Top 10 Highest Rated Wildlife Documentaries In The World

People interested in wildlife and the various phenomena of nature always look for some of the documentaries that can enrich them with their interest in wildlife. From telling about some of the secrets nature enfolds to revealing the life in different parts of the worlds and how animals survive is not only exciting to know but also enthralling. Here we have tried to list down some of the highest rated wildlife documentaries, watching whom you will get another level of excitement and thrill. So, check it out!

10. Coast

Highest Rated Wildlife Documentaries

It was broadcasted in the year 2005 and drew the attention of people a lot. Coast is a documentary series from BBC. After the first series, the second and the third got broadcasted in the consecutive years 2006 and 2007. The fourth series came as well in the mid of 2009. The different series endows to its viewers with the natural and social history of the British coastline. The subjects it relates to are very interesting and enthralling and therefore got the place in the high rated documentary series. Later in the years 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 more series came of it and it becomes one of the most watched documentaries of the time.

9. Corwin’s Quest

Highest Rated Wildlife Documentaries

Jeff Corwin, a much renowned and well-known conservationist hosted the documentary Corwin’s Quest. It is an American TV series which got released in 2005. The major focus of the documentary was the wildlife. With it, the host Jeff Corwin travel to different parts of the world and made an attempt to educate people about special abilities that different animals encompass. By using advanced technologies while making the documentary, Jeff was able to communicate even the minutest of the messages like animal trails, their predators smelling and catching abilities to its viewers very easily. The enthusiasm and dedication with which Jeff showcase his work was worth appreciating and this is the reason why it becomes one of the most hit wildlife documentaries of its time.

8. Nature

Highest Rated Wildlife Documentaries

Nature has got the privilege of being the longest running wildlife documentary on the television. It is an American TV series that endows to its viewers’ different types of animals, their way of living and dealing with the ecosystem. Produced by PBS, it got started on 10th October 1982 and has 32 seasons till date. One of the most watched and biggest hit of its time, Nature has also managed to win 2 Primetime Emmys. It is one of the most educative wildlife documentaries showcasing the way animals survive. Apart from highlighting the ways animals live through the ecosystem it also depicts the special abilities to deal with the survival in the forests.

7. The life of birds

Highest Rated Wildlife Documentaries

Dedicated to the life of birds and the ways they work to survive on the planet makes the documentary ‘The life of birds’. It is based on the comprehensive study of David Attenborough where he studied the evolution of birds and their habits for the sustenance. It showcases 10 episodes all of which are of 50 minutes and tell about the varieties of birds living in the earth and the way they sustain. Their day to day existence and different routine to carry out the works is forecasted very minutely in this wildlife documentary. So if you are enthusiastic enough to now about birds and their life then this documentary is meant just for you.

6. Wild Discovery

Highest Rated Wildlife Documentaries

When Wild Discovery got aired in the year 1995, it managed to grab the attention of people everywhere and especially the wildlife enthusiasts. With the IMDB rating of 8.3 on a scale of 10, Wild Discovery was one of the most popular documentary series. It was showcased on Discovery channel till 2002 depicting the life wild animals live in the dense ecosystem. Highly educative and knowledgeable this documentary is dedicated to providing even the minute details that animals do for their survival. With the total of 1019 episodes, the Wild Discovery is worth watching if you really want to k now in detail about the animals and their way of sustenance.

5. The Crocodile Hunter

Highest Rated Wildlife Documentaries

A well known and renowned wildlife expert Steve Irwin and his wife Terri hosted the much enthralling wildlife documentary ‘The Crocodile Hunter’. Both the hosts are also the owner of Australia Zoo in Queensland which is habitat for a number of wild animals including crocodiles and highly poisonous snakes. From the year 1997 to 2004 this wildlife documentary got aired on the Discovery Channel and become one of the most watched and enjoyed documentary of that time. covering all it had 5 seasons and 50 episodes showcasing the ways crocodiles live, hunt and survive. The facts and trivia about some of the most dangerous animals were also shown in the documentary. Huge geckos, large crocodiles, and venomous snakes were the main attraction of this documentary.

4. Life

Highest Rated Wildlife Documentaries

With 11 episodes the wildlife documentary Life was narrated by Oprah Winfrey and got aired on television in the year 2009 on Discovery Channel. It introduced to its viewers some of the most exotic, unusual and interesting inhabitants of the planet earth. It showcased the beauty nature enfolds and give many reasons to appreciate the ecosystem with its alluring features. It featured even the minutest of the insect to the largest of the animals in the series and depicted the ways they live their life and sustain on the planet. The clarity was so amazing and of high definition that it made people go awestruck with it. The advanced technologies and innovative techniques were used flawlessly to make the whole series. This made it one of the highest rated wildlife documentaries.

3. Planet Earth

Highest Rated Wildlife Documentaries

Planet earth is considered as one of the most expensive wildlife documentaries in the recent past. Due to the technologies used in its production that gives high definition clarity throughout make it an amazing wildlife documentary to ponder upon. First aired on March 2006 on BBC One in the UK, it got the attention from the wildlife enthusiasts and therefore it again appeared on Discovery channel in the USA. Showcasing the diversity of the ecosystem and the inhabitants of it in an awe striking manner, it managed to grab Emmys and BAFTAs awards. It features snow leopards hunting, exotic birds mating and many other amazing creatures living in the earth. The breathtaking images of the documentary ‘Planet Earth’ are worth a watch.

2. North American

Highest Rated Wildlife Documentaries

North America is dedicated to the beauty of nature and its creatures living in the continent North America. It is a miniseries of documentaries which is narrated by Tom Selleck. Most of the unique and endangered species were depicted beautifully in it which took around 5 years to get concluded. This documentary was made in 29 different states and in its 7 episodes, it showcased each one of them in an amazing way. The ‘Survival of the Fittest’ theory was made to understand in this wildlife documentary. Extremely educative and knowledgeably rich the North America is worth a watch id you are an animal enthusiast and love to see how they sustain. It also covers many whether events from deserts to mountains encompassing geological history as well.

1. The Life of Mammals

Highest Rated Wildlife Documentaries

David Attenborough was the main person behind the idea of the wildlife documentary ‘The Life of Mammals’. It was written and presented by him and got aired on November 2002 in Animal Planet. The life of different mammals as for how they made their survival on this planet was discussed and showed in very interesting way. The 10 episodes of it are made beautifully and are breathtaking with its picture quality. Different exotic mammals were showcased in an amazing way ensuring maximum picture clarity and high definition footage. The show got appreciation from all around the world and managed to grab 4 BAFTA award nominations.

Nature has different ways to amaze us. There are a lot of secrets that nature encompasses and we do not know. But watching wildlife documentary series like these open different aspects to view and think about them and the animals within. These wildlife documentaries are worth a watch at least once in a lifetime.


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