Top 10 Highest Paying Education Degrees 2019

Education is the utmost requirement to earn respectfully. While learning enhances your level of thinking, getting the education in a smart and wise way ends up in giving you some of the highest paying jobs all around the world. So here we have enlisted top ten highest paying education degrees in 2019 which lead people to get the jobs making them millionaires. If you also dream of earning high in future then take a sneak-peek over the list and enrich yourself with this piece of content.

10. Architecture

Highest Paying Education Degrees 2019

If you dream to become architecture, you would be well known about the work they had to deal with. It centers on designing buildings and creating structures with conceptual topics related to multiple housing strategies, institutions, mixed-use, public facilities, hi-rise, urban strategies, and land planning fundamentals, facades and details. The courses offered may cover professional, technical and theoretical concepts and related texts.

Architectural history, structure and tectonics and advanced building technologies are what needed to be studied in detail and then bring them into practical use. Being architecture and studying it lead to getting you some of the jobs that are highest paying than many others.

9. Physical Therapist

Highest Paying Education Degrees

There are times when we need some therapist for our proper treatment. Studying it would include getting a degree in biology/anatomy, cellular histology, physiology, exercise physiology, biomechanics, kinesiology, neuroscience, pharmacology, pathology, behavioral sciences, communication, ethics/values, management sciences, finance, sociology, clinical reasoning, evidence-based practice, cardiovascular and pulmonary, endocrine and metabolic, and musculoskeletal anatomy. Maybe they sound too much but at the end of the course when you will get a great paying job the hard work with studying get its worth. These days good and experienced physical therapist is in great demand and this is the reason why being one great physical therapist could be a better choice.

8. Physicians Assistant

Highest Paying Education Degrees

Being a Physician Assistant needs expertise. Did you remember last time when you visited any physician you met with his assistant as well who works more than his boss? Well, they are the health care professionals who are licensed to practice medicine under the supervision of any physician. The main work of Physician Assistants is to conduct physical examinations of the patient along with making the diagnosis and treating the illness. They have to interpret the results of the tests and give counseling to the patient. Apart from these they also have to assist the surgeon while doing surgery and write the prescriptions. Although the work requires a lot of skill and expertise, it also provides quite a good salary cheque by the end of the month.

7. Nurse Midwifery/ Nurse Practitioner

Highest Paying Education Degrees

Being a Nurse Midwifery or Nurse practitioner is a job with great responsibilities. Nurse-midwifery has to deal with the coming pregnancy cases in the clinic or hospital and teach the patients about all the terms related to pregnancy to the women. All the health related issues that they will encounter in the coming days had to discuss in detail with the pregnant women. From their pharmacology to postpartum care a nurse midwifery as to deal with everything. Similarly, a regular nurse practitioner has to deal with the regular patients coming for the treatment. They have to assist the doctor and need to make a bridge between the patient and the doctor. The work is quite challenging but gives a good pay by the end of the day.

6. Marketing

Highest Paying Education Degrees 2019

Marketing professionals are paid really well when they help drive return on investment. A good marketing person has the tactics to deal with thoughts, behaviors, and actions of the buyer. A have the ability to establish an understandable and unique relationship between the buyer and supplier. Therefore they are considered as the backbone of any organization. From pricing, packaging to promotional strategies, all are endeavored wonderfully by good marketing professionals and this is the reason why they get a good salary by the end of the day. They also keep an eagle eye on the market insights with respect to the share, volume and return on investment rates.

5. Economics

Highest Paying Education Degrees

In order to perform jobs that require intensive technical, analytical, and quantitative skills you need to study economics. It is a very broad field of study which ultimately ends up in getting a great salary cheque. If you are studying economics then getting a Ph.D. degree in that will give you a hefty amount of salary package. Although the courses and programs differ but on the basic level, you will be needed to know in detail about the core conceptual knowledge of microeconomics, macroeconomics, and econometrics. It is indeed a subject which is quite fascinating if you really have an interest.

4. Information technology

Highest Paying Education Degrees

Studying Information technology will lead you to another path of fascination. While taking this course to study you will get geared up to analyze, organize, manage, and manipulate information. You will also get the tactics to consider as for how to make the result intuitive and easy to use. A person with a degree in information technology learns as for how to teach others to make use of the information in every possible way to make it useful and innovative. They also get the expertise in the advanced technologies coming every day. Basically, a person with a degree in Information Technology is assumed as a bridge between the tech team and the organization.

3. Human-computer interaction

Highest Paying Education Degrees

This is the world based mainly on the interaction between humans and computer. Isn’t it? A Human-Computer Interaction is generally a program that integrates interactive computing, user experience (UX) and its usability. Apart from that it also deals with interaction and interface design, and the social sciences in the research, design, and development of user-centered and socially acceptable interactive technologies. The applications and information systems are made user-friendly and easily accessible. Although it been considered that getting a Ph.D. degree in the same course may land you up getting far better job opportunities all around the world. Well, every country needs great human computer interactive professionals.

2. Software engineer

Highest Paying Education Degrees

This is the world of software engineers. It’s a well-known fact that the demand of great and hard working software engineers are very high and undoubtedly seeing an exponential growth in the recent times. With the advancement of technology with each passing day, the requirement of software engineers is also elevating. Once getting a degree in computer engineering you become eligible to pursue technically complex and highly skilled positions within business, industry, and government. You as a student would be will be involved in designing, constructing, testing, and maintaining computer applications software or systems. A software engineer develops various kinds of software like software for operating systems and network distribution and which convert programs for execution on a computer. With so much work to do, of course, the organization pays a hefty amount to its software engineers.

1. Doctor

Highest Paying Education Degrees 2019

Work of doctor or a health care provider is the considered as most auspicious. Either it’s about treating various diseases or illness, performing difficult surgeries or providing counseling for the health related problems, an experienced doctor could help in all the spheres of treatment. When the demanding work needs a lot of concentration and dedication the salary automatically gets a reasonable hike by the organizations. In today’s date, a well renowned and reputed doctor is able to earn more than any other job.

So what are you thinking about? If you are on the verge of opting something to study in the coming future then select one of these education or degrees and earn like a pro. All the best!


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