Top 10 Largest Cat Breeds 2019

It is clean, playful, well mannered, and easy to train and above all keeps you company at all times in the house. That is the perfect pet to have around the house. While there are many options to consider when choosing a pet, the cat just falls in to any selection naturally though not proven, research suggests that the cat is more than just a normal pet, despite being the perfect companion for young kids around the house, it offers relief for kids with minute asthmatic attacks.

Over the years, different breeds of cats have been introduced for domestication and this provides with a great variety to choose from the breeds vary in character, skin appearance and size among other features. Here is a list of top 10 largest cat breeds in the world 2019. The list takes into consideration the body size of the cat alongside other features.

10. Chausie

Largest cat breeds 2019

This is a hybrid breed. It is a cross breed of a domestic cat and a jungle cat. A full-grown male can weigh an average of 9 – 15 lbs while the female ranges between 7 – 10 lbs. it is characterized by long legs, large ears and a deep chest giving it an athletic body. These features make the Chausies breed an energetic and active posture making it an ideal pet that keep your house active at all times. The breed comes in three common colors that include the black grizzled tabby, solid black and black ticked tabby. These however may vary depending on the parenting cats. The blood from the jungle and healthy home upbringing ensures the cat remains healthy and gives it ability to keep away from common infections.

9. Chartreux

Largest cat breeds

Of all the large cat breeds, Chartreux is the rarest in the whole world. It is considered the perfect pet with the most acclaimed temperaments. It is calm and always loves the company of the family. As such, it is a good companion of all times when in the house. One of its greatest attributes is slow growth that translates to a longer life. It is estimated that the Chartreux may take up to 5 years before it grows fully. Weighing approximately 7 – 10 lbs, the cats other features include a water repellent grey coat that gives it a broader body structure. This is alongside broad shoulders, deep chest and a masculine body. Its beautiful appearance is further enhanced by its copper-colored eyes.

8. Siberian Cat

Largest cat breeds

A native of Russia, the Siberian Cat is believed to have been a popular pet in the continent for over 1,000 years. This has led to the cat being regarded as the national cat of Russia. Having adapted to the cold climate of Russia, the cat is characterized by thick long fur that acts as a compliment to its size. A full-grown Siberian cat weighs between 11 – 16 lbs while the female weighs slightly less at 8 – 11 lbs. The cat has no definite skin color and may vary from a single color to a combination of colors depending on its family lineage.

7. Turkish Van

Largest cat breeds

An ancient breed from turkey, Turkish Van is also among the biggest cats’ breeds in the world today taking the seventh position. It is believed to have been domesticated for centuries and continues to be a popular breed in the country. A fully grown breed of the Turkish Van weighs up to 16 lbs. bred in the right environment, the cat acquires a strong broad figure but may take between three and five years to mature fully. It is one among the most active breeds and quite playful. The cat is a fast learner and known to enjoy playing in the waters alongside other games.

6. Norwegian Forest Cat

Largest cat breeds 2019

A native of north European countries, the Norwegian forest cast is among the biggest cat breeds in the world today. A full-grown male can weigh up to 16.5 lbs. the females however are much smaller weighing almost half the males. Alongside its big size, the Norwegian forest cat has a dense coat that seems to add onto its big size. Its coat comes in a variety of colors hence big options for pet loves to choose the most admired color. These include golden, silver, cream, black and brown among others as well a combination of the colors. Despite its big size it’s quite playful and will climb on trees, rooftops and other unimaginable places.

5. British Shorthair

Largest cat breeds

One of the known ancient breeds in the world, the British short hair is believed to have been imported from Egypt to Britain in the first century AD. It is one among the biggest cats on the globe weighing up to 17 lbs when fully grown. Other features of the cat include a well-muscled body, strong legs and broad shoulders. Deriving its name from its shorthair, it comes in a variety of colors including black, white, silver, golden, brown and cream among others.

4. Ragdoll

Largest cat breeds

A large, calm, friendly and compatible pet are the words used to describe the ragdoll. The cat is known to grow to a bog size and weight of up to 20 lbs for the males. Grown females can weigh a high of 15 lbs making them to be among the biggest female cat species. Acclaimed for its loyalty to the family, that ragdoll gets along well with family members and especially children alongside other pets in the house. The cat dons a silky skin that comes in four main color including blue, lilac, chocolate and seal. It also features sparkling blue eyes that add to its beauty.

3. Ragamuffin

Largest cat breeds

Bearing similar features to the ragdoll cat, ragamuffin is also a big domestic cat known in the world today. The cat is known to relate well with other pets in the home alongside other family members. This is a factor enhanced by its cool and calm nature. It keeps close contact with the family making a good companion as a pet and keeping the home lively at all times. The cat weighs up to 20 lbs when fully grown. They spot a dense and lung fur that contributes to its size hence making it one of the biggest cat pets on the globe. They come in a variety of colors and patterns.

2. Savannah

Largest cat breeds

Savannah is a cross breed of the African serval savannah cat and a domestic breed. It is among the tallest cat breeds ever domesticated and weighs up to 20 lbs. unlike most of other pet breeds, the savannah is confident and always alert. With an ever curios attitude, the cat is better known for its adventurous character. With its hyperactive behavior, the cat requires more attention that other pets to bond them with the family. The cat comes with a coat of different colors with the most popular being black spots on a golden coat.

1. Maine Coon

Largest cat breeds 2019

Taking the first position among the biggest domestic cats in the world is the Maine Coon. When fully matured, the cat weighs up to 25 lbs for the males and the females almost weighing half the males. Maine Coon is characterized by a large masculine body, broad chest, long tail and a big head. It comes in a stunning coat of brown tabby patterns though other colors are also found depending on its lineage.

Cats have been domesticated since ancient times. Acknowledged for their good temperament, they remain and will continue to be the most common pets in most households. They are easy to maintain and manage and adapts very well to every family settings. Having one from the list of top 10 largest cat breeds in the world in 2017 is a pricey acquisition that not only gives the family a pet but also ensures there is life in the house at all times.


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