Top 10 Most Humorous Jokers In The World 2018

The profession of joker is tough and being a joker is actually not everyone’s cup of tea. Till date, there have had been several great jokes across different parts of the world who are recognised for their remarkable and highest class performance. It is extremely tough to mention which are the greatest successful humorous jokers; however one can definitely make a list of topmost 10 most funny jokers in the world.

Basically a joker is a fictional super villain made initially by Bob Kane, Bill Finger, and Jerry Robinson who initially performed in the debut subject of the comic book entitled Batman. You will be definitely interested in knowing details of the funniest jokers in the world in 2018 to keep yourself entertained, for that refer below sections:

10. Dennis Leary

Most Humorous Jokers

Leary was stared as an angry young man during his former stand-up comic control. Basically, this person is a funny comedian and lately he is serving in several television shows. Moreover, in the past Leary stayed as the star as well as co-creator of Rescue Me, which completed its seventh and concluding season in year 2011. Till date, he has been presented in several films comprising The Amazing Spider-Man, playing Captain George Stacy character in Webb’s film, Draft Day, etc. For several years, Leary had been associates with fellow humourist named as Bill Hicks, entertaining audience.

9. Frank Welker

Most Humorous Jokers

Welker’s Joker obviously has a campier and less threatening ambiance, because “Super Friends” has kids in form of the target audience. In spite of this, Welker still accomplishes to present a solid performance to audience of all age groups. Welker’s high, penetrating voice dints down into a rough, astonishingly frightening murmur when he is infuriated. Whereas, his voice is turned into laughter as compared to some joker in some funny instances. Basically, Welker is an American-based actor, who for majority of his career has practised as a voice actor, finest recognized for his character played as Jones from the Scooby-Doo franchise since year 1969. Moreover, Welker is too renowned as the vocal effects as well as the voice of Nibbler in Futurama.

8. Louis. C.K

Most Humorous Jokers

This is another humorous joker in the list who was respected by his spectators because of his morality as well as the frank attitude on stage. There are rare instances in which some people consider Louis as a bitter person. It is known that he hated children extremely and made many jokes on this subject. Yet, he was a great comedian, also renowned as an American actor, comedian, writer, director, producer and editor. He started his career initially by writing for many comedy shows depicted in era of 1990s and 2000s. Louis worked for comedians including Conan O’Brien, David Letterman, Dana Carvey and Chris Rock.

7. Jeff Bennett

Most Humorous Jokers

The jokes of Jeff Bennett is too presented on a children’s show, however what Bennett conveys to the table that Welker fails to present is a Joker who vigorously attempts to make Batman laugh. He is a person who continually attempts to seek the attention of most of the people nearby him, in form of negative or positive effects. This quality of attention-seeking interpretation grosses Bennett a high reputation in matter of entertainment. Moreover, Bennett is basically an American voice actor and singer and his voice roles comprise Johnny Bravo depicted in the television series of the identical name.

6. Kevin Michael Richardson

Most Humorous Jokers

Kevin is too a talented animated joker featured in a children oriented TV show, known to be downright terrifying by personality. Sequences concerning his applying laughing gas are often captured by stammered, strobe-like orders in which the fatality is rendered smiling irrepressibly and totally insane. Filled with bad jokes as well as maniacal laugh, jokes delivered by Kevin appear inhuman and contests like a wild animal. Moreover, Kevin is also an American actor and voice actor, who depicted many characters in numerous animated series as well as video games. This joker is too renowned for his very deep voice as well as it has been performing an extensive variety of roles since era of 1990s.

5. Robin Williams

Most Humorous Jokers

Shows depicting Robin were filled with energy all the time and he was skilled with the capability to bang the greatest funny jokes at the shoot of the moment. Therefore these specialities made him greatest extraordinary stand-up joker on the stage. However, afterwards he began acting in films as well as he rendered the stage for decent purpose. Robin is essentially renowned as an American stand-up comedian and actor, who started his career in form of a stand-up comedian performing in Los Angeles as well as San Francisco in the era of mid-1970s. Moreover, Robin is too credited with foremost San Francisco’s comedy revitalisation and he is versatile as he made career in stand-up comedy as well as in feature film acting.

4. Jared Leto

Most Humorous Jokers

Recognized as the newest joker on the list, Leto creates an excellent performance through enough of his own flair to position him as the greatest humorous joker. An entirely wildcard, as any decent joker must be, Leto accomplishes his finest to be impulsive and totally ruthless. His clarification, a kind of mob boss Joker, can be trifling at some instant as well as it can be killing at the next. He provides the delusion of being unbeatable, continuously enclosed by associates, and also returning back from his seeming death to discharge his queen named Harley Quinn.

3. Eddie Murphy

Most Humorous Jokers

In his past days, Eddie Murphy was the greatest endowed mimic as well as his on-stage performances comprise different impersonations of him. However just like many comedians, he even began working for acting in films. However he yet stayed as a most famous comedian, his old enthusiasts should remember his on-stage performance. Basically, this joker is famous as an American actor, comedian, writer, singer, and producer, who stayed as a cast member on Saturday Night Live from period 1980 to 1984. Moreover, Murphy has performed in form of a stand-up comedian as well as he was positioned at #10 on Comedy Central’s list.

2. Michael Emerson

Most Humorous Jokers

Emerson accepts the characters of strange composure revealed in Di Maggio’s Joker to an entire novel level. Renowned as a joker who established 20 years into the imminent with a past-his-prime Batman, he is entirely impassive. Just when Emerson laughs, he contains with emotion and also his laugh oozes with emotionless, cheerless cruelty. It is known that Emerson never even elevates his voice when he speaks, also his jokes finishes up deliberately breaking his own neck. Basically, Emerson is a joker who is no-nonsense and possesses one of the greatest disturbing and scary performances.

1. Mark Hamill

Most Humorous Jokers

Not just Hamill delivered voice as the joker in The Killing Joke as well as Batman: The Animated Series, he even featured in video games. Names of video games in which he was presented are Arkham City and Arkham Asylum. Recognised as a fan favourite, Hamill was capable to assault a flawless chord amongst the ostentation, flair, drama joker named Romero had and the dark humour joker named Heath Ledger’s was inclined to. Laugh of Hamill is an iconic one, because he has not just one but many laughs he applies on his performance, each subject to the character’s mood.

Recognised as one of the greatest iconic characters in prevalent culture, these jokers have been recorded among the supreme comic book villains as well as fictional characters till date. The popularity of character has perceived him to be presented on merchandise like clothing and collectable items, etc.


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