Top 10 Hottest American Female Athletes 2019

Sports and games are largely followed across the world. The games contribute to one’s overall personality and fitness. Athletes do play a vital role in globalising these sports. Be it Pele, Sachin or any other legend, every game had its own ambassador which always help to develop the game and inspire the youth.

Female athletes across the world had also emerged and performed better than their male counterparts. It has been reported that some female personalities are more famous and followed by fans. These female athletes are followed because of their expertise in game play. Another reason of their celebrity is their athletic and sexy body. So, in today’s countdown, we enlist you the top ten of hottest female American athletes of 2019.

10. Allison Stokke

Hottest female American athletes 2019

Allison Rebecca Stokke is one of the most talented and sexiest athletes ever. She is an American track and field athlete and very famous fitness model. Allison had broken several records in her name. At the age of fifteen, she won the State championship making her a perfect prodigy. At the age of 17, she turned into an internet sensation and sex symbol. She initiated a debate that her attractiveness may be undermining her sporting achievements. Later, she became a fitness and sportswear model for famous brands like Nike, Athleta, and Uniqlo. Her most famous and interesting deal is with GoPro in which she delivers a series of videos of her vaulting heights with the camera being attached to her pole. The beautiful and talented athlete certainly sets the definition of modern celebrity.

9. Alex Morgan

Hottest female American athletes

Alexandra Patricia Alex Morgan Carrasco, famously known as Alex Morgan is not unknown to football fans. An Olympic Gold medallist and a Fifa World Cup champion, Morgan is considered as a global brand ambassador for women football. She was labelled as the top American women soccer player due to her incredible record on the football field. Owing to her hot body and attractive looks she has impressive contracts and endorsement deals with Nike, Panasonic, P&G, and Coca-Cola. She also featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, ESPN magazine, Shape, Vogue, Time and Fortune Magazines. Alex Morgan is considered a modern day legend in American football. She truly makes football more interesting to watch.

8. Serena Williams

Hottest female American athletes

Serena Jameka Williams is a very popular Tennis player. She holds the most number of Grand Slam titles in singles, double and mixed doubles. Her impressive tally of 39 titles is highest among active players. She was the only women in the Forbes list of 100 highest paid athletes. She has impressive contract deals with Nike and Wilson Blade 104. Apart from these, she endorses Gatorade, Aston Martin, Pepsi and much more. Serena had posed for multiple editions of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. The hot American tennis star holds many records. She is the only athlete (man or woman) to have won a maximum number of matches in Grand Slam. The American Tennis star is truly an inspiration for the youth.

7. Miesha Tate

Hottest female American athletes

Miesha Theresa Tate a retired Mixed Martial Artist and a former UFC Women Champion. The most attractive MMA fighter gained recognition due to her killing instinct and brutal fighting style in 2011.Apart from her in-ring impressive records, her social media page had millions of followers. She is a full-time fitness model and had posed for several websites and publications. She appeared nude in ESPN Body Issue 2013 edition. She also featured in Fitness Gurls magazine which labelled Tate as the most beautiful woman in MMA.

6. Skylar Diggins

Hottest female American athletes

Skylar Kierra Diggins Smith is a professional basketball player of American Origin. The lanky beauty has been performing dominantly on the court. Due to her beauty and sports achievement she had been honored with numerous awards. The Best WNBA Player ESPN award and the prestigious 2009 Indiana Miss Basketball awards are few that had been bestowed on her. She was named one of the most beautiful women in sports. She is one of the most followed female American athletes. She is the first female athlete to sign endorsement deals with Roc Nation Sports. Apart from that, she had signed with Nike and BodyArmorSuperdrink. She has featured in Vogue magazine and swimsuit shoots for Sports Illustrated.

5. Alana Blanchard

Hottest female American athletes 2019

Alana Rene Blanchard is a professional surfer and a fitness model. The Rip Curl Swimwear model and designer is one the most followed social celebrity. Being a surfer gives her edge over other competitors. A famous Instagram model, Alana, had chosen to opt out of competitive surfing for a while. But her followers and fans rarely complain and always eager for any updates from the beautiful surfer.

4. Hilary Knight

Hottest female American athletes

Hilary Atwood Knight is a hot American ice hockey player. The clinical finisher is famous for her in field tactics and off-field modeling assignments. The immensely talented Hilary Knight was called for United States Senior National team at the age of 17. The 2011 IIHF Women World Championship winner and Olympic Silver medallist is probably the best Ice Hockey player in the World. With age on her side, she is destined to be successful. So is her popularity and legendary status in the game that the city of Sun Valley had declared may 19th 2011 as Hilary Knight day.

3. Blair O’Neal

Hottest female American athletes

When it comes to golf, post the Tiger Woods era, Blair O’Neal had been the flag bearer for this sport. An extremely talented golfer, a model and a television host. The sizzling American beauty has a perfectly curved and seductive body. She is very well respected by fans and critics for her outstanding performances. While, off field she had a large fan following because of her glamorous look and images.

2. Sierra Blair-Coyle

Hottest female American athletes

Sierra Blair-Coyle is a rock climber and a sensual beauty. Coyle is one of the most followed internet celebrity and her website is full of pictures of her in chalky hands and shorts. She possesses as no-nonsense style on mountains. Her online persona has grown so much that she was voted as the Most Outstanding Women in 2015 by Ask Men. This gorgeous American has beauty and talent in equal proportions. She was the youngest qualifier for World Cup. The dazzling Rock climber with her inch perfect body and never to die attitude had created a huge fan base across the world.

1. Ronda Rousey

Hottest female American athletes 2019

Ronda Jean Rousey is a perfect example of Beauty and the Beast. Arguably, she is the most aggressive and sizzling beauty in the United States. She is the very first American women to win an Olympic medal in Judo. The Mixed Martial Artist and an actress by profession, Ronda has been on top of her game recently. Ronda has been ranked in various countdowns and list. She was ranked as the most dominant active athletes by several magazines. Also, it was claimed that Rousey is the highest paid fighter in both categories in UFC. Owing to her attractive looks and perfect body, she has been offered roles in movies like Furious 7 and The Expendables 3.

Men have always been the most loyal supporters and fans of any sport. These sports provide men with the much-needed enthusiasm and thrill in their life. Of various reasons to follow the sport, a beautiful face with the hot body had always been of prime importance. Be it football, golf, rock-climbing or Tennis, a hot female athlete always tends to attract fans and followers. Their fit body, attractive looks can act as motivators for one and all to follow sports and get fit. The one thing to remember while appreciating the hotness quotient of these female athletes is that they are famous because of their sporting achievements and not for their looks. Their attractive looks and perfect body are just icing on the cake.


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