Top 10 Highest Paying Sports In The World 2018

Sports are not just a part of recreation or body maintenance activity but to the sportsperson, it is a mode to earn a living. Sports helps a person to maintain himself both physically and mentally. Sports are necessary for human body as it enables true circulation of blood and strengthens our muscles. It also enhances knowledge, understanding, ability, fitness, skills and thinking power.

There are plethora of sports to play, but the interesting fact is that they yield shinning careers and exorbitant salaries to the star players. There are plenty of sports, each played in national as well as international level. The international games are more significant and thus the players get substantial amount of money for the same. People from all round the world are crazy for sports and travel across continents to watch their favourite players and this makes it even more rewarding, especially for the favourites. A sportsperson earns much more than a CEO of any company. Let’s have a look at top 10 highest paying sports in the world in 2018.

10. Cycling

Highest Paying Sports

Cycling seems to be the most active and attractive game to watch. Cycle was introduced in the 19th century and is used by people for travelling, exercising and by some to earn money by cycling professionally. Cyclists make a decent amount of money yearly by participating in several events related to cycling. The coveted Tour de France is an international event of cycling that yields huge rewards to its winners. Cyclists earn hefty sum of money by winning the tournaments. Lance Armstrong was listed 9th in the richest athletes tally with total income reckoned at 28 million dollars.

9. Baseball

Highest Paying Sports

Baseball is the national game of United States of America and is played there a lot. It consists of two teams having nine players each. One team bowls and the other bats. Batting team’s player hits the ball with swung bat and tries to run clockwise to the origin and scores runs while the bowling team tries to stop them from scoring by throwing ball towards the origin. This enticing game was first played in England in the 18th century. It is a high paying game that entitle its players with handsome salary. Alex Rodriguez a pro baseball player, earns 35 million dollars and is listed among richest players of the world.

8. Ice Hockey

Highest Paying Sports

It is the fastest and most difficult sport of the world. The game requires hockey skills as well as skating skills. This game consist of two teams having six players in each team. Players are skaters who push the rubber puck in opponent’s net through a hand-stick. The game was first played in Canada in the 18th century and is the National winter sport of Canada. It is a prominent game of United States, so the players are paid high remunerations. Many hockey players earn millions of dollars and feature in the list of richest athletes.

7. Tennis

Highest Paying Sports

It is one of the most popular sports across the globe. This racket sport is played either on a clay court or on a solid grass court which is separated by net. Usually, the game is played between two players or two teams consisting of 2 players each side. The game originated from Birmingham and is now renowned all over the world. Tennis is played in international level with several coveted grand slams like Australian Open, US Open, Wimbledon and many more. The players earn substantial amount of money ranging in millions. Roger Federer is the richest tennis player with income accounting to whooping 71.5 million dollars.

6. Soccer

Highest Paying Sports

Soccer or football is the most engaging and popular game of the world. The game is so immensely renowned that in some countries like Germany, Brazil and Argentina, it is followed like a religion. Billions of populace are crazy for this game and have their sentiments attached with the game. When a team losses in world cup, the entire nation becomes melancholic. There are 3.4 billion spectators of this game worldwide. Since the game is so prominent among masses, so the players receive extortionate playoffs. Cristiano Ronaldo, with 80 million dollars income was third in the list of last year’s richest players followed by Lionel Messi.

5. American Football

Highest Paying Sports

American football is the most played game in USA and that is why it is christened so. It is a game that gives excitement and enjoyment to the audiences and is also named as gridiron. The game is played between 2 teams with 11 players each. It is a running game where a team’s players run with oval shaped ball to touch down and score points while the other team defends. Players earn handsome salary through this game and few of them are among richest athletes in the world. Ben Roethlisberger enjoys an income of 47 million dollars and is the 11th richest player in the world.

4. Golf

Highest Paying Sports

Golf is a kind of game made for the elites. It is played in large courses that are full of greenery. It is a club or ball sport where players use clubs to hit the ball into the holes in as much lesser number of shots as possible. The game generally consist of 9 to 18 holes with Tee box to start shooting from. The players earn huge amount of income from the game. Its veteran players like Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are among richest athletes of the world with income of 50.6 million dollars and 50.8 million dollars respectively.

3. Auto racing

Highest Paying Sports

Automobile racing is a thrilling and stimulating sport. The spectators watch the sport with great zeal and exhilaration. The players have to drive the automobile with super fast speeds, making it a risky yet interesting sport for all. The race began right from the invention of first competition car, back in the year 1930. The most prestigious and popular Formula One race yields astounding salaries to each participant and a mammoth reward to the winner. The players earn tons of dollars in each race. Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Rossi are the richest F1 racers with income accounting to 39 million and 35.5 million dollars respectively

2. Boxing

Highest Paying Sports

Boxing is the most dangerous and arousing game of the world. Boxing competitions are held in Olympics as well as commonwealth games and players earn hefty amount of money. The game involves martial arts and combatting skills so players get decent remunerations. The boxers earn so high salaries that they are among richest athletes in the globe.Floyd Mayheater Jr. And Manny Pacquiro are one of the richest athletes earning 320 million and 160 million dollars respectively.

1. Basketball

Highest Paying Sports

Basketball is an interesting game played betwixt two teams having 5 players each. Both the teams aim upon scoring maximum number of baskets. The game is engrossing and usually preferred for those having excellent height. It is governed by National Basketball Association and players receive substantial amount as playoffs. It is the highest paying sport in the universe where each player enjoys exorbitant income. Le Bron James and Kevin Durant are the richest basketball players earning 64.8 and 54.1 million dollars respectively.

Sports are not just a delight to watch by the spectators, but they fetch high rewarding career to the adept players. The players make substantial amount of money and lead a luxurious life. Infact, the players earn much more than many other high paying jobs. Secondly, the players become so popular among masses that they earn a celebrity status and earn big through endorsements.


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