Top 10 Hottest & Most Famous Baseball Players In The World 2019

Baseball is one of the most popular sports in the United States of America and Canada. The craze for the sport is evident from the enthusiasm of the sports fans. Major League Baseball is one of the major sports league in the USA and Canada. A total of 30 teams competes in the MLB. The players enjoy the incomparable stardom because of their sportsmanship, attitude, and most importantly, their looks and personality.

Today, we discuss the hottest baseball players in the game right now. The girls are swooning over their personality while boys derive inspiration from their impeccable game skills. Let us dive into the list of the most famous baseball players 2019.

10. Clint Robinson

Hottest baseball players 2019

Organization– Washington Nationals

Clint Robinson, or Clinton Michael Robinson, is an American baseball player who plays for the organization, Washington Royals. Before this, he played for Los Angeles Dodgers and Kansas City Royals. He is a left-handed batsman and left handed thrower. His batting average is .257 and scored 15 Home runs.

He made his debut with Kansas City Royals in 2007. His latest contract was signed with Washington Nationals by the end of 2014. He has won awards like 2010 Texas League Triple Crown Winner, Texas League Player of the Week, Northwest Arkansas Naturals Player of the Year, etc. His impressive physique and outstanding game skills make him one of the hottest baseball players.

9. Adam Wainwright

Hottest baseball players

Organization – St. Louis Cardinals

Adam Wainwright, or Adam Parrish Wainwright, is an American baseball player known for his role as the starting pitcher. He is one of the best pitchers St. Louis Cardinals ever had. He came to the notice of the organizers when he was pitching in the minor leagues. He is a right-handed batsman and thrower. His earned run average clocks at 3.20 while his total strikeouts read at 1,535. Owing to his splendid performance, St. Louis Cardinals has won various games. He has the distinction of being the first pitcher in the MLB history to post nine of his first 18 starts with no runs in the seven innings pitched.

His career started when Atlanta Braves selected him in the 2000 MLB draft. He is actively involved in charity. He runs a fantasy baseball league to sponsor his charitable works.

8. Anthony Recker

Hottest baseball players

Organization – Atlanta Braves

This professional baseball stud is known for his killer smile and deadly shots. Anthony Vito Recker is an American baseball player who plays for the organization, Atlanta Braves. He assumes the role of a catcher and first baseman in the organization. A right-handed batsman and thrower, Anthony made his debut in 2011 for Oakland Athletics. After that, he was traded to Chicago Cubs in 2012 and then, to New York Mets in 2013. With Atlanta Braves, he signed the contract in 2016. His adorable looks make him one of the most famous baseball players. But we have some information for all girls, Anthony is married to Kelly Shepardson and they have a baby as well.

7. Jacoby Ellsbury

Hottest baseball players

Organization – New York Yankees

Jacoby McCabe Ellsbury or better known as Jacoby Ellsbury is an American baseball player who plays as a center fielder in the Yankees. His baseball career started during his university days. He played college baseball for three years at Oregon State University. His MLB career started with Boston Red Sox where he played from 2007 to 2013. Jacoby has the distinction of being the only Red Sox player in the 30-30 club.

A left-handed batsman and a thrower, he has a batting average of .286. He has scored 101 home runs till now. Talking about the awards, he is a two-time World Series Champion, won Gold Glove Award in 2011, and Silver Slugger Award in 2011. Besides this, he is considered as one of the hottest baseball players by the girls.

6. Jose Bautista

Hottest baseball players

Organization – Toronto Blue Jays

Jose Antonio Bautista Santos is a bearded hunk who plays for the Toronto Blue Jays. He has the record of scoring maximum home runs from 2010-2015. He is right fielder who has a batting average of .254 and 317 home runs in his stats book. His career initiated with Baltimore Orioles in 2004. After that, he played for organizations like Tampa Bay Devil Rays, Kansas City Royals, Pittsburgh Pirates, and finally, Toronto Blue Jays. He developed impeccable batting skills during his college days. He has won All-Star awards six times in a row from 2010 to 2015. He is a two-time MLB home run leader, won two Hank Aaron Awards, and three Silver Slugger Awards.

5. Brandon Crawford

Hottest baseball players 2019

Organization – San Francisco Giants

Brandon Crawford, or Brandon Michael Crawford, is an American baseball shortstop player known for his stunning looks and flawless game. Currently, he is associated with San Francisco Giants. He started his baseball career as a college student in University of California, Los Angeles. During his college days, he was twice awarded the team’s Most Valuable Player. He is also the sixth player in the history of MLB to hit a grand slam in his first game. He is a left-handed batsman and a right-handed thrower.

He was named the World Series Champion two times in 2012 and 2014. He also won the Golden Glove award in 2015 and 2016.

4. Trevor Plouffe

Hottest baseball players

Organization – Oakland Athletics

If his luscious personality doesn’t persuade you, there is a need to introspect your preferences. Trevor Patrick Plouffe is American baseball third basemen. He is currently associated with Oakland Athletics. He started his stint with Minnesota Twins in 2010. With the Twins, he played as a shortstop for almost seven years. Till now, he has scored 102 home runs and his batting average is .247. This may not sound good to the girls but Trevor is a married man. His wife, Olivia Pokorny, is a former Miss Long Island.

3. Eric Hosmer

Hottest baseball players

Organization – Kansas City Royals

Eric John Hosmer is a young talent who has achieved a lot in a short duration, including a diehard female fan following. Eric plays as the first baseman for Kansas City Royals. He is one of those players who hasn’t changed their first organization. Eric made his MLB debut with Kansas City Royals in 2011. His talent made him the third overall pick in the 2008 MLB draft. Not only this, he received $6 million signing bonus. Due to his charming persona, he is one of the favorites amongst girls. Currently, he is dating Kacie McDonnell, a sports anchor.

2. Matt Harvey

Hottest baseball players

Organization – New York Mets

Matthew Edward Harvey is a visual treat both on-field and off-field. Matt is a young American baseball pitcher for New York Mets in MLB. His nickname is quite fascinating, “The Dark Knight”. He did not play for a year due to Tommy John Surgery and later, made an impressive comeback. He is a right-handed batsman and a thrower. He won the National League Comeback Player of the Year in 2015. This 6 feet 4-inch tall athlete has appeared on sports magazines like Sports Illustrated and The Body Issue of ESPN The Magazine.

1. Alex Rodriguez

Hottest baseball players 2019

Organization – Formerly associated with the New York Yankees

Alex Emmanuel Rodriguez deserves to be in the top slot due to unique charm and splendid personality. Famously known as “A-Rod”, he is a Dominican-American baseball shortstop and third baseman. He made his debut with the Seattle Mariners in 1994. He has played with Texas Rangers and New York Yankees as well. With impressive stats, .297 batting average, 696 home runs, and 3000 hits, he is considered as one of the greatest baseball players. He is a 14-time All-Star, 10 times Silver Slugger Award winner, 4 times AL Hank Aaron Award winner, and the list goes on. For your information, Alex is currently dating Jennifer Lopez.

This was the ultimate list of the most famous baseball players right now. Apart from displaying ultimate game skills, these sportsmen have a magnetic charisma. This is the reason for being the hottest baseball players right now. These sportsmen are successful in their professional as well as personal life.


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