Top 10 Largest Cats Breeds In The World 2019

We all love pets, some like dogs and others go for cats, fish, birds, and many other animals. We are actually talking about those persons who love cats and they can cuddle them up and possibly could do anything for them. However, this does not necessarily mean that cat lover have enough knowledge regarding other bigger breeds of the same species.

Here we are making an attempt to classify the top 10 largest cat breeds right now. It would be interesting to know about the details and then possibly the ones who are thinking of keeping a cat as a pet would certainly look forward to the top 10 largest cat breeds right now. Apart from that, it is certainly going to be interesting to know about the top 10 largest cat breeds currently present in this world. So now let us take a look at the interesting facts about cat breeding.

10. Chausie:

Largest Cats Breeds 2019

Chausie happens to be a hybrid cat which has the cross of domestic and jungle cats. A full grown Chausie weighs nearly 15 pounds. This types of cats are found in three different colors. It can eighter be solid black or a one with gray or brownish fur streaked with dark shades. Since they are hybrid cats, they remain unaffected from any kinds of diseases. Generally, Chausie stands out to be in the list of top 10 largest cat breeds right now. They have large ears with an agile body, sharp eyes and have a deep chest. They are generally very playful and at the same time, they are even backed by the hunting skill. A female cat weighs 7 to 10 pounds and a male cat weighs 9 to 15 pounds.

9. Ragamuffin:

Largest Cats Breeds

The Ragamuffin have a close connection with the Ragdoll and they are very homely and needs affection and pampering. These types of cats have ticked coat fur, however, they are not that long.These types of cats are available in varied colors and also stands out to be within the top 10 largest cat breeds right now. It is interesting to note that the kittens are born white and they change the color as they grow up. Having the traits of Ragdolls, they are also very playful and tags along with children very easily. Generally, this type of cats has a very good disposition. An average type of this breed of cat weighs nearly 11 to 17 pounds.

8. Siberian Cat:

Largest Cats Breeds

The cat hails from the cold Siberian climate and that is the reason they are born with thickly coated furs and they look lovely. The Russians have these cats as a national treasure. On an average, the cats generally weigh nearly 10 to 20 pounds and an average male cat weighs 11 to 16 pounds and an average female cat weighs 8 to 11 pounds. It is said that the Siberian cats have been existing in Russia for nearly 1000 years. They look exceedingly good with a whole lot of fur, which comes in various colors. Very much like other breeds, the Siberian cats grow very slowly and they need nearly 5 years to become a full grown cat. They also fall within the top 10 largest cat breeds right now.

7. Norwegian Forest Cat:

Largest Cats Breeds

The Norwegian Forest Cat has its origin in the Northern Europe and it is one of the largest cat breeds. They are of the domestic type. They love being with kids and family. An average male Norwegian Forest Cat weighs nearly 12 to 16 pounds and an average female cat weighs nearly 8 to 9 pounds. They have thick and double coated fur. One of the specialties of this cat is that they can jump and climb, though they are of average height. They possess a balanced body, wide paws, and muscled legs. This stated characteristic helps them to stand out of other breeds. They have a triangular head. The furs that they have is water resistant. The color of the fur varies. They might be red, cream, golden, black, blue, silver and brown.

6. British Shorthair:

Largest Cats Breeds

The British Shorthair was originally brought into Britain long back from Egypt in the 1st century AD. This is considered to be one of the ancient breeds of cats in the world. They look lovely and it stands out to be one of the largest breeds of cats and certainly comes in the top 10 largest cat breeds right now. The cats have a muscled body with short hair which goes along with the name of the cat. They also have a well-built chest, with strong legs and shoulder. An average male cat weighs nearly 9 to 17 pounds and an average female weighs nearly 7 to 12 pounds. They generally take 3 to 5 years to become a full grown cat. The color of the fur might be torbie, cream, brown, black, white, silver and blue.

5. Ragdolls:

Largest Cats Breeds 2019

Ragdolls are also one of the cuddliest of all the cat breeds and they are one who has the finest disposition of the cat and they love the company of humans. They snuggle close to you and loves being cuddled.They are extremely homely and you would love them being around. Generally, the weight of an average female cat is about 10 to 150 pounds and that of an average male cat is about 20 pounds. They have coats of fur, which is generally silky and the color of the fur ranges from dark brown, red, cream and also gray. They generally love to stay in the house.

4. Bengal Cat:

Largest Cats Breeds

The owner of this breed of cats can surely boast since the cats look like a wild leopard and the breeding is done in this way only. Standing among the top 10 largest cat breeds right now the cat looks wonderful and have a pleasant disposition. They are considered to be very homely and domestic type of cats. Often, though, it is considered to be the cousin of the leopards. They are very intelligent and playful and has the reputation of being a family pets section. The fur they possess are generally silky and have spots all over the body.

3. Turkish Van:

Largest Cats Breeds

Turkish Van is another ancient breed of cats which were mainly found in Turkey. An average male cat weighs about 16 pounds and an average female cat weighs nearly 12 to 14 pounds. The cat is very much agile and it takes nearly 3 to 5 years to be a full matured. They are made up of a chiseled body and wide shoulders.These types of cats are full of energy and love the company of kids. They love to play in the water.

2. Egyptian Mau:

Largest Cats Breeds

This is one of the top 10 largest cat breeds right now and is well known for having a slim body. The breed has their inheritance from the ancient Egypt and it is said that they had been even worshiped as an idol or God in ancient Egypt. The cat possesses the fur which has varied colors like gray, silver and bronze. They go along well with the kids and can run as fast as 48 km per hour. An average full grown Egyptian Mau weighs about 13 pounds.

1. Maine Coon:

Largest Cats Breeds 2019

This type of cat was first found in the USA, and it is well known for its excellent temperament. A full grown male can weigh up to nearly 24 pounds and an average female cat weighs nearly 11 pounds. It is extremely polite and loves the company of kids and other family members. They possess fur of various colors like silver, red, brown, black as well as white. These colors make it look even more charming.

It is great to have the overview of the top 10 largest cat breeds right now. It would certainly be of great help since it is informative and gives you a clear picture. One can easily go through this piece of art to gain enough amount of knowledge. The genuine cat lovers would definitely like to go through the list and the ones who are obsessed with cats might prepare to choose their next pet from the above-stated list.


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