Top 10 Largest Retail Companies in World 2019

Out of all the companies, American and European based companies rule the ranks of the world’s major publicly traded retailers. Many of them are global companies having vast distribution networks as well as thousands of retail locations spanning all over the world.

The retail companies today are in competition based on sales figures stated in financial statements for the recent fiscal year end. Presently in the world, the retail industry is one of the largest and perhaps the most profitable industries.

Compared to other sectors, this sector has grown the most and has perceived a revolution in recent times. Ranging from local corner shops in early 1900s which controlled the sales at that time to the recent e-commerce websites that equally dominate the user’s web browser history, retail industry has now perceived a long way in the century. Retail products are continuously dominating the world and you can avail the names of prestigious largest retail companies 2019 from below sections.

10. Target Corporation:

Largest retail companies 2019

This retail company was founded in year 1902 in US and has high revenue of $71.9 billion. Known to be the second largest discount retailer in US, Target Corporation is positioned 36th in the Fortune 500 list of top companies. It runs in more than 1700 locations all over US and 127 sites in Canada. It trades a host of varied merchandise as well as food products. The company claims to sell high-quality merchandise at a lower cost and thus entice younger demographics and is by now has become famous brand among consumers. It sells a diversity of household products typically FMCGs (i.e. Fast Moving Consumer Goods) and even an extensive range of appliances, jewellery, apparel and accessories.

9. Carrefour SA:

Largest retail companies

Carrefour SA is a multi-local, multi-channel, and multi-format retail firm that has business spanned in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Latin America. This is a French company that possesses one of the biggest hypermarket chains in the globe and it is the third biggest retail group in the world in matter of profit.

The company runs supermarkets, hypermarkets, e-commerce websites, cash and carry stores, convenience stores and hyper-cash stores as well. With support of their e-commerce platforms named and they present food and non-food based products. This company even has functions in insurance activities, leasing of shopping malls, travel agency facilities and franchise acts. The company was set up in 1960s by the Fournier, Badin and Defforey families who operate a discount supermarket running in Annecy.

Afterwards in year 1969, Carrefour founded a new store concept, currently known as the hypermarket. The first Carrefour hypermarket was started in Sainte-Geneviève-des-bois, which possessed a floor area of 2,500 sq. m and owns up to 400 parking spaces. Lately the company runs 12296 stores below its group name with more than 380000 employee capacity worldwide that facilitate more than 100 million customer households.

8. The Home Depot, Inc:

Largest retail companies

The Home Depot, Inc. is one of the world’s biggest home-improvement retailers. The company runs 2,273 stores in overall, containing 1,977 in U.S. and its regions, and the rest are located in Canada and Mexico. The Home Depot Company provides a variety of proprietary and high-class brands in its stores, containing Glacier Bay home fixtures, Hampton Bay home products, Husky tools, and Vigoro lawn care products etc. Presently, The Home Depot owns a market capitalisation of more than $170 billion.

7. Metro AG:

Largest retail companies

Metro AG was founded in year 1964 with its origin in Germany and owns high revenue of $85.8 billion. It is characterised as one of the most globalised retailer all over the world and possesses the largest market share in the area of home market. It operates in 5 Asian countries, 25 European countries, and in 1 country in Africa. Addressing from Dusseldorf, Germany, it owns 137 department stores, 384 hypermarkets, and 948 consumer electronics stores globally.

It has also its share in real estate (Metro Properties), Information Technology (Metro Systems), logistics (Metro Logistics), and advertising services. Remaining Metro Group retail works include the consumer electronics retailers Media Markt and Saturn, the supermarket chain Real, and the department store chain Galeria Kaufhof.

6. Aldi Einkauf GmbH & Co. oHG:

Largest retail companies

This retail company has its origin in Germany, was founded in year 1946 and has revenue of $73 billion. It is basically a discount supermarket store chain which runs globally in 18 countries with more than 9,000 stores running under its name and is one of the world’s largest privately owned firms. It was basically started by two brothers, Karl and Theo Albrecht, which now made a household name in Germany. Initially, the organisation was started as a minor grocery shop by the mother of two brothers and currently sells food, kitchenware, liquor, electrical products etc. on 3 different continents. Its popularity is perceivable in Germany, but it even operates some mobile networks in Europe.

5. Kroger’s Corporation:

Largest retail companies 2019

The history of Kroger’s Corporation traces back to year 1883, when Barney Kroger capitalised $372 in a grocery store at 66 Pearl Street, located in Cincinnati. Since then the company has developed into a giant supermarket occupation that has a diverse formats targeted to satisfy the dynamic needs of shopper and establishing a wonderful shopping experience for them. It is known as the leaders of the retail industry with over 2,700 stores in 35 different states and yearly sales of over $109.8 billion.

This is a retail company that employs more than 400000 employees and even has 326 fine jewellery stores, 37 food processing plants, and 782 convenience stores. The category of convenience stores supports in the growth supermarket fuel centers whereas its jewellery stores are a high-margin commercial with noticeable cash flow. The company even owns approximately 2,231 pharmacies which supplies high quality services at daily low prices.

4. Tesco PLC:

Largest retail companies

Tesco PLC is a worldwide grocery retailer with its headquarters located in the U.K. For financial year 2015, the company recorded revenue of £62.3 billion without value-added tax (VAT), equivalent to about $101.3 billion at regular exchange rates for that reporting period. This signifies 2% decay in revenue in comparison to the past years, positioning Tesco as one of the top companies in the list. Tesco PLC currently runs 6,814 stores different 11 countries. Apart from managing grocery stores the U.K. and Europe, Tesco runs major operations in Malaysia, Thailand, India and China. This retail company owns a high market capitalization of $19.9 billion.

3. Costco Wholesale Corporation:

Largest retail companies

This is US based retail company that was founded in year 1976 and currently has high revenue in the market. It belongs to a kind membership-only warehouse club, however only a limited number of locations yet accomplishes to be the second largest retailer in US. Apart from US, the company spans its presence in 8 other countries. Costco targets to sell its retail products in loose quantity at a relatively low price and also owns a travel business, gas stations and pharmacies.

2. CVS Caremark:

Largest retail companies

CVS Health Corporation is recognised as a Rhode Island based Fortune 500 Company, known as one of the largest integrated pharmacy healthcare providers in US. It was formally named as CVS Caremark Corporation and later in year 1996 the company collaborated up with Medpartner of Alabama and then became Caremark Rx. Procurements and consolidation actually supported the company to grow to this heights. In year 1963, the leading CVS store which sold beauty and health products was initially started in Lowell, Massachusetts by Sidney Goldstein and Stanley as well as their business partner named Ralph Hoagland.

1. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc:

Largest retail companies 2019

Wal-Mart Stores, the world’s biggest brick-and-mortar retailer by a considerable margin, hence placed at top position in the list. The company runs 11,453 store locations in 27 different countries. Around $228 billion of its year 2015 revenue, which is around 60% of the total, is credited to processes in the United States. Maximum of the company’s store locations globally runs under the Walmart brand. Though, the company even runs many retail chains. These retail chains incorporates Sam’s Club membership warehouse stores, Bodega Aurrera stores in Mexico, ASDA stores in the UK, and Seiyu stores in Japan.

Today, Retail stores have spanned across the world at a great pace facilitating access to customers for goods they need for their daily needs such as food, drinks, clothing, goods, fuels, pharmacy product etc. Initially being a new concept, now it has gradually gained acceptance as this industry currently holds some very big global brands to reckon with.


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