no one wants to do this. The garbage collectors have to deal hands-on with the dirty trash daily in their lives.

The majority of the people who works in this job become used to the smell of the rotten foods and waste that even consist of used diapers, rotten eggs, etc. They have to work throughout the year, whether it is rain or snow.

Average Salary: US$ 60,000 per year.

9. Gastroenterologist

Highest paying dirty job

Gastroenterologist has to deal with the patient’s digestive systems and the problems associated with it, such as irritable bowel syndrome, hepatitis, and colon cancer. They often encounter human waste and obnoxious odors while treating their patients. Along with this, they have to work with the human body’s most embarrassing parts. This job requires a medical degree and pays a big amount of salary.

Despite a higher salary, the things associated with it makes it one of the dirtiest jobs in the world.

Average Salary- US$ 300,000 per year

8. Coal Miners

Highest paying dirty job

In present days, coal mining is one of the most dangerous and dirtiest jobs on the planet earth. The people working in this profession have to deal with an untidy and incredibly risk environment. The coal mining demands the people work in extremely dull spaces that consist of hot and dirty working conditions. They have to breathe in coal dust during their working hours, that affects the lung’s health.

However, the technology has improved the working conditions in the past some years, but still, it is considered as the second most dangerous profession around the world. It is one of the most popular professions in China.

Average Salary- US$ 100,000 per year

7. Adult Entertainers

Highest paying dirty job

Working in the porn industry looks to be fun for the majority of the people. However, there is a bitter reality behind the scenes with whom actors have to deal with. It is not dangerous or life threatening but is very unhygienic and actors have to perform very dirty acts. It is true that almost the majority of adult entertainers received a huge amount of money for every film, but they have to work for lots of hours to perform a scene of just 10 minutes.

In addition to that, the entertainers have to work physically with fellow actors who may not be attractive or beautiful. One of the surprising things about this disgusting job is that it is the dream job of almost every teenage boy.

Average Salary- US$ 2,000 per scene or day

6. Sewage Inspectors

Highest paying dirty job 2019

The sewage inspectors have to work on the longer shifts to check the leakages, finding clogs and cracks in the underground sewage systems. Sometimes, they even have to swim through the various types of wastages to eliminate the problems associated with the sewage.

Additionally, some employees of the team swim through the toxic wastes to check the hidden flaws in the system. Another disgusting thing about this job is that the workers have to deal with many creepy creatures, such as mites, sewer rats, bugs, and much other life-threatening organisms.

Average Salary: US$ 55,000 per year

5. Dairy Farmland

Highest paying dirty job

The farm workers have to work with farms and steed covers during their working hours. The areas don’t usually have no air-conditioning or heating. They often needed to perform on the graveyard shift for getting the milk that should out for the distribution in the early mornings. The main duties of dairy farmland workers are barn maintenance, milking cows, and clearing dung.

Working in extreme conditions and unhygienic environments makes it a very unpleasant job to perform daily. In addition to this, there is a need for good stamina and a high tolerance for unpleasant smell in dairy farmhands to deal with this job.

Average Salary: US$ 70,110 per year

4. Plumbers

Highest paying dirty job

Plumbing is a wet and dirty job that keeps the pipes up and running in the house and buildings. In order to keep the people’s modern life comfortable and convenient, the residential plumbers find their place under houses. They have to work in dirty conditions that include sewage and bacteria. The plumbers have to make sure that the faucets and pipes are properly covered and stay protected from harsh microorganism and chemicals.

Along with working in these types of conditions, the plumbers have to reach the location on time, no matter where they struck.

Average Salary: US$ 60,000 per year

3. Crab Fisherman

Highest paying dirty job

The job of crab fisherman may seem extremely dangerous and dirty, but it is also one of the most lucrative jobs in terms of money. The work involves grueling, stinky, and dirty activities. Living in the stormy seas with strong waves surrounding you and dealing with more than 1,000 pounds of crabs is not of everyone’s ability.

Additionally, one has to deal with sea sickness and works for nearly 20 hours a day for a longer period of time, makes it one of the most difficult and dirtiest jobs in the world.

Average Salary: US$ 55,000 per year

2. Embalmer

Highest paying dirty job

It is quite draining to work in a mortuary as an embalmer with cadavers. This job often needs the working person to deal with possible infections and harmful cleaning chemicals that carry on the dead body. The things that make this job dangerous are body fluids, infectious diseases, and contaminated blood.

The main duties of an embalmer are removing blood and replace it with embalming fluid. Additionally, they have to perform reconstruction for disguising damage and apply makeup on the dead body.

Average Salary: US$ 55,000 per year

1. Crime Scene Cleaner

Highest paying dirty job 2019

Crime scene cleaners are those people who have to clean the crime scene when the investigation team completes their work. The time required to clean the area depends on the severity of the crime and the state in which body has found. This job demands a strong heart as one has to deal with gore sights in this profession.

In addition to this, it is a serious job because you have to stay protected from infections or diseases in the body of a dead person. That’s why it is known one of the dirtiest jobs in the world.

Average Salary: US$ 75,000 per year

All the dirty jobs that we have mentioned above allow a person to have decent earnings and live a comfortable life in the modern society. These jobs remain in the high-demand list all over the year. There is no doubt that these 10 dirty jobs offer a huge amount of money, but it also demands lots of courage and dedication.


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