Top 10 Largest Coffee Producing Countries in The World 2019

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks served in the world and it ranks third when we take account of the most consumed beverages in the world. Coffee is also one of the most traded items worldwide, which is not a big surprise considering how popular the beverage is. As a matter of fact, it is only oil that ranks better than coffee in regards to the amounts of trade being done on a day to day basis. The immense amount of sales is because of the fact that coffee beans are used not just to make coffee but is also used to provide caffeine in drinks, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc.

The cheaper version of coffee beans are called robusta which is comparably easy to grow and the more valuable one is called Arabian beans which are much more difficult to grow as compared to robusta beans and hence the difference in price and demand across the world.

In this article, we are taking a look at some of the biggest coffee producing countries in the world 2019. This list is based on the data from International Coffee Organisation which keeps a check on export and import of coffee beans to and from a country. Here is a list of all the nations that make an appearance in this list:


Top coffee producing countries 2019

Guatemala has produced upwards of 204,000,000 kilos of coffee beans in 2015/16. With a history of coffee production that extends for more than a couple centuries, they are one of the major coffee bean producers from Central America. With climatic conditions suitable for coffee bean production, they found a perfect replacement for the previous trades they had like Indigo. When the demand for other exports from Guatemala slowly started to fade, they found refuge in coffee which has never failed them.


Top coffee producing countries

With a production of 234,000,000 kilos of coffee beans in 2015/16 Mexico plays an important role in the global coffee industry. Mexico mainly cultivates arabica variety of coffee beans making Mexican Coffee one of the best in the world with demand worldwide. The rich aroma and unique blend make it one of the hugely regarded coffee varieties. Even though the coffee industry saw a decline in the last two decades, they have succeeded in pulling themselves together and making themselves a strong competitor in the global coffee production scenario.


Top coffee producing countries

Uganda may not be extremely popular for the production of coffee but they do play an important role in the worldwide coffee industry with a production of 285,300,000 kilos in 2015/16. What makes the coffee production in Uganda unique is the fact that they produce both robusta beans and also the arabica variety.

Since Uganda is not a country with many sources to support the economy of the nation, coffee production is the major reason for the somewhat stable economy Uganda has, like many other coffee producing African nations. Uganda was not always popular for coffee production nor have they been doing it for a very long while. They have been active in the industry for less than 4 decades but have been making tremendous growth in these years with support from the government.


Top coffee producing countries

Honduras is the next big nation that produces massive amounts coffee with a production of 345,000,000 kilos of coffee in 2015/16. Coffee production is the major backbone of Honduras economy, making it the nation that produces most coffee in Central America. Even though massive amounts of coffee is produced and exported from Honduras, they have not succeeded in making a brand name for their own coffee.

This affects them in an economical manner because branded coffee would sell at a higher price. This also means that Honduras coffee is not essentially known to be from Honduras and thus do not have a demand across the world. Most coffee exported from Honduras is used to mix with other coffee powders to give it a unique blend. Without coffee production, the chances of the economy of the country collapsing are very high and thus it is essential for themselves to make their coffee world renown!


Top coffee producing countries 2019

At number 6 position for the countries that produces and exports coffee comes India with a production of 349,980,000 kilos of coffee beans in 2015/16. Coffee is cultivated in India mostly in the south where farmers cultivate coffee beans along with other spices they grow which are known to give South Indian coffee its distinct and unique flavor with an equally amazing aroma.

Tata has a coffee bean range that has won several awards over the years for the amazing coffee that they produce and is slowly becoming world famous. Europe and Russia are the biggest importers of Indian Coffee and are known to import almost 80% of the coffee produced in India. This may sound confusing because the major and most favorite beverage among Indians is tea and not coffee!


Top coffee producing countries

With an export of 384,000,000 kilos in 2015, Ethiopia is currently the fifth biggest coffee producer in the world. More than 15 million Ethiopians work in plantations or other works related to the processing of coffee and thus it is one of the major contributors to the country’s economy.

Ethiopia is not a newcomer to the coffee production field. With a legacy of coffee cultivation of production that extends to many centuries, Ethiopia is probably one of the countries that started to use coffee beans for brewing coffee, unlike most countries which imported coffee in the beginning. The long legacy of coffee production also means that they are experts in the field and know what they’re doing.

There are various coffee beans like Harar, Limu, Sidamo, and Yirgacheffe which are found only in Ethiopia and thus have been trademarked by the Ethiopian government as well. The wide range of flavors that Ethiopia provides through the various types of beans are world famous and hugely sought after.


Top coffee producing countries

Indonesia may not be particularly famous for exporting coffee but make no mistake because in 2015/16 the amount of coffee exported by Indonesia was calculated to be more than 660,000,000 kilos! The Indonesian coffee cultivators mostly cultivate Robusta beans and therefore are not really popular for the quality of the coffee that they produce.

However, they produce coffee in massive amounts which are evident from the amount of coffee that they export. The climate of Indonesia makes it suitable for cultivation making it all the more easier for those who work behind it. Indonesia is popular for one unique variety of coffee that is not produced anywhere else in the world.

This variety of coffee is called Kopi Luwak. What makes this coffee special is the way that it is collected and processed. An animal called palm civet is known to eat the coffee berries and excrete them without digesting the beans. This excreta from the animal is collected, processed and then sold as Kopi Luwak beans. This may sound a bit awkward at first but the thing to realize is that it is very costly and is sold at more than $80 per cup!


Top coffee producing countries

Colombian coffee is an international favorite and has been exported to the biggest and furthest nations across the world due to the unique flavor and rich aroma these coffee beans provide. Colombia produced 810,000,000 kilos of coffee beans for export in the 2015/16 time period which on itself can prove the demand for Colombian coffee.

Predominantly Colombia used to be the second biggest coffee exporter in the world behind Brazil, however, the climatic changes in the last three, four decades have affected the coffee plantations in a huge way and has brought down the coffee production considerably as compared to before. That being said one should also realize that Colombia is still a very big player in the coffee export business and chances are they will continue to do so for a lot more time to come.


Top coffee producing countries

Vietnam comes in second after Brazil, with the coffee export of about 1,650,000,000 kilos in 2015/16 ( this shows how far ahead Brazil is from other countries ). Unlike Brazil, Vietnam was not into coffee production for much long. They have risen to this status of being a giant coffee exporter in a considerably short span of 3 – 4 decades. Besides coffee rice is also a good that is exported constantly by Vietnam. Vietnam coffee is also famous for its unique flavor and the Vietnam coffee is popular in most coffee drinking nations in the world.


Top coffee producing countries 2019

Brazil is the single nation responsible for most of the coffee exported across the world since they have been leaders of exporting coffee beans for more than a century now. Minas Gerais, Sao Paulo, and Parana are the most important places in Brazil for coffee plantation because of the climate in the area which is the most suitable.

The Brazilian coffee beans are especially famous for the unique flavor it provides and also the unique methods used by the farmers to process these beans which are not done in a similar fashion as to other countries. By the end of 2015/16, they had exported a whopping amount of 2,594,100,000 kilos of coffee beans across the world which is quite a staggering amount. Coffee bean production is also one of the most important sectors of occupation in Brazil.

Coffee beans are one of the most produced raw material for a beverage in the world and considering the popularity we can assume it will continue to be so for many more years to come. This also means that coffee production is one of those cultivations that will never go without business. Coffee is the backbone of many countries on the basis of the economy as mentioned above. Hopefully, we will see more number of countries prospering with coffee production and we will have great coffee blends in abundance!


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