13 Best Kids Friendly Cat Breeds

Nothing compares to having a cat for a best friend while growing up. Cats and children make an ideal pair for fun, comfort and friendship. Many breeds of cats are very playful and energetic, the type that is perfect for little kids.

If you are living in an apartment or condo, it is beneficial to have cats rather than any other animals. There are certain qualities needed from a cat in order for them to pass the “friendly test”. Qualities such as:

• Enjoys being cuddled and petted.

• Tolerant towards sudden movement and loud noises.

• Must not claw or nip while being touched.

• Non- territorial.

• Adaptable.

• Friendly and sociable.

There are many species that fulfil all these qualities. We have covered most of them in the list of 13 best kids friendly cat breeds in 2019.

13. Abyssinian

Most Kids Friendly Cat Breeds 2019

This cat breed behaves similar to a dog. This cat behaves more like a dog, they are extroverted, intelligent and obedient cats. With a inbreed passion to explore and play, they are very friendly and energetic. Unlike most cats, Abyssinian love to play in water. They get along with children and other cats as well. Abyssinian cats require low maintenance as they have short-medium length fur, which means grooming needs to be done once a week.

12. Siamese

Most Kids Friendly Cat Breeds

These kitties are slim and exotic creatures that are very social and affectionate. At times they may seem nervous and sensitive, but once the introduction is made, it is nearly impossible to stop playing with them. They can even be trained to play fetch, as they are a creature of habit and routine.

11. The Ragdoll

Most Kids Friendly Cat Breeds

The most adorable cat are definitely Ragdolls, name most suited as they completely limp once you lift them in your arms. They are so sweet and loving, although they may seem like gigantic cat, they are very gentle. They have the habit of following you around once they form a bond with you. Even kids who are over-zealous and hyper active will be accepted without any negative manner. They hardly ever use their claws and teeth, making them suitable for little children as well.

10. Bombay

Most Kids Friendly Cat Breeds

A cat breed known for being mischievous and adaptable. They are very intelligent breed of cats. Bombay cats can be trained; they like being walked with a lash and will even play a game of fetch. They might not like being around noisy and boisterous kids, instead it is recommended if there is an interactive fun way to engage both the child and cat. They are both creative when it comes to inventing new ways to have fun and they are adaptable and social.

9. The Exotic Shorthair

Most Kids Friendly Cat Breeds

The Exotic Shorthair is similar to the short haired version of a Persian cat. They have a very adorable squishy face and round ears making them appear very docile and sweet. Often they are compared to a teddy bear and are very popular amongst children. These kitties are both playful and inquisitive at the same time they prefer being laid back.

8. Havana Brown

Most Kids Friendly Cat Breeds

With a beautiful, chocolate-colored coat and alluring green eyes, these exotic Havana Browns are intelligent, alert and affectionate cats with a slightly playful streak. This breed loves companionship and human interaction; Havana Browns love being very vocal and enjoy being a part of an active household. They gel well with cats and dogs, besides humans (of course).

7. The Cornish Rex

Most Kids Friendly Cat Breeds 2019

Cornish Rex is a delightful cat breed who doesn’t lose their child-like (kitten-like!) nature even after they grow up. They are very inquisitive and love to explore and play throughout their 9 lives. Best suited for children are like themselves and who love to be curious and have fun. These darling little cats have curly fur and small petite bodies, making them a delight to be around.

6. The British Shorthair

Most Kids Friendly Cat Breeds

Now this is a very unusual breed of cat as they can be comfortable in loud and noisy environment, but they themselves are quiet and prefer in door lifestyle. They are chilled, relaxed cats who are very social and friendly (especially the male cat). Often very reliable and patient, these cats are safe for very young children as they do not bite or scratch if handled roughly.

5. The American Shorthair

Most Kids Friendly Cat Breeds

The American Shorthair is the descendants from the great British Shorthair. Since they are more or less similar in looks and nature, they are very social creatures who get along well with young children and other cats and dogs. Although they may be leaner, more athletic and larger than there British counterpart, that does not mean they are any different in their temperaments. Since they have short hair, grooming is at the minimum.

4. Manx

Most Kids Friendly Cat Breeds

Manx are so much like dogs that they will have you questioning your mind. Very playful and protective of their family. They are social and devoted creatures who love children and adults alike. They possess a great sense of humour, which is a bonus point for gloomy days. You can even select a Manx on the basis of its tail length. Crazy huh? They come in varied lengths from long and thick to short and stubby tails. You can go out on walks with them and even train them to play fetch. They are extremely social and friendly animals.

3. Sphynx

Most Kids Friendly Cat Breeds

Sphynx are definitely one of the coolest cat on this list. Did you know that they were worshipped by the Egyptians? This unique breed does not have any fur, so that means no grooming required. They also come in different colours and shades. Since they are susceptible to direct sunlight- these cats need to stay indoors and stay away from direct sunlight. This is great for kids who need to stay indoors and need company at home after a long day at school. Known for their famous big pointy ears and warm affectionate and energetic nature, they are fun for children and adults. Moreover people are allergic to cats, have nothing to worry about as they do not have any fur. Adopt one and snuggle every night with your best friend for life.

2. Persian

Most Kids Friendly Cat Breeds

Definitely one the most popular breeds of cat- Persian felines are very calm and quiet, and equally exotic and beautiful. Persian cats have long hair and soft squishy features making them appear innocent and appealing. Though they are not very active, they do love attention and like to be cuddled and petted. Due to having long fur, they may need constant grooming and this will beneficial for parents who are trying to help their kids interact with the cat. This will teach children to be kind to animals and the joy of having a pet for a friend.

1. Birman

Most Kids Friendly Cat Breeds 2019

Of course the Birman breed makes it on the number spot, as they are known for being very loving- both on the receiving and giving end. They are better known for being smart and they can be easily trained. They are not shy in the least, so when a guest shows up, they will come to investigate and say hello. Birman are the best breed for children who are not very active (physically), and they prefer children who interact with them calmly. You can read to them and watch T.V with them. These cats love to be around the ones they love and will follow you around the house.

It’s very important to choose a breed according the needs and age of your children. Cats are temperamental creatures; like humans, they too can suffer from mood-swings. Before purchasing/adopting, make sure you completely research on the cat and its behaviour.

So go ahead and buy your child a gift of conditional love and lifetime of happiness.


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