Top 10 Hottest Female Sports Reporters 2018

Women sports reporters are seen on almost every sports channel. A woman reporter was not a rare event before, but women sports reporters were not customary. Sports journalism has been nominated from across the globe from the times of start of journalism.

Men were usually preferred before as sports reporters because they are usually associated with matters like these. This tradition has, however changed, giving an opening to many equipped and talented women. For more than a decade now women have been giving an equal competition to men in almost every profession and one such profession is the sports journalism. Below are the top 10 hottest female sports reporters of 2018.

10. Jade Mccarthy

Hottest Female Sports Reporters

Jade McCarthy was born on July 20, 1980. Jade was born in Newton, Massachusetts. Jade is an American sportscaster. Jade formerly worked as an anchor on ESPN’s SportsCenter and was also a former host of the show NESN Daily. Jade made her debut with Springfield, Massachusetts that was aired on WGGB-TV. After this show, Jade worked for many channels, like; WAFF, WCAU, NESN and was felicitated with many awards. Jade joined ESPN in the year 2012 as an anchor for SportsCenter. Jade became a part of the lay-off program that was carried on by ESPN in the month of April this year. Jade won a million hearts by her charming and marvelous personality.

9. Lindsay Czarniak

Hottest Female Sports Reporters

Lindsay Ann Czarniak was born on November 7, 1997 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA. Lindsay is an American sports anchor and reporter. Lindsay in the early years of her career worked with WRC TV, the station that is owned and operated in the Washington, DC. Lindsay joined ESPN in August 2011 as an anchor for Sports Center. Lindsay received her degree in online journalism from James Madison University. Lindsay even worked behind the camera for CNN. Lindsay married Craig Melvin. Lindsay made a lot of names in sports journalism because of her sizzling and stunning beauty and marvelous intellect.

8. Charissa Thompson

Hottest Female Sports Reporters

Charissa Jean Thompson was born on May 4, 1982. This smoking and sizzling hot beauty was born in Seattle, Washington, USA. Charissa made an appearance on baseball programs which included the 2007 MLB All-Star game red Carpet Parade and the Baseball Report. Both of these programs were featured on FSN. Charissa is the sideline reporter for the NFL that is airing on FOX. Charissa also covers shows like College football and college basketball games on Big Ten Network and Fox Sports Net. Charissa is also a part of College Football shows Friday Night Tailgate on Big Ten Network as well as BCS Breakdown and The BCS show on FSN. Charissabecame a part of ESPN in the year 2011. Charissa left ESPN in the year 2013 and returned to FOX Sports.

7. Sarah Spain

Hottest Female Sports Reporters

Sarah Spain was born on August 17, 1980 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Sarah completed her education from Cornell University. Sarah is an American Sports Reporter. Sarah gained fame due to her attractive and picturesque beauty. Sarah worked for many leading channels, like; Fox Sports Net, Mouthpiece, and was also a guest-host of WGN’s radio show. Sarah was also seen as a sideline reporter for the Big Ten Network and was also the host of the show Coors Light Fantasy Player Minute. Sarah joined ESPN 1000 in Chicago in the year 2010 and was hired as a writer of in October 2010. In January 2015, ESPN launched a new radio talk show that was anchored by Sarah and Prim and in the year 2016, ESPN launched a new show “Izzy and Spain”.

6. Marisol Gonzalez

Hottest Female Sports Reporters

Marisol Gonzalez Casas was born on March 12, 1983 in Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico. Marisol is a Mexican television personality, actress and a beauty pageant holder. Marisol participated in the Miss Universe 2003 pageant that was held in Panama City on June 3, 2003. Marisol is known for her exquisite and picturesque beauty. Marisol after competing for the title of Miss Universe Panama joined TelevisaDeportes as a sports reporter. Marisol made her debut as a television actress in the year 2005. Marisol also works as a model and an actress. Marisol proves to a perfect example of what an independent woman should be.

5. Laura Mckeeman

Hottest Female Sports Reporters

Laura Rutledge was born on October 2, 1988 in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA. Laura completed her education from the University of Florida. Laura is a reporter and a host for CNN International, ESPN and the SEC Network. Laura is a pageant holder who won the title of Miss Florida in the year 2012. Laura worked for Fox Sports as a sideline reporter and Laura previously covered many major events like Tampa Bay Ray games and is now covering the San Diego Padres games. Laura covered Fox College Sports on the field for the NCPA’s 2012 National Paintball Championship in Lakeland, Florida. Laura became a part of ESPN and the SEC Network in summer 2014. Laura has gained a lot of fame due to her eye-catching beauty and marvelous intellect.

4. Renee Paquette

Hottest Female Sports Reporters

Renee Jane Paquette was born on September 19, 1985 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Renee is now settled in Las Vegas, USA. Renee is an eminent actress and a sports broadcaster from Canada. Renee is presently working with WWE on the smack down brand. Renee Paquette is professionally known as Renee Young. Renee is an interviewer and commentator at the show Smack down. Renee was the former sportscaster The Score. She started working for the Score in the year 2009. Renee started hosting the World tour segments. In this show Renee provided details about the city where the cast was, highlighting different tourist attractions.

3. Sara Carbonero

Hottest Female Sports Reporters

Sara CarboneroArevalo was born on February 3, 1984 in Corral de Almaguer, Spain. Sara is a Spanish sports journalist. Sara became the presenter of Telecinco in the year 2000. Sara is known for her exquisite and picturesque beauty. Sara was named as the sexiest reporter in the world by FHM, USA in the year 2009. Sara entered as an intern at Radio Marca while she was in the 3rd year of her journalism Bachelors. Radio Marca hired Sara after six months. Sara has been in a relationship with Spanish footballer IkerCasillas since 2009 and the couple got married on March 20, 2016.

2. Michelle Beadle

Hottest Female Sports Reporters

Michelle Denise Beadle was born on October 23, 1975 in Italy. Michelle completed her education from the University of Texas at San Antonio. Michelle is considered to be among the most beautiful and gorgeous female reporters. Michelle is a sports reporter and a host at ESPN. Michelle is presently working as a co-host of SportsNation at ESPN2 and is a former host of Winners Bracket on ABC with Marcellus Wiley. Michelle has worked for many networks like; Yes network and College Sports Television.

1. Erin Andrews

Hottest Female Sports Reporters

Erin Jill Andrews was born on May 4, 1978 in Lewiston, Maine, USA. Erin completed her education from the University of Florida. Erin is famous across the globe for her marvelous looks and magnificent figure. Erin is an American sportscaster and television personality. Erin is the host for dancing with the stars for ABC and is a sideline reporter for Fox NFL. Erin was formerly a part of Good morning America on ABC network. Erin started with her career in the year 2000. Erin is an inspiration for many people.

The list above will give you an insight about the 10 hottest sports reporters. These ladies have succeeded tremendously in the men dominated profession. These women make us believe that dedication and hard-work can make you taste success in any profession. These women have been working day in and day out to achieve what they have achieved.


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