11 Highest Paying Jobs For Fresh Graduates 2019

Education is crucial in shaping an individual’s life. If you wish to enroll in a graduate program, you need to know about the latest salary trends in various domains in the world. No doubt, there is a multitude of job options for fresh graduates. But, before you choose a career for yourself, you should know the best options for you.

There are ample of opportunities in every field. Initially, it may not provide lucrative returns but in the future, you can earn hefty amount of money. Here, we have a compiled a list of best-paying jobs for fresh graduates in the world in 2019. This is based on the annual survey conducted by the Associate of Graduate Recruiters (AGR).

11. Retail (£24,000)

Highest Paying Jobs For Fresh Graduates 2019

Job – Merchandiser, Sales Representative.

As the retail sector grows by leaps and bounds, the need for dynamic sales representatives and merchandisers is on a consistent rise. The employers are willing to pay hefty salaries for the perfect person. If you have the cheering personality that can persuade the buyers and if you have the tact of promoting the product, you are a perfect fit in the retail industry. The retail industry encompasses fashion, grocery, food, furniture, and so on. So, you can choose your favorite niche and embark a career after graduation.

10. Transport or Logistics (£25,000)

Highest Paying Jobs For Fresh Graduates

Job – Supply Chain Executive

Logistics is an evitable aspect of every industry. Without proper functioning of the logistics industry, a business can be severely affected. As a supply chain executive, you are responsible for effective management of the logistics. Whether it is warehouse management, transportation, dealing with the suppliers, financial management, marketing, or handling automation chores; there are ample of opportunities for the fresh graduates in the logistics industry. There are considerable chances for an exponential growth in this industry. In due course of time, you will gain precious experience. The employers are constantly searching for efficient managers.

9. Accountancy (£25,000)

Highest Paying Jobs For Fresh Graduates

Job – Chartered Accountant

Accountancy demands rigorous study and practice. Established accountancy firms offer lucrative remuneration for the part-qualified and qualified candidates. The part-qualified can work in the firms as well as pursue their studies for the qualification. Qualification takes a long time and sometimes, the firm bears the exam fees and provides study leaves for exam preparation. Apart from these, there is a provision for a graduate loan as well. After qualifying the exams, a chartered accountant can earn a good salary.

8. Construction (£25,625)

Highest Paying Jobs For Fresh Graduates

Job – Real Estate Agent

Apart from salary, real estate business offers hefty commissions as well. Those who believe in their marketing tactics or who want to build a career in the real estate industry, they can start as a real estate agent after their graduation. Gradually, you will build contacts in the industry. After gaining experience, you can venture into the real estate business as a player rather than an agent. There is a scope of unprecedented growth in the real estate industry.

7. Engineering (£26,500)

Highest Paying Jobs For Fresh Graduates

Job – Software Engineer, Petroleum Engineer, Civil Engineer, Mechanical Engineer

Engineers are required in every industry. If you possess quality education, there are ample of opportunities for the fresh graduates. A petroleum engineer rakes in maximum wealth amongst all the engineers. The global oil companies hire talented candidates for the oil and gas industry. After these, software engineers are in much demand. The software engineers are required in every industry. The initial package may be low but in due course of time, the salary will surely increase. Experience is a major factor that influences the salary package of the engineers.

6. IT/Telecommunications (£29,000)

Highest Paying Jobs For Fresh Graduates 2019

Job – Network System Administrator, Business Security Assistant, Android Developer

This is the age of automation and artificial intelligence. The demand for the IT experts and the software developers is on a consistent rise. If you are a fresh graduate in the IT field, you have a lot of opportunities at your disposal. The salary package offered to the fresh graduates is initially low. But after the completion of the training period, the salary packages increases after the appraisal. The security of the online presence is always at risk. Hence, the companies are scouting for talented candidates for the post of business security assistant. ‘

5. FMCG (£29,000)

Highest Paying Jobs For Fresh Graduates

Job – Marketing Experts, Supply Chain Executives, Financial Management Executives

With the increase in population around the world and the effect of globalization, FMCG market is on a tremendous rise. The expansion of the FMCG industry requires dynamic individuals who are willing to contribute to unprecedented growth. There are job opportunities for individuals from diverse fields such as marketing, finance, IT, and so on. Marketing professionals are required for increasing the conversion rate and improving the branding of the company.

4. Public Sector (£33,000)

Highest Paying Jobs For Fresh Graduates

Jobs – Police Services, Fire Fighters, Defense Services

Public sector jobs offer two lucrative benefits – high perks and job security. This is the reason why many fresh graduates prefer public sector jobs. The salaries offered in public sector jobs are equivalent to salaries offered by the big recruiters in the private sector. If you have a desire to serve the nation, you can opt for the public sector jobs. But, you need to put in tremendous effort to secure your place. Moreover, when you have so many opportunities in the private sector, it is hard to take a decision.

3. Banking or Financial Services (£33,000)

Highest Paying Jobs For Fresh Graduates

Jobs – Financial Analysts, Accounting Assistants

An organization’s future plans are dependent on the financial condition of the firm. To deduce reliable strategies for the consistent growth, financial analysts are required to provide their valuable insights. It is true that experienced candidates are preferred over fresh graduates. But, there are consultancy firms that seek fresh talent for their organization. They will nurture the budding financial analysts for their future responsibilities. Similarly, accounting professionals are required to maintain the records of the organization. Hence, fresh graduates have ample of opportunities in the banking and financial services.

2. Investment Banking (£37,000)

Highest Paying Jobs For Fresh Graduates

Jobs – Stock Broker, Financial Advisor

The game is all about the money and everyone is interested in making money. This is where an investment banker comes into the limelight. If you have a sound knowledge related to the stocks and mutual funds industry, you have a potential for a tremendous growth. The consultancy and investment firms hire the best candidates amongst the fresh business graduates. Apart from making a lot of money, you will establish prestigious relations that will help you in venturing in your own business.

1. Law Firm (£38,000)

Highest Paying Jobs For Fresh Graduates 2019

Jobs – Legal Assistant and Advisors

The fresh law graduates are always in demand because established law firms are always seeking them. Even if you are studying in your final year, the employer may provide student assistance while you work as an apprentice in the employer’s firm. Since law industry requires experience and immense knowledge; fresh graduates should associate with the law firms. They will rake in lucrative salary and benefits and at the same time, they will prepare themselves for the future roles.

According to AGR, these sectors provide highest paying jobs for the fresh graduates 2019. If you want to propel your career towards unprecedented growth, you can opt for the following jobs. But, at the end, it depends on your interest. You will be able to perform better in the industry that interests you. Before opting for a job, consider the future prospect and your interest. When these two factors combine, no one can stop you from attaining success in life.


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