Top 10 Highest Paying IT Jobs 2019

IT sector is a lucrative field that has numerous job opportunities for the right person. If you are planning to enroll for an IT course or you are looking to apply for a job, you should have a look at these top 10 highest paid IT jobs in the world in 2019. The companies are hiring the best candidates for building their team. At this moment, you have ample of opportunities to spearhead your career in the right direction. If you want to earn lucrative income, consider these jobs right now.

10. NET Developer ($83,000)

Highest Paying IT Jobs 2019

.NET developers are much in demand but at the same time, their strength is usually limited. .NET developer works on the .NET framework developed by the Microsoft. An experienced .NET developer is able to handle all the operations such as development, performance, scalability, security, and testing. A .NET developer can use the framework to develop high-end web applications, mobile applications, and desktop applications. If a job aspirant has the certification in Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer or Microsoft Most Valued Professional, then there is immense scope in the IT industry.

9. Database Admin ($85,000)

Highest Paying IT Jobs

For any organisation, database management is an important aspect. The security and maintenance of the database servers is a complex issue. Hence, the database administrator (DBA) is an important position for any organisation. If you have the skills and the confidence, there are numerous opportunities. The role of DBA incorporates performance, integrity, and security of the database. Moreover, database issues arise every now and then. Only an experienced person will be able to perform troubleshoot operations. The process involves rigorous planning and development.

DBA is well-versed with different database management systems. Sometimes, the job of a DBA gets monotonous. But, if you have the patience and determination, you can excel in the field of database management.

8. Systems Architect ($88,000)

Highest Paying IT Jobs

Every organisation or a company has to deal with different systems and processes. These aspects are directly related to the products and services of the company. Hence, the role of the systems architect is crucial for an entity. The SA is responsible for all the designing aspects of various systems and processes. Any problem or any integration is incomplete without the involvement of the SA.

As evident, the responsibilities of the SA encompasses planning and development at every stage. The smooth operations of the processes determine the success of an organisation. The companies are willing to pay a handsome salary to the deserving candidates.

7. Frontend Developer ($90,000)

Highest Paying IT Jobs

Most of the times, the role of a frontend developer is confused with the role of a web designer. The web designer is able to customize the themes or the visible portions of the website or an application. But, the implementation of those options or the designs is handled by the frontend developer. And, not just implementation but the development is also done by the frontend developer.

An experienced frontend developer should be well-versed in languages like HTML, CSS, and Javascript. As the world enters into a digital age, the role of a frontend developer becomes more important day by day.

6. Mobile Developer ($95,000)

Highest Paying IT Jobs

Currently, a mobile developer is the most sought after position around the globe. With a rapid increase in the percentage of people using Android and iOS phones, the role of a mobile developer is extremely crucial. A mobile developer is responsible for various tasks related to the operating system. Some of these are:

• Frontend development
• Backend support
• Security features
• Application development
• Application Testing and Troubleshooting

A mobile developer should be well-versed with the languages such as Java, HTML5, C++, C#, and PHP. There is immense scope for the budding as well as experienced mobile developers.

5. Java Developer ($98,000)

Highest Paying IT Jobs 2019

Java is a powerful programming language developed by Sun Microsystems. An expert of Java language finds numerous job opportunities. Java is used for various development processes like online games, business applications, mobile applications, software, and so on. Every process, or development, is associated with Java development. Without a Java developer, the performance of your organization may get hampered. Hence, a Java developer plays an important in the planning, development, and implementation stages. Java developer is compatible with different aspects of Java such as Perl, Java XML, Perl, and others.

4. Software Engineer ($100,000)

Highest Paying IT Jobs

The position of a software engineer incorporates various tasks. A software developer can work on different or some particular languages to develop a product or service. Often, the role of software developer and software programmer is debatable. But, they have, more or less, same responsibilities in the organization.

A software engineer is responsible for designing, development, maintenance, testing, and troubleshooting processes. Hence, during the planning and development stage, the presence of a software engineer is required. The demand for a software engineer is on a considerable rise. But, the most eligible and the deserving candidates get placed in the reputed companies.

3. Development Operations Engineer ($105,000)

Highest Paying IT Jobs

A development operations (DevOps) engineer is extremely important for a company. At the same time, DevOps engineer requires a prior experience in the IT industry. Along with this, DevOps engineer should be well-versed with various languages and software such as:

• Operating systems such as Windows, Linux, etc
• Public and private cloud software such as VMware, Xen, KVM, Hyper-V, and so on
• Programming languages such as Python, Perl, Ruby, Bash, Javascript, etc

As the technology is always evolving, the development processes need to be revised. A DevOps engineer plays a key role in the planning and development process. Hence, they are paid more than other engineers.

2. Data Scientist ($110,000)

Highest Paying IT Jobs

As a scientist is responsible for experimenting and innovating, data scientist does the same job in the IT industry. Why are they paid so much? This is because they identify the problems and loopholes in the company’s products and services. Afterward, they devise feasible solutions for the betterment of the products. As evident, this requires a lot of research and experience.

They analyze all the data available, apply calculations and programming to streamline the data and sort out the data. A data scientist is responsible for new innovations and hence, opening the doors for an organization’s development plans. After the verification of the data scientist, the further processes are initiated.

1. Software Architect ($120,000)

Highest Paying IT Jobs 2019

A company’s product and services are defined by the decisions of the software architect. Therefore, a software architect is the highest paid job in the IT industry. The position of a software architect requires prior experience in the industry and an eye for improvisation.

The planning and development associated with the applications and software are controlled by the software architect. The utilization of the coding standards is dictated by the software architect. The person is responsible for all the problems and solutions associated with the products and services.

IT industry is the most widely opted field in the world. Everyone wants to make a successful career in this industry. It offers uncountable opportunities for every IT professional. But, if you want to attain the topmost level, you must chalk out a plan for yourself and work hard to accomplish it. After a certain period of time when you have gained required experience, you will find yourself in one of the aforementioned positions.


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