Top 10 Highest Paying Film Jobs In The World 2019

To work in film industry, one needs enormous talent and potential. Regardless of whether, direction, Action, script and so on, everything requires enormous potential. It is not only the hard work of the performer and the director of the film, the entire group adds to the accomplishment of a film.

There is a huge career in the film industry. Actors are not only the key aspects of the movies, but there are many other jobs as well which add life to a movie. We are presenting here the list of top 10 highest paid film jobs right now in 2019:

10. COSTUME DESIGNER (Salary ranges from $18930 – $85,340)

Highest paying film jobs 2019

A Costume designer is a person who designs costumes for a film or television. Costume designer plays a very important role in the filmmaking because actors are judged on the way they carry themselves on the screen, which totally depends on the Costume designer. The work of costume designer is along with the director, lighting designer, hair stylist, makeup artists. He must ensure that the designs of costumes are as per the requirements. Each and every character of the film has been given a look and clothes relating to the character are a must to give that depth. It is not an easy job and hence is paid well too. The average salary per year for Costume designer comes to $36,000.

9. DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY (Salary ranges from $36,000 -$1, 21,000)

Highest paying film jobs

A director of photography or cinematographer is the head of all the members such as light crew, cameraman, etc. working on a film, television production, play or any other live action piece. He assists the film director and takes the decision regarding lighting, shot selection, camera operations and responsible for every technical decision, movement related to the image. As writers are the soul of the filmmaking, in same way DOP is the heart of it. He has a responsibility to select the camera, film stock, lens, filters, etc. He has to achieve that effect in scene what is demanded by the director. He performs a major role. The average salary for a Director of Photography annual stands at $71,000.

8. CONSTRUCTION MANAGER (Salary ranges from $89,231 – $1, 17,905)

Highest paying film jobs

A construction manager is a person who builds the stages, structure, building with wood, nails, plaster, and paint and creates special effects in it, needed for the scene. Construction managers work according to the instructions of the Art director, or we can say that construction manager is the right hand of the Art director. He builds the whole world in the studio, which is being needed for the film, with his all teams of Carpenters, Painters, Riggers and Plasterers, on time and within the budget. Construction managers are responsible for supervising all aspects of construction work, ensuring that it proceeds smoothly. The average salary of Construction manager in Films is $1, 03,181.

7. FILM AND VIDEO EDITORS (Salary ranges from $26,270 – $1, 55,840)

Highest paying film jobs

The film editor receives all raw footage to polish and make it the ready one to publish. He selects shots that can describe the entire story of the picture and combines them into the desired sequence. An editor mechanically puts pieces of a film together, cut off film slates, and edit the dialogue scenes. Film and Video Editing is an art and skill because this profession needs a passionate interest in the film and video making, creativity, self-motivation, ability to listen to others. Editor plays a dynamic role in filmmaking. He completes the fine-tuning of content to ensure the smooth running of the film/video and select the desired music, which suits the video. He gives the special effects to video and checks the quality of audio and video editing. The average yearly salary of Film/Video editors is $61,750.

6. MULTIMEDIA ARTISTS AND ANIMATORS (Salary ranges from $33,756 – $68,965)

Highest paying film jobs 2019

Multimedia Artists and Animators specifically capture ideas and sketch them into fully realized characters. They are deployed throughout pre and postproduction activities. Artists and Animators scrupulously bring characters into digital form. Highest grossing movies like Lord of the rings, Avatar etc. were brilliantly animated and thus captivated audience’s attention. A studio like Disney-owned Pixar has set a benchmark for newcomers in Animation. The median salary for Multimedia artists and animators is $52,406.

5. SCRIPT WRITERS (Salary ranges from $20,300 – $1, 09,557)

Highest paying film jobs

Screenwriters are self-employed or hired employees who work for a particular assignment or for different companies simultaneously. Academic degrees are not necessary for the profession of screenwriter, a person with good storytelling and excellent imaginative ability can become a good screenwriter. They write shooting script in detail for the film or any play. This script is developed from their own idea, plan or work. Their Script may be based on a real story, any author’s book or any an imagined story. Amateur screenwriters work without charges considered “writers in training”. However, professional do not work for free, they charge a good worth for their script. The screenwriter must have a talent for creativity, patience, writing talent, resiliency and an understanding of the filmmaking process. The average salary of a scriptwriter is $50,837.

4. PRODUCER (Average salary – $109,860)

Highest paying film jobs

A producer is a person who plans and coordinates various aspects of the film during its production like selecting script, coordinating writing, directing, editing and finance. In other words, Producer is the Father or Caretaker who finds everyone and everything in its place and he supervises the whole production. The Producer can play many roles at one time; he can be a writer, an investor, an idea man and manage all the things. A producer has to control everything at one time, but the only producer cannot always supervise the entire work. So, In this case, he may appoint helpers who are known as Executive Producer, Line Producer or Unit Production Manager. Head producer in the film also called as the executive producer manages the whole filmmaking, pre-production, and post-production and the project budget.

3. DIRECTOR AND ART DIRECTOR (Salary ranges from $31,780 – $1, 81,780 & $47,320 – $1, 72,900)

Highest paying film jobs

Director is a person who supervises a particular area of a company, program or project. The Director is a person who creates the whole movie. In other words, Movies are what the Directors create. This shows the importance of the director in the making of the film. The Director is involved in the every aspect of the film such as casting, technical hiring, location except finance; directors are not usually involved in the financial side of filmmaking. Director’s average salary is $68,440. But, in some cases, the salary of director depends upon the success of the film.

Art director manages the sketch, the vision of the set, location, and surroundings of the film. It is the responsibility of Art director, to bring the visual to reality. Art director works with the director and the producer, to prepare, find and build the sets of the film. Art director manages the whole team of draftsmen, set designers, set decorators, prop masters and set construction managers. He has to play the role of both effective managers and creative artist, to bring the fictional world to life within the budget of the film. The average salary of the Art Director is $89,760.

2. ACTOR (Salary ranges from $19,539 – $3, 99,494)

Highest paying film jobs

An actor is a person who portrays a character in a performance. Director’s vision and the screenwriter’s words totally depend on, how an actor performs. An actor requires awareness, control of the movement and expression that can learn by taking formal training. The actors who took proper formal training look like they are not acting, or in other words, when the successful actors perform their role in the film, they seem to be the real character. The average salary of the actor is $51,059. But the struggling actors cannot earn a living through their acting work alone. They need to take other jobs that allow them to work at night and be available during the daytime for the auditions.

1. TALENT AGENTS (Salary ranges from $28,060- $1, 11,370)

Highest paying film jobs 2019

Talent Agents do not share the front stage but they are the best-paid Professionals of Film Industry. They are specialised in finding jobs for their Actors, Directors, Screenwriters, and Musicians etc. Their roles encompass all spheres from salary negotiation to finding scripts, promotion of interests, development and sponsoring opportunities for their Actors, Directors, Clients etc. As Talent Agent, jobs are very lucrative, faithful and promising as virtues are being expected from them. There is a handful of opportunities available for the Talent Agents. It has been estimated that Talent Agents earn 10% of their client’s earnings for a specific Film Project. The average salary is said to be $64K

Although the acting is the highest paid career of all the time, yet there are numerous other occupations as well, which can pay you immensely well in the film industry. Film jobs are highly reputed and prestigious, as it is driven by the unique talent of individuals.


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