Top 10 Hottest & Most Famous Pokemon in The World 2018

Pokemon are hot looking and strong game characters that people of any age group loves to play. Pokemon is basically a franchise that has large fan followings since its beginning, encompassing beyond video games as well as anime to make a new culture that spans over ages and nations. Also people that assert not to relish the Pokemon lifestyle can identify a Pikachu when it is available in front of them, exhibiting the extensive influence Pokemon has.

In game of Pokemon, two of the largest objectives are gathering as maximum different kinds of Pokemon as possible, and being a master of this game by beating the Elite Four in an energetic back-to-back battle. You might be a game lover and thrilled to know the hot and famous pokemon of 2018, for that go through below sections:

10. Hydreigon

Hottest Pokemon

Hydreigon is very well-rounded in matter of stats as its special attacks are impressive that made it to be famous. Its defensive stats are difficult; it lacks a fatal level of speed, but its look and other strengths create more than make up for its slowness. The high special attack that Hydreigon claims is sufficient for it to be present in the list of the famous Pokemon. Being a Dark-Dragon type, a lethal combination in contradiction of a diversity of different other Pokemon kinds, Hydreigon can be trained a diversity of moves that are lethal when combating against other Pokemon players.

9. Rapidash

Hottest Pokemon

Rapidash is basically a flaming horse, a type of horse you can ride, that even on fire. Apart from that, it has a unicorn-like horn, which is being supposed to make it more aerodynamic as it can run up at great pace of 150 miles per hour. This pokemon is an equine Pokemon possessing four slender legs as well as black colored hooves. Rapidash’s body is cream-colored, and it owns a horn located on its brow. This pokemon too has small red colored eyes and pointed ears that consist of red part insides. It is known that orange and red flames brook from neck, share of its back, and its fetlocks on the other hand, flames too form this Pokémon’s tail.

8. Gardevoir

Hottest Pokemon

Gardevoir possesses perfect Special Attack and pronounced Special Defense, as well as high pace. All of these make Psychic to be extremely effective against nearly every foe; henceforth its weakness contrary to psychical attacks can surely be ignored. Apart from that, in latest versions, Gardevoir is presently a Psychic-Fairy kind of Pokemon, which is a deadly grouping that positions it at number 8 on this list. Every hot Pokemon party requires an influential Psychic-type for taking down the Elite Four and it is definitely possible to take down a Leader without one, however get a Pokemon with great special attack that has educated the move Psychic.

7. Drifloon

Hottest Pokemon

Out of all Pokemon, Drifloon is a classic that lets you understand how illusory appearances can be. This creature seems like a messy balloon thing, with gristly little arms, however it’s essentially a creature that is out of your nastiest dreams. Drifloon plays in strings that are essentially a trap. Drifloon pokemon character has a spherical, purple colored body possessing two stringy arms that own heart-shaped, yellow, hands located on the ends of them. At the body’s base there is a worn overhang that looks like the knotted end of a balloon. In the center of its body, there is a yellow tape-like “X” being presented, which includes its tiny mouth in the center part.

6. Salamence

Hottest Pokemon

Basically a Dragon Pokemon is every time a recommended addition to the team of Pokemon, and among them Salamence is no exception. This pokemon is known to be a daunting Dragon/Flying-type creature that possesses unreal attack stats, and also an impressive speed. Salamence’s special attack is too impressive, permitting it to flatten across any kind of foe that encounters it. Salamence is an aggressive powerhouse, encompassed with high attack as well as special attack. This pokemon’s move pool is even no joke, comprising powerful attacks like Hydro Pump that can be operative against a diversity of related Pokemon. It is known that Salamence can repeatedly obtain the exceptional capability of Intimidate, which slices the foe’s Attack by around 50%.

5. Squirtle

Hottest Pokemon

Squirtle is presently one of the major debates in the pokeverse, known to be the original starters. This pokemon creature is known for its hot looks in sunglasses, and finest appearance as compared to its opponents. This was formerly regarded by Game Freak’s character development squad and later it was confirmed by Chaniah Pantry. This game creature’s name was altered from Zenigame to Squirtle throughout the English localization of the series for giving it an ingenious and expressive name. Since the time Squirtle has appeared in the Pokémon series, it has gained positive reception usually. Squirtle has been presented in numerous customs of merchandise, comprising plush toys, figurines, and the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

4. Garchomp

Hottest Pokemon

Garchomp is effective in a way that it possesses high speed and high attack in landing hits and creating the leading punch count. Being a Dragon-Ground type, Garchomp is ranked at fourth position on this list of hottest Pokemon. With help of its strength and speed, Garchomp is accomplished of taking down approximately any foe that tries to hinder its path. It is known that the options of move selection are too extensively varied, particularly in respect to combating any faintness it may have. For instance, it can acknowledge the move Fire Fang that can assist end a match in contradiction to a theoretically deadly Ice or Fairy type Pokemon.

3. Turtwig

Hottest Pokemon

Speciously the creators at The Pokemon Company certainly recognise their way about a turtle. They attain stuffs actually right with Squirtle pokemon, and enhanced on it after few years with Turtwig, which is considered as one of the starters from Pokemon Diamond as well as Pearl. Turtwig pokemon is a baby turtle holding a twig protruding out of its head, hence the name. When it develops, so does the twig, finally transforming into a huge tree located on the back side on a daunting turtle named as Torterra. Turtwig appears to be a green-ish creature possessing a tiny twig located on its head.

2. Charizard

Hottest Pokemon

Charizard is almost every people’s favourite starter Pokemon, known for its looks and powerful moves. It also possesses diverse variety of base stats that can land it steadily at second position on the list. Charizard is a Fire-Flying type creature, in spite of frequently being misguided for a Dragon kind Pokemon that has excellent Defense and great attack stats. Though it can be boisterous when being elevated, and irritatingly unsuccessful in contradiction of the start Gyms, it certainly verifies to be a speculation well-worth for the time as well as effort. Charizard can study scorching Fire type moves like Blast Burn and Overheat, as well as moves like Earthquake or Fire Punch, that can eradicate any impending Water type Pokemon extortions.

1. Dragonite

Hottest Pokemon

While possibly not as threatening in look as a Salamence or a Tyranitar, Dragonite is debatably the most looked-for, and the greatest powerful, non-Legendary Pokemon creature. It is considered into category of a Dragon-Flying type, well-rounded type Pokemon that can grasp a diversity of apparently irresistible attacks. Though a Dragonite owns speed stats lower than average, it’s high attack as well as special attack levels, apart from a well-above average HP that sums up for its slower speed. Dragonite is considered to be the one who can even be taught an enormous quantity of powerful moves, accomplished of destroying a foe, like Outrage, which can rapidly take down practically everything other than a Steel-type or a Pokemon holing high defensive stats.

In your life, at least once you should play pokemon games to amaze yourself about how better these characters are in the game. It has actually around two decades after the series debuted, and still there remains a question regarding which pokemon is the best, you can consider the listed ones for your understanding.


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