Ten Largest & Heaviest Living Birds In The World 2019

Birds are considered as the best creation by the Almighty. Birds are present in all the varying sizes and colors. Looking at birds makes us, feel free and independent. The origin of the flight took place because the man was awe-struck by the flying capability of the birds and wanted to fly like them.

The nature has gifted us with marvelous and stunning small sized birds, but at the same time some really large and heavy birds are also present. These birds just like the small birds are quite beautiful and stunning. This list provides us with the heaviest and the largest birds of the world 2019.

10. Wandering Albatross

Largest Living Birds 2019

The wingspan of the Wandering Albatross ranges from 8.3 to 11 feet, which makes it the bird with the largest wingspan. The beautiful and amazing bird is found in the Northern and Southern parts of the Pacific Ocean. The wandering Albatross has in all 24 species of birds. The Wandering Albatross weighs around 12 kg that makes it the heaviest bird in the specie. The major feed for the bird is smaller fish and squids. The Wandering Albatross is known to drink a lot of saline water. The bird is not found on land that much. The bird is seen gliding most of the time on the surface of ocean.

9. Mute Swan

Largest Living Birds

The Mute Swan is a large bird found in water. This bird gains 5 feet of height. The weight of the bird ranges between 12 to 13 kg. The Mute Swan is very famous and prominent in the Eastern parts of Europe. The wing span of the Mute Swan is about 8 feet. The Mute Swan usually feeds on aquatic vegetation, insects and small organisms. Swans are known to be intelligent creaturesthat are a little aggressive in nature. The swans are known to lay 5 to 6 eggs during nesting.

8. Dalmatian Pelican

Largest Living Birds

The Dalmatian Pelican is known as one of the heaviest flying birds of the planet. The Dalmatian Pelican belongs to the Europe and South Asian parts of the globe. The Dalmatian Pelicans have a length of 6 feet and the weight of these birds ranges from 12 to 14 kg. The wingspan of the bird reaches up to 9 feet. There are many other species of the breed, but the Dalmatian Pelican are larger in size. The Dalmatian Pelicans feed on fish, catfish and other fishes and the average feed of the Dalmatian is around 2 kg of fish.

7. Andean Condor

Largest Living Birds

The Andean Condor belongs to the vulture family. The bird is found in the Andes and in the South American coasts of the world. The height of the Andean Condor is 1.2 meters and the bird weighs up to 15 kg. The wing span of the Andean Condor is estimated to be 10 feet. The large wingspan helps to make them fly easily. The Condors feeds on the dead bodies of animals. The lifespan of the Andean Condor vulture is around 75 years. The vultures sometimes feed on the nest of other birds for food.

6. Kori Bustard

Largest Living Birds 2019

The Kori Bustard is among the largest flying bird in the world. The Kori Bustard is found in African parts of the world. The male Kori bird is much heavier than the females. The weight of the bird is around 20 kg. The height of the bird is about 4 feet and the wingspan of the Kori Bustard is around 9 feet. The main feed for the Kori birds are insects. The birds are famous for drinking water by making use of sucking motion. The bird spends plenty of time on land in search of insects.

5. Greater Rhea

Largest Living Birds

The Greater Rhea is considered as the largest bird of South America. The length of the bird is around 4.1 to 4.5 feet and the bird weighs up to 27 kg. The bird is provided by large wings but these wings are useless as these birds are flightless. The large wings are used by the birds to balance their bodies while walking. The change of direction is also provided by the large wing span of the greater Rhea. The Greater Rhea is characterized by long legs that are used by the birds to defend themselves. The birds are known to lay more than 50 eggs in a single nest period.

4. Emperor Penguin

Largest Living Birds

The tallest and the heaviest birds in the family of penguins is the Emperor penguin. These species are only found in the Antarctica region. The height of the Emperor penguins is 45 inches and they weigh up to 45 kg. The Emperor penguins can travel up to 80 centimeters in search of food and are known to dive as much as 1500 feet. The main feed for the Penguins is small fish and squids. The newborn babies of this species are taken care by the male emperor penguins. The female penguins are characterized by carrying swallowed food in their stomach for the newly hatched babies.

3. Emu

Largest Living Birds

The largest bird of Australia is Emu. The height of the bird is about 6 feet and the weight of the bird is up to 60 kg. These birds are found in the forests ranges of Australia, Savannas and woodlands. The main feed of the birds is plants, seeds and other small insects. The peculiar characteristic of the Emu is that these birds swallow pebbles to grill the food they eat. The birds are known to form pairs in the summer season and breed in the winter. The legs of the bird are really long and they help them to run very fast up to 50 km/hr.

2. Southern Cassowary

Largest Living Birds

The second largest bird in the world is the Southern Cassowary. The bird is found in the tropical rain forests of Indonesia and Australia. The bird has a height about 5.1 feet and weighs about 75 to 80 kg. The Southern Cassowary is a dark and a flightless bird with amazing features. The bird feeds usually on small insects and fungus. The bird lays 8 to 10 eggs during the summer season and the eggs are then incubated by the male birds for about 50 days.

1. Ostrich

Largest Living Birds 2019

The largest bird in the entire world is Ostrich. The weight of the ostrich is about 150 kg and the height of the bird is estimated to be 6 feet. The bird also has the fastest speed on land. These birds can run up to 70 km/hr. The Ostrich is found in parts of Africa. The Ostrich is a flightless bird and has a long wing span. The long legs and this long wing span help the bird to maintain proper balance while walking. Ostrich is usually found in the groups of 10 to 50.

These birds are the largest and the heaviest living birds on earth today. These birds with being this huge in size are also really beautiful and stunning. The birds have some amazing characteristics that make them so special. The way these birds take care of their eggs and the way these birds arrange food for them is simply amazing. The birds are found in many national parks and zoos, but the best place to find these birds is in their natural habitat, their home.


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