10 Hottest & Famous Comic Book Females Characters

The mention of comic books makes us all nostalgic about the hot female comic book characters. Almost all the comic book characters were and are hot. The female comic book characters are enhanced by big boobs and sensual poses. The female characters of the comic books have always been surrounded by controversies due to their sensual and erotic poses.

The female comic actresses had to be part of the hullabaloo due to their unrealistic appearance. The stereotypical and our orthodox society never treated these comic characters as equals. It has started after the advent of real-life film women super-heroines and super-villains that these female comic book characters are portrayed as heroic.

10. Mystique

Hottest Comic Book Females Characters 2019

At the mention of the name of Marvel’s Mystique, we all dredge of a curvy and exotic beauty with blue skin and yellow eyes. Mystique is a comic character who is a mutant and a hybrid with superhuman abilities while belonging to the class of humans. Mystique in this conventional and conformist place made her way by being the super-villain instead of being a super-heroine. Mystique is skilled with special powers like shape shifting and the skill to change her voice into that of another person. Mystique out of the ordinary has an exceptional ability to rearrange her cells, so even being over 100 years of age, Mystique can stay young forever. Mystique’s character is characterized to the seek advantage of her sexuality which makes Mystique a hot and sensual character. Jennifer Lawrence played the character of Mystique on the big screen in 2014’s X-Men Days of Future Past and in the sequel X-Men Apocalypse released in the year 2016.

9. The Scarlet Witch

Hottest Comic Book Females Characters

Another phenomenal and whizz female comic book hottie is The Scarlet Witch who is also known as the Wanda Maximoff. Wanda Maximoff first made her appearance in the comic book industry in the early 60’s. The Scarlet Witch is gifted with an exceptional ability to alter reality. The Scarlet Witch is also a mutant with possessing superhuman powers with being a human. The Scarlet Witch’s capability of altering the reality is so robust that she could create armies out of thin air. The Scarlet Witch is known to have made it to the 14th position in the list of Sexist Women in Comics in the Comic Buyer’s Guide. A very famous and beautiful actress; Elizabeth Olsen portrayed the character of The Scarlet Witch in 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron and in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War.

8. Starfire

Hottest Comic Book Females Characters

Starfire is another marvel who is known for her sensual and erotic beauty. Starfire is an alien with a lot of sex appeal. The outfit that is given to the Starfire, which is actually no outfit at all made her appear in the list. Starfire is very famous and grabbed a position among the 100 Sexiest women in comics list. Starfire is skilled with extraordinary powers. Starfire is specially equipped with the power to absorb ultraviolet radiations which in turn give her the asset to fly at reckless speed. Starfire is also proficient with superhuman strength.

7. Zatanna

Hottest Comic Book Females Characters

Zatanna is known as the offbeat of the comic book world. Zatanna is known for her sensual and ascetic attire. Zatanna emits sex appeal through her fishnet stockings and high boots. Zatnna bagged the fourth position of the 100 sexiest women in Comics list on the Comic’s Buyer’s Guide. Zatanna is portrayed as the one having a lot of romantic relationships. Zatanna also had a romantic relationship with Flash. Zatanna is a magician and is equipped with special powers like the power of magic. Zatanna is known for her beautiful curves.

6. Black Canary

Hottest Comic Book Females Characters

Black Canary is known as the most ancient female super-heroines. Black Canary made her first appearance in the comic book world in the year 1947. Black Canary bagged the 26th position in the 100 sexiest women in comics list on the Comics Buyer’s guide. Black Canary is known for her reckless strength and as one of the finest martial artists in the Comic book world. At first The Black Canary was deficient of any superpowers, but now she is fortified to create sonic vibrations which are known as the Canary Cry. These sonic vibrations destroy whatever comes in their path. The calculated mind skills and the dexterities, with which she fights, make Black Canary this sensual and hot. Black Canary got married to Green Arrow.

5. Red Sonja

Hottest Comic Book Females Characters 2019

Red Sonja is a marvelous and phenomenal beauty who is best known for her sex appeal. Red Sonja took possession of the first place in the 100 Sexiest women in comics list on the Comics Buyer’s guide. Red Sonja is a warrior and the skills with which she handles the sword make her really sensual. The armor that Red Sonja wears while fighting is a bikini and knee high boots. The armor worn by Red Sonja made her that famous in the beginning. Many producers are trying to take Red Sonja to the big screen and many famous and famed actresses have been consulted for the project.

4. The Black Widow

Hottest Comic Book Females Characters

The Black Widow is a phenomenal and a sensational comic book character. The Black Widow is also known as Natasha Romanov. The Black Widow is one of the greatest Russian spies. Black Widow at first was an antagonist to Ironman. She then left the United States and became a spy for SHIELD and a member of the Avengers. Black Widow is skilled with exceptional powers that provide her with the resistance to aging and diseases. The Black Widow is endowed with biotechnology. Her attire includes two bracelets, both of which deliver a widow’s bite; which is prepared to send out electrostatic bolts, tear gas and can transmit radio signals. Scarlett Johnansson played the role of the Black Widow on the big screen in the 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron and in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War.

3. Storm

Hottest Comic Book Females Characters

Storm is another prodigy and a wunderkind comic book character. Storm is a mutant and is skilled with the capability to change the weather and fly. Storm is known for creating the wind storms that are robust enough to carry her through the air. Storm holds a historic significance. Storm is the first black comic book character. The most unusual thing about her appearance is her white hair. Storm’s diverse look initially made publishers re-think over their decision as they thought that this look will make storm look old. But apparently her look gives her the hot and sensual appearance. Storm is known among the most powerful and robust mutants. Storm has been linked emotionally with both men and women. Storm is a woman that many men desire and Wolverine and Dracula are also a part of this list. Halle Balle portrayed Storm on the big screen.

2. Emma Frost

Hottest Comic Book Females Characters

Emma Frost is a very popular character in the comic book industry. Emma Frost is known for her sensual and phenomenal blonde looks. Emma Frost is a Mutant who is gifted with superhuman powers. Emma Frost is also known as The White Queen. She made her first appearance in the comic books in the early 80’s. Emma Frost was initially portrayed as a super-villain and an enemy of X-Men. After some time she became a super-hero and one of the main members of the X-Men clan. Emma Frost is equipped with power to sedate her victims telepathically. Emma is capable of changing her hair and skin into diamonds that make her indestructible. January Jones portrayed Emma Frost on the big screen in 2011’s X-Men: First Class.

1. The Wonder Woman

Hottest Comic Book Females Characters 2019

The Wonder Woman is another marvel from the comic books. Wonder Woman is known as the warrior woman and is best known for her warrior skills. Wonder woman is among the most ancient female comic book character. She made her first appearance in the early 40’s. The Wonder Woman is enriched with superpowers like super strength, stamina, speed, reflexes, agility, flight and the list go on. The wonder woman is equipped with the best combat skills and the best weapons. Wonder woman is a character that fights for justice, love and gender equality. Gal Gadot portrayed The Wonder Woman on the big screen in 2016’s Batman v Superman.

These super-heroines have broken the cliché and have proved that women can also be portrayed as super-heroes instead of sitting and waiting for super-heroes to came and save them. All the female comic book characters that have been listed above provide a perfect merge of beauty with brains. These super-heroines are not just sensual, but are also reckless and robust warriors.


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