Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs Without Degree In The World 2019

Money is an essential requirement to survive in this world. And who doesn’t want to earn a little extra than a simple 9 to 5 average wage. Contrary to the belief, you can indeed get a decent job with a minimum pay of $55,000 without a college degree! However, it is important for you to know about these jobs to land them in the first place.

Education does help you land a better paying job, but what happens when you don’t have a degree? Don’t fret, as there are quite a lot of jobs that you can land by just going for a professional course or a diploma, rather than opting for a degree. Here is a list of some of the best paying jobs that you can get without degree in world in 2019.

10. First Line Supervisors – $70,060

Highest Paying Jobs Without Degree 2019

First Line supervisors are basically non sale workers, who provide direct supervision and help to sales workers, in order to ensure a proper coordination of activities, within the retail sales department. You can earn an average annual wage worth $70,060 by working as a first line supervisor. High school diploma or any other equivalent diploma is the basic requirement for this job. There is no on job training or any other training required for the job. It is estimated that over 50,300 job opportunities will open relating to this job by 2022.

9. Nuclear Medicine Technologist – $70,180

Highest Paying Jobs Without Degree

Nuclear medicine administers are basically helps used by medicine researchers, to help them scan and analyze the patient’s body. Their main responsibility is to prepare radioactive medicines and administrate them on patients who are undergoing these scans. Not mandatorily a mere associate’s degree is the basic educational requirement for the job. The medium wage offered for a Nuclear medicine Technician is $70,180. There is no on job training involved in the job. It is expected that more than 7200 job opportunities will be created by 2022.

8. Dental Hygienists – $70,210

Highest Paying Jobs Without Degree

With the rapid growth of oral industry, it comes with no surprise that a diploma degree can help you earn $70,210. Dental Hygienists, help and guide the patients for maintaining clean teeth. They examine the patient for all kinds of oral diseases providing a preventive dental care measure. You can make an annual income of more than $70,210 by just investing some extra time in completing an Associate diploma. There is no on the job training or prior experience required for the job. It is expected that more than 113,500 jobs will open in this category.

7. Power Distributors – $71,690

Highest Paying Jobs Without Degree

As the name suggests the basic work of a Power distributor, is to distribute, coordinate, regulate and dispatch electricity to different parts of the given area. The basic educational qualification requirement is fulfilled by a high school diploma, or any other equivalent document. There is a long term, on term job training that is given at the time of joining to the employees. The job offers you an opportunity to earn more than $71,690. It is expected that 3,600 jobs will open in this field by 2022.

6. Commercial Pilots – $73,280

Highest Paying Jobs Without Degree

A commercial pilot navigates and locates the flight of any random fixed wing aircraft for nonscheduled air carrier routes, like helicopters, choppers etc. You need to have a Pilot certificate or license, in order to become a commercial pilot. There is no further educational qualification required apart from High school diploma. You can earn more than $80,000, by becoming a commercial or private pilot. There is moderate training that is required to get specialization in flying. It is expected that 14,400 jobs for such pilots will open by 2022.

5. Criminal Investigators and Detectives – $74,300

Highest Paying Jobs Without Degree 2019

Lucky for you, there is no course or degree yet to become a proficient detective or a private investigator. You can conduct these investigations on any suspected federal violator or can also help the state to solve or prevent local crimes. You require basic moderate training in the field, to become an efficient detective, however high school diploma is enough qualification for anyone to become a detective. By 2022, 27,700 detective jobs are estimated to open, which will offer you an average annual salary of $75,000.

4. Nuclear reactor Power Operators – $74,990

Highest Paying Jobs Without Degree

A nuclear operator controls and operates all the working in a nuclear reactor. This includes functions like stopping and starting equipments, moving control rods, monitoring and adjusting controls and maintaining a data record for logs. They are also responsible for conducting emergency procedures if required. High school diploma is adequate education requirement to become a nuclear reactor operator. You can earn more than $74,990 annually by opting for this job. Over 2,300 jobs will open in 2022.

3. Elevator repairs and installers – $76,650

Highest Paying Jobs Without Degree

The basic job of an Elevator operator is to assemble, repair, maintain and install all the electric parts and escalators involved in the working of Elevators. You can earn more than $76,650 by becoming an Elevator repairer, which doesn’t require any extra education qualification than high school diploma. There is a basic apprenticeship that one is required to fulfill, before working individually on the field. It is estimated that more than 8000 such jobs will open by 2022. It is one of the most easily assessable jobs that will always have a vacancy, as elevators are getting damaged here and there every now and then.

2. Radiation Therapists – $77,560

Highest Paying Jobs Without Degree

These therapists are responsible for observing and documenting the reaction of patients throughout the treatment, which is later analyzed by the doctors. There is a basic associate diploma or degree that can land you a job of Radiation Therapist within no time, as this doesn’t require any on job training. You can apply for the course soon after your high school diploma, which will be completed within a year or two. The government has predicted 8400 job openings of these therapists by 2022. This can be a risky job, given that the therapists will be surrounded by radiations and drugs. Sometime you might even have to witness patients who are suffering from radioactive diseases.

1. Air Traffic Controller – $122,530

Highest Paying Jobs Without Degree 2019

The basic task of an air controller is to monitor and direct all the movement and traffic of aircrafts in the sky. They have the highest annual salary, which doesn’t require any college degree. However it is also one of the toughest jobs on the list, as the safety of the aircraft depends on the proximity the air traffic controller is explaining on the land. You can earn approximately $122,530 annually by becoming an air traffic controller, which requires the basic knowledge of altitudes and angles, to explain the traffic to the air pilots in the sky. You require a basic diploma or an associate level degree to qualify for its job opening. There is a long term on field training involved, in order to become a professional air traffic controller. It is expected that more than 11,400 jobs will open in this category by 2022.

These are some of the most interesting, highest paid jobs that you can apply for, without a graduation degree. Take up the opportunity and invest your time in the one of these jobs which will definitely ensure a high paid job for you.

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