Top 10 Hottest Female Race Car Drivers 2018

When you talk about car racing, the image of the macho man comes to mind. You normally do not associate women with tasks such as driving. However, you have some fantastic women car racers as well. The women have made a grand entry into the car racing world.

Racing requires a great amount of skill and poise on the part of the driver. It requires a great amount of concentration as well. The women of today are adept at these skills. In addition, they are not afraid to live their life in the fast lane. Now, this calls for a deadly combination.

There are many female car race drivers in the world today. We shall look at ten such women car race drivers who can set the racing track on fire using both their skill and the sex appeal. One must concede that just one glance could make men swoon on the race track itself. Here is the list of the top 10 hottest female race car drivers in the world in 2018.

10. Natacha Gachnang

Hottest female race car drivers

At the No. 10 position, we have a Swiss beauty Natacha Gachnang. One must say that this girl has racing in her blood because she is a first cousin of the Formula One car racer, Sebastian Buemi. Not many people know that she is the first ever female driver to drive in a competitive Formula One car race. It is another matter that she finished in the 23rd position. However, the credit for breaking the glass ceiling and allowing women to enter the exalted Formula One bastion goes to her. She has won many F2 races and is among the very few women to have completed the legendary Le Mans.

9. Leilani Munter

Hottest female race car drivers

At No. 9, we have Leilani Munter, an American car racer who has participated in the NASCAR rallies. She drives in the ARCA Racing Series frequently. She has a degree in biology with specialty in ecology. She has a great interest in environmental issues. She has turned vegetarian long ago. Displaying great interest in participating in zero emission Viking rallies, she has been named as the No. 1 Eco Athlete in the world in 2010 ahead of Lance Armstrong. She drives an electric Tesla Model S that she charges with solar panels on the roof of her home.

8. Shannon McIntosh

Hottest female race car drivers

An American auto racing driver, Shannon McIntosh is No. 8 on this list. She regularly competes in the ARCA Racing Series for Cunningham Motorsports. Her exploits have also seen her racing in the US F2000 National Championships. She is one of few women in the world who began racing at a very age. In fact, it can surprise you that she drove her first car at the age of five. She has a commendable record in the ARCA Racing Series.

7. Maryeve Dufault

Hottest female race car drivers

We have a real beauty at the No. 7 position. Maryeve Dufault is a Canadian car racer who frequently takes part in the ARCA Racing series. In addition to her exploits on the racing track, she has walked the ramp as well. The first winner from Quebec, she won the Miss Hawaiian Tropic International in 2000. Her photograph has adorned many a page in various magazines. She participates in TV shows a lot. She uses this income from her modelling career to fund her passion for car racing.

6. Cyndie Allemann

Hottest female race car drivers

The Swiss girls have a great passion for racing. We have another girl from Switzerland, Cyndie Allemann at the 6th position in this list. A very close friend and associate of Natacha Gachnang, Cyndie has racing in her blood. Her father, Kurt Allemann is a former Swiss Go-karting winner. Her brother, Ken Allemann is an accomplished racer as well. Frequently participating in the Firestone Indy Light series, she has the credit of being the first female driver to compete in the Super GT series.

5. Ashley Force Hood

Hottest female race car drivers

The No.5 spot in this list goes to Ashley Force Hood, daughter of the legendary drag racer, John Force. She has a sister, Courtney Force who is a top notch racer in her own right. Ashley Force Hood has the reputation for being a funny car driver who has the knack of winning car races with amazing regularity. Racing down the race track with speeds in excess of 250 mph is child’s play for her.

4. Milka Duno

Hottest female race car drivers

The Venezuelan girls are famous for their natural beauty. They have proved this in ample measure while winning beauty pageants all over the world. We have one such Venezuelan beauty scorching the race tracks at No. 4. Milka Duno is not only a hottie on the race track but is one of the most erudite racers as well. She has four educational degrees to complement her prowess on the track. However, she does not have the same kind of credentials when it comes to racing. She has the ignominy of being the most experienced car racer without a top 10 finish. However, for her grace and the style, she deserves a place in the top 5.

3. Danica Patrick

Hottest female race car drivers

One of the most glamorous female racers of all time, Danica Patrick is a woman with multiple talents. She has the skill to scorch the racing tracks. She has the capacity to look extremely graceful in the bikini as well. This makes her one of the most beautiful racers. Starting with IndyCar she made the switch to the NASCAR admirably. Her terrific looks have fetched her scores of commercials. She is equally adept at doing the commercials as well as showing off her prowess on the racing track.

2. Susie Wolff

Hottest female race car drivers

Susie Wolff from Scotland is our No. 2 n the list. She is one of the few women racers having a predominant presence in the Formula One Car Racing. She has the credit of being a development driver with a Formula One team, the Williams Formula One. One of the rare women drivers to have excelled in all the categories such as Formula Renault, Formula 3, as well as the DTM Series, Susie Wolff has the looks to make other racers feel weak in their knees. She has racing in her blood with her father being an avid bike racer in his time.

1. Madalena Antas

Hottest female race car drivers

Finally, we come to the Queen of all women racers in the world. With dashing drop dead gorgeous looks, the Polish beauty Madalena Antas has the perfect figure among all the other women race drivers. She is an extremely skilled driver with navigating desert sand dunes being her specialty. Driving pickup trucks is a typical male bastion. The fact that a gorgeous woman driver like Madalena Antas has been able to break this barrier is proof that women have come a long way in this field as well. She is a good painter as well.

You have just seen the top 10 hottest female car race drivers in the world in 2018. Each of them has the skill and the grace to shine in multiple fields. The glamour quotient is what brings people to the race track. When you have an absolutely hot female car driver, at the wheel, the number of people coming to watch them race jumps up manifold. It is quite heartening to note that female car drivers have started entering this typical male dominated sport and making a mark as well. This is a great victory for gender equality.


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