Top 10 Highest Paying Engineering Majors 2019

Engineering has always been the most challenging and fascinating subjects for the students. Sometimes you need to think out of the box in order to solve the problem. Despite of its toughness it has always been the dream of most of the students to be a successful engineer in his or her life. To some engineering is a subject, to some it’s a passion. Here are the top ten highest paid engineering majors in the world in 2019.

10. Architectural Engineering

Highest Paid Engineering Majors 2019


Architectural Engineering is also known as building Engineering. It involves the application of engineering technology and principles to constructions and designs. It also involves the analysis of the already existing Buildings, towers, bridges and other architectural objects. In order to be a successful engineer of this grade he also needs to have a versatile knowledge of building materials. He should also make sure that his or her designs should be strong enough to withstand natural calamity like earthquake.

9. Biomedical Engineering

Highest Paid Engineering Majors

($51,100 – $93,400)

It is defined as the application of engineering principles to biology and medicines for healthcare purposes. This major basically aims at bridging the gap between engineering technology and medicine. Biomedical engineering has emerged recently and is expanding rapidly. Prominent biomedical engineering applications include various diagnostic and therapeutic medical devices and biocompatible prostheses. These devices range from micro implants, common imaging equipment to clinical equipments.

8. Civil Engineering

Highest Paid Engineering Majors

($51,100 – $93,400)

It is a professional engineering discipline that deals with maintenance, construction and design of the naturally and physically built environment including buildings, dams, canals and roads. It is traditionally broken into a number of sub-disciplines and is regarded as the second oldest engineering discipline in the world. It is estimated that the oldest practice of the civil engineering must have commenced between 4000 and 2000 BC in the Indus Valley Civilisation and ancient Iraq. Even today this discipline is so advanced that we have the privilege to view Burj Khalifa as one of the best examples of perfection.

7. Mechanical Engineering

Highest Paid Engineering Majors 2019

($52,500 – $101,600)

Mechanical Engineering is an engineering discipline that applies material science and engineering physics to analyze maintain design and manufacture mechanical systems. It mainly involves the operation, design and production of machinery that help human kind in daily life. It is one of the oldest and broadest of all existing engineering principles. This field requires a great understanding of core areas such as Material science, structure analysis, electricity, mechanics kinematics and thermodynamics.

It also uses computer aided engineering (CAD) and product life cycle management to design and analyze machinery, manufacturing plants and other transport systems. It mainly emerged as a field during the industrial revolution in Europe in the eighteenth century. This field has continuously evolved in various other hybrid disciplines such as weapons, robotics, mechatronics and composites. High speed engines are the most beautiful and technologically advanced examples related to this field.

6. Electrical Engineering

Highest Paid Engineering Majors

($55,000 – $105,000)

It is the discipline that deals with one of the most basic requirement of mankind known as electricity. It is defined as the field of engineering that mainly deals with the generation and study of electromagnetism, electronics and electricity. Since the later half of 19th century this field gained immense importance because of commercialisation. This discipline is now divided into wide range of subfields including instrumentation, signal processing, radio frequency engineering, control systems, telecommunications and power engineering. Electrical engineers design complex power systems on a macroscopic level as well as microscopic electronic devices.

5. Aerospace Engineering

Highest Paid Engineering Majors

($58,000 – $107,900)

This is the most fascinating engineering major which helps you to fly. It involves the production, maintenance and study of aircrafts. It is a hybrid of mechanical and electronics engineering. It involves a thorough study of all mechanical sub divisions. It has two major overlapping branches known as astronautical engineering and aeronautical engineering.It all started in the year 1903 when Wright Brothers built the first flying object. Some of the essential elements of aerospace engineering include Fluid Mechanics, Astrodynamics, Aircraft Structures, Avionics and Aero Elasticity etc. This program may be studied at PhD, master’s, bachelor’s and advanced diploma levels.

4. Computer Science

Highest Paid Engineering Majors

($58,800 – $112,600)

It is an engineering discipline which integrates several fields in order to develop computer software and hardware. Its followers are usually trained in software design and hardware software integration. Major part of this discipline includes writing codes in various programming language in order to synchronize various hardware systems. Mr. Charles Babbage is considered as the father of computer and the first ever computer was created in the year 1972 in USA. With the help of computer science we are able to control almost every machinery which in turn reduces the human effort to a great extent.

3. Chemical Engineering

Highest Paid Engineering Majors

($65,000 – $116,000)

It is a branch of engineering which involves physical and life sciences together with economics and applied mathematics to properly produce, store and transport essential chemicals and energy. The task of a chemical engineer is to design large scale processes that are very useful in converting chemicals, raw materials and other micro organisms into other useful products and energy. This discipline emerged in the year 1877 and University of Manchester is considered to be the oldest university to host this course.

2. Nuclear Engineering

Highest Paid Engineering Majors

($67,000 – $118,000)

It is the branch of engineering which deals with the application of fission and fusion of atomic nuclei or the application of other sub-atomic physics, based on the fundamentals of nuclear physics. The sub field of nuclear fission includes the interaction and maintenance of components and systems like nuclear weapons, nuclear reactors and nuclear power plants. This also includes the study of medical and other applications of nuclear safety, radiations or other related technology such as radioactive waste.

1. Petroleum Engineering

Highest Paid Engineering Majors 2019

($100,000 and higher)

It is a field of engineering which includes activities related to the production of hydrocarbons. This branch is mainly divided into two sub categories called Upstream and Downstream. The upstream deals with exploration and production, while downstream deals with gas engineering. It also requires a good knowledge of completions, artificial lift systems, well engineering, reservoir engineering, reservoir simulation, economics, drilling and geophysics. This discipline started in the year 1914 within the American School of mining.

All these engineering professions are beyond expectations. They these fields have contributed to make Earth a better place to live is extraordinary. To compare these disciplines just on the basic of salary would be unfair as all these disciplines have equally contributed towards the betterment of mankind. All the disciplines are interrelated and one discipline alone won’t be able to function properly. It is possible today just because of these disciplines that we aim at finding lives on other planets. In my opinion science is as important as the air we breathe.


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