Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In The USA 2019

Are you looking for a better, bigger paycheck than your current job? Then here is a list of top 10 highest paid jobs in USA. With this you can plan or graduate in a subject that can at least offer you your dream pay check if not your dream job. Are you a high school student who, is trying to figure out the best career options, then look no further. We all need a job to earn a living and we have listed the best paid jobs you can land in USA in 2019. So make a career in something that can guarantee you a luxurious lifestyle, which will fulfil all your random dreams.

10. Pharmacist – $120,950

Highest Paying Jobs in USA 2019

This is one of the best profession options in the world, which can never go out of style, thanks to the advancement in science and an increase in the number of illnesses in the world. Pharmacists can earn over $120,950 each year. This has increased over $4000 in the past few years. This is amongst the safest jobs, which doesn’t get affected by job slicing or recession. You can also invest in your own Pharmacy, if you have enough funds and you can handle all legal formalities. The growth of this is said to increase by 14% by 2022.

9. Air Traffic Controller – $122,530

Highest Paying Jobs in USA

Air Traffic controlling is one of the easiest jobs in the world, if you are well aware of your altitudes and angles. An Air controller basically ensures an orderly and safe expeditious flow of air traffic. It requires a set of skills which can be specialized, by attending a traffic controlling training school, where one can learn all skills and abilities required to become a professional. They earn over $122,530 annually, which is estimated to increase 20% by 2022. Your medium wage depends on the company you are working with, is it a private company or public institution. Private airlines usually pay a higher amount than public controllers.

8. Data Scientists – $124,150

Highest Paying Jobs in USA

With the ongoing curiosity in human brain, more and more companies are investing in research team. From environmental to medical field, everyone is looking for a new discovery to solve or find a cure for one thing or another. The wide spread demand of Data Scientist, increases the prominence of the profession, as it is soon transforming into a necessity. You can earn more than $124,150 annually by becoming a Data Scientist. This sector is expected to witness a growth of over 15 percent by 2022.

7. Orthodontists – $130,000

Highest Paying Jobs in USA

Orthodontist is basically a profession relating to dental facial orthopedics, which deals with the primary prevention, diagnosis and correction of mal-positioned jaw and teethes. The wide spread popularity of plastic surgery and look transformation has motivated people in altering their smiles, making it more aligned and perfect. Orthodontists earn over $130,000 every year, which see a rise of $20,000 by 2022. It is rapidly transforming into a significant industry, where people are getting more comfortable with the idea of changing their looks.

6. Dentist – $150,000

Highest Paying Jobs in USA

This industry has seen the most rapid growth. People are more concerned about their looks today than they were any time in the history, which has pushed them to go for regular dental checkups. The Awareness of oral hygiene and dental health has also helped the industry’s growth. A Dentist can earn more than $150,000 each year. Dentists are estimated to see at least 15% increases in their overall salary growth by 2022.

5. Psychiatrists – $180,000

Highest Paying Jobs in USA 2019

Psychiatrists are one of the most interesting professionals in the world, where you are technically getting paid to listen to every crisp gossip in your clients’ life. On an average a Psychiatrist can earn more than $180,000 each year. The modern world is filled with Psychological problems, where everyone has created unnecessary stress around them, which often leads to depression anxiety and other mental and emotional turmoil. This is one of the most popular therapies which is openly being used by millions of people every year to gain some sanity. It is estimated that this profession will see at least 18% rises by 2022. More than 25,080 people are working as a Psychiatrist in USA.

4. Corporate Executive (Senior) – $185,000

Highest Paying Jobs in USA

If you are a business student, who loves manipulation and the work play of confidence, then this profession is definitely for you. This is the highest paid profession outside the list of healthcare industry. Corporate Executive is basically the head of a particular team in the whole department. He works as a manager, who ensures the smooth working conditions in the organization. Manager, who ensure the smooth working conditions in the organization. You can earn up to $185,000, by investing a little amount in a business school today. This corporate world profession is estimated to see an increase of 11% in 2022.

3. Physician – $189,000

Highest Paying Jobs in USA

Physician is a medical doctor, who basically practices with and in medicine. The basic work is stabilising the patient’s health conditions back to normal, by using medicines as their means. They study the diagnosis, reports and other aspects of injury to decide the cure. These physicians are categorised according to their respective specialisations. A Physician earns over $189,000 every year. And thanks to the ongoing illnesses, this job will bring lots of customers to your door. It is expected that the Physicians will see a 20% increase in their salary by 2022.

2. Obstetricians and Gynecologists – $214,750

Highest Paying Jobs in USA

It is basically a medical specialization, which deals with gynecology and obstetrics. This is the study of female reproductive organs, which helps in maintaining vaginal health and also during pregnancy. The increased awareness of earlier diseases during pregnancy has created a conscious environment in the population, where people take these medical cures seriously. This professional can help you earn over $214,750 every year. It is expected to grow more than 12% by 2022. The increase in yeast infections and period irregularity has only popularised this as a career choice. It is preferably a better career option for women, as females are more comfortable showing their lady parts to females.

1. Surgeon – $350,000

Highest Paying Jobs in USA 2019

They are the real super heroes of the operation theater, which bring life to their patients. More than 10,000 surgeries take place every day in USA. This medical professional will land you a $350,000 salary on an average every year. Your salary package depends on the body part that you are specialising in. Neuro-surgeons and cardiac surgeons usually earn more than other surgeons due to the severity and the delicacy of the parts. It is expected that this field will see a salary increase of over 18 percent by 2022. This is one of the most prominent career choices for anyone in the world; the medical industry is here to stay which will remain a constant necessity for everyone.

These are some of the best paid jobs in America, which will likely offer a higher annual salary by the time, you complete your graduation in one of these fields. It is pretty evident that medical sector is offering majority of the highest paid career options, which reflects the growth and opportunities that one can receive in the medical world.


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