Top 10 Hottest & Most Famous Anime Guys 2019

Anime is the abbreviated form of the term “animation”. It has been around a very long time now. There are many factors involved to choose the best anime characters and they are impact, legacy, and recognition. But the most important one is the artistic greatness.

Each anime characters are unique and special in their own way and none can deny their lucrative success. However, it is quite difficult to choose the best and the hottest anime guys of present days because there are much worth comprising. The list below includes the top hottest anime characters in 2019. From the strong to the intelligent, they are the most classic and the beloved characters of recent times.

10. Genjo Sanzo

Hottest anime guy 2019

Genjo Sanzo is a Buddhist monk and the hero of an anime series called ‘Saiyuki’. He is the main head of the team ‘Son’, a group of four people including himself. He is one of the hottest anime characters of recent times. The masculinity appeal of Genjo Sanzo lies in his long locks. His long hairs make him look very hot, handsome and sexy. A five-shot Smith and a “banishing gun”, a Wesson revolver are his primary weapons. Although his full name is- “The 31st of China, Genjo Sanzo” he is usually called as ‘Sanzo’ by his other travelling companions.

9. Ran Fujimiya

Hottest anime guy

Ran Fujimiya is one of the male heroes of anime called ‘Weiss Kreuz’. He is one among the four members of the group called ‘Weiss’. The other members are Omi Tsukiyono, Youji Kudou, and Ken Hidaka. The members of the group are florists by day whereas they switch to assassins by night. Fujimiya character is designed on the basis of a member of the band of the same name, Weiss called Takehito Koyasu. He has obtained his name from his sister. Ran Fujimiya is an extremely hot anime character and is listed one among the top 10 hottest anime guy in the world.

8. Ikuto Tsukiyomi

Hottest anime guy

Ikuto is one of the chief characters in the famous anime and manga series called ‘Shugo Chara!’. He is a 27-year-old guy, skilled violinist like his father. He belongs to the group named Easter Company. His personality is so admiring that it can make your heart skip a beat at a single glance. He is very caring and thoughtful and goes to any extent in order to guard and save his loved ones from difficulties. He is in love with a girl named Amu Hinamori. His neck kind is really sexy and appealing.

7. Touya Kinomoto

Hottest anime guy

Tōya Kinomoto is the main character in an anime and manga series from the sequence of Cardcaptor Sakura where he is vocalized by Tomokazu Seki. On the English adaption, Touya is named as Tori Avalon. He also makes another appearance in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, voiced by Eric Vale. Touya Kinomoto has a well-built physique, charming and is strikingly handsome. He has dark brown hairs that are always parted on the left. He is normally seen in his Seijou High School Uniform. Whereas in the Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, he is seen in a royal attire. He is a well-mixed character of ignorance and arrogance, and he does not care attitude.

6. Fuwa Sho

Hottest anime guy

Fuwa Sho is one among the best musicians in Japan. He always keeps his real name secret because he thinks it is very old-fashioned. His attitude towards Kyoko, his constant companion, lean towards general possessiveness for her. When he found that Ren Tsuruga loves Kyoko, he was enraged and began to think Ren as his rival. Sho is considered as one of the hottest anime characters of recent times. In the anime adaption, Sho has a strong build slim body, dark brown hair, and steel gray eyes. The mixture of a bad boy and good boy makes his persona very mysterious and exciting.

5. Keigo Atobe

Hottest anime guy 2019

Keigo Atobe is an egoistic, wealthy and strikingly hot and sexy anime character. He is the crew captain of the school Hyotei Gakuen. He is also known by the nickname- King Monkey King. He has a sculpted physique and is fabulously charming and equally popular in between boys and girls from his school. In fact, the entire school is his fan. He belongs to a very wealthy family and owns various mansions, chateaus, and vehicles, that he often uses to benefit his team. Today, Atobe is ranked number five in the list of top 10 hottest anime guys in the world.

4. Gokudera Hayato

Hottest anime guy

Gokudera Hayato is an anime character in the series named Reborn. He is presented as a fourteen-year-old boy who belongs to Italy. He has a long silver hair and narrow green eyes. He is a very hot-tempered guy and sometimes, he tends to be irritable towards the one who is not Reborn, Nana and Tsuna. He is somewhat superstitious and believes in U.M.A.s. Dynamite, Sistema C.A.I. and G’s Archery is his primary weapons. He is physically very strong and powerful and is an amazing fighter as well. His herculean physique and handsome appearance make girls skip a beat.

3. Kurosaki Ichigo

Hottest anime guy

Ichigo Kurosaki is ranked number three in the list of top hottest anime characters in the world right now. He is a human with Shinigami powers. He is the son of Masaki Kurosaki and Isshin. The most distinguishing feature of his character is his spiky orange colored hairs. As a teenager, he is short-tempered, stubborn, impulsive and strong-willed. He is a lean built, tall and hot young man with brown eyes and peach skin. He usually wears slim fitting clothes. Since he became Shinigami, he tends to become more muscular than ever. He likes to wear shirts that are patterned with number 15.

2. Hisoka

Hottest anime guy

Hisoka is sizzling as hell. He is an important character from Hunter X Hunter and is nicknamed as the Magician. Formerly, he is one of the members of the Phantom Troupe. Hisoka is a whimsical liar. He looks unbelievably sexy after a shower when his hairs are moist and down. However, his hair is normally combed back and are held up by wax or gel. He always wears face paint and with a star-shaped tattoo on his right cheek. There is also a teardrop on his left cheek. His short hair is combed back and held up by gel or wax.

1. Kougami Shinya

Hottest anime guy 2019

Kougami Shinya, a highly skilled detective and the hottest anime character has an effective body and a dashing personality. Girls go crazy over him. He is the chief protagonist in ‘Psycho-Pass’. He has gray colored eyes, short black hairs, and pale skin. Being an Enforcer and Inspector, Kougami generally wears the black suit with a tie. Where else in the field, he wears the gray colored coat over his suit. He always seems to carry a traditional gun with him. He has an amazingly charming personality that cannot be explained by words.

Hence, these are the top ten hottest and famous anime guys of 2019. They are the most powerful and loved anime characters who are very attractive, intelligent, and simply formidable.


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