Top 10 Highest Paying Majors In The World 2019

Education certification is a valuable piece of paper, which can take you to places that you can’t imagine. A degree decides the future of a professional; a major degree can help in you gain a promotion or a specialization in the particular field. Jobs in science can take students on a path to infinite success, if they are seeking for a high way.

Here is a list of some of the highest paid majors in 2019 that can help you live the luxurious life of your dreams. If you are a fresh graduate who is still contemplating to decide what major degree you should opt for then this is the perfect article for you.

10. Computer Programming – $48,000

Highest Paying Majors 2019

Internet and technology has changed the way humans work today. Computer Programming teaches the students the basic, computer programming and software development. The course demands the students to learn multiple varieties of programming languages and software. It also includes deep study of subjects like science and math. Computer programmers have ample options of job opportunities, in fields relating to software, website and android application development. You can also join an educational or research facility after completing a major degree in Computer Programming. You can also become a freelance developer, and work from home earning a prominent amount of $100 to $1000 for each project. A computer programmer starts off with a minimum salary of $48,000.

9. Mathematics & Statistics – $48,900

Highest Paying Majors

Mathematics and Statistics, allows students to learn the system and theory behind the math to analyze and detect the possible changes, and solutions in the numbers. This degree works with the predicting trends of the subject. This statistician skill is useful in multiple fields like healthcare, scientific research, business and education etc. The average salary of a fresh Mathematic and Statistic graduate can start from $48,900 which can increase up to $99,800.

Mathematics is considered amongst the most difficult subject by majority of students which makes it a rare degree choice.

8. Computer Information System – $49,000

Highest Paying Majors

A computer information system degree, basically deals with learning the internal details and in and outs of computer networking and technology issues, including all the security issues regarding the CIS. You can start up your own business and corporate settings, with the help of this degree. CIS grads can earn over $49,000 to $85,900. IT being the future of modern world is the course that actually comes with a lot of scope in the coming future. More than 20,000 kids are opting for CIS as their post graduation degree. It is amongst the most popular and in demand course currently.

7. Construction Management – $49,200

Highest Paying Majors

Construction management is the study of understanding building and development. It revolves around the basic theme of construction. This is also available as an associate degree at certain colleges. However the bachelor degree typically offers a higher pay. This degree is a great option for students, who enjoy the excitement of hands on tasks. A constructive manager can land an $83,300 job as its starting options. You can also add specialization in this degree by opting for interior designing and architectural courses.

6. Management Information Systems – $49,600

Highest Paying Majors

MIS or Management Information System is a basic necessity for running any medium or large scale business today. This program teaches the students to set up run and manage a business using all the information systems and storage options and also teaches the art of networking with other companies. This course includes both computer and business training programs. A fresher with a management Information System major degree can earn anything, starting from $86,600.

It can be a beneficial degree for someone who is planning on setting up their own business as it can give them a professional experience and knowledge of expert studies.

5. Physics – $50,800

Highest Paying Majors 2019

If you are dreaming to work as a NASA scientist, then this major degree is definitely going to help you establishing a career there. Physics major can apply for job positions at different places including Department of Defense and private science films etc. A post graduate with Physics major can expect a salary of $50,800, which can hike up to more than $90,500. Despite the high pay, students often refuse to opt for the subject due its difficulty levels and basic construct which demands regular devotional studies.

4. Applied Mathematics – $52,200

Highest Paying Majors

A major in Applied Mathematics trains the graduates to apply mathematics in their day to day situations with apt proficiency to calculate items or costs, predicting outcomes, designing systems and making estimates. This is basically a practical degree that offers a job in varied fields, which can include construction, building, finance, education, or economics. An Applied Mathematics major makes an average salary of $52,200, which can go up to $101,850. It is amongst highest subject based major, who can help offer a starting pay of $47,000.

3. Nursing – $53,300

Highest Paying Majors

Nursing is a common and necessary medical field that is always in high demand. A Nursing graduate makes a minimum salary starting from $53,300, which can go up to $70,100. This major requires you to have a medical bachelor’s degree, in order to qualify to apply for a major in nursing. Nursing basically requires a practical hands-on training. Worldwide there is a huge demand for nurses. Nursing is also categorized based on different specialisations which can include family health, geriatric, surgery and neonatal etc. Medical sector is the most prominent sector, which offers most job opportunities. And nursing is amongst the basic requirement which is required while setting up a hospital.

2. Computer Science – $53,800

Highest Paying Majors

IT is the future of the world, which makes this major degree amongst second highest paid major. This is broad major, which offers jobs in multiple fields, including computer system development, software publishing to other researching works for governmental as well as educational facilities. A major in Computer Science can help you land a $50,700 job. It is amongst the most common major which is applied by more than 10,000 students worldwide on an average.

1. Petroleum Engineering – $89,000

Highest Paying Majors 2019

All engineering degrees are popular for offering a high pay scale. And amongst all categories of engineering, Petroleum Engineering offers the highest average package which starts from $89,000 and can go up to $159,900. This is a fairly difficult and specialized subject, which is chosen by only a few students. You can find jobs with companies dealing with oil production and manufacturing. Some of the degrees in engineering like Electrical offer a pay scale starting from $62,400, while Mechanical offers $57,800 and Civil Engineering offers $52,700.

These are the most successful major degrees that you can think off. They offer a good pay scale, with a prominent career growth. Computer and IT based degrees are amongst the most popular options, where people can see a clear and significant growth. Medical is another sector that guarantees a permanent job. If you are a high school student, then take some time and choose a degree that can ensure to fulfil your future plans. Question yourself about where would you like to see yourself in the five to six years, and then make a decision.


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