Top 10 Largest Tornadoes of All Time

Tornados are the best examples of Mother Nature’s wrath. When Mother Nature strikes, everything fails, and no amount of technology can save you. We are all at Mother Nature’s mercy. The U.S is the home to some of the most deadly tornados in the world. But tornados are known to occur throughout the world. Another country historically vulnerable to cyclones is Bangladesh. Tornados can now be predicted which was never possible before in history.

One of the most extreme cyclones in recorded history was the Tri-State Tornado that occurred in parts of Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana in 1925. The bursting out of nature is usually not predictable and can be deadly. No country has been spared from nature’s wrath. Tornados have been seen as a sign of nature’s wrath by most communities around the world. It is an indication that humans are abusing nature. Regional topography and location make a place more vulnerable to tornados than others. Below are some of the biggest tornados that have been recorded on earth by man.

1. The Daulatpur-Saturia Tornado in the year 1989

Largest Tornadoes Ever 2019

Daulatpur-Saturia Tornado was one of the most deadly tornados the world has ever seen. It occurred on April 26, 1989, in certain parts of Bangladesh. Bangladesh was already affected by a drought during this time, and another natural disaster just made things worst. The size of the tornado according to sources was around 1 mile wide. In within minutes, the horrific tornados claimed the lives of around 1,300 people. According to international statistics, 12,000 people were injured by the tornado. Towns were completely destroyed, and around 80,000 people were left homeless. Livestock died, and vegetation was also affected. The Bangladesh drought which extended for six months caused atmospheric conditions that led to the formation of this tornado. Many experts have debated since its occurrence.

2. Madarganj to Mirzapur, Bangladesh on the May 13, 1996

Largest Tornadoes Ever

On May 13, 1996, one of the worst tornados hit Bangladesh and killed thousands of people. Around 700 people perished in Bangladesh, and 30,000 homes were totally destroyed. The victims of this tornado were blown long distances of around 0.9 miles. Many people were found hanging in trees. Victims of this tornado came out with fatal injuries. Districts affected by this tornado were Madarganj, Gopalpur, Kallhati, Basail, Shakipur, and Mirzapur.

3. Tri-State Tornado, in 1925

Largest Tornadoes Ever

The Tri-State tornado affected three states in the U.S. Missouri, Indiana, and Illinois were all affected by the tornado. It was the biggest tornado in the US history. The towns Gorham, Murphysboro, and DeSoto, were completely destroyed in Illinois by the tornado along with the towns Griffen, Owensville, and Princeton in Indiana. The state media decided to deceive people and not report about the tornados to avoid panic. The strategy failed and caused wide scale destruction and loss of human life. The continuous 219-mile track it left made it the longest tornado in the world. The storm lasted for over three-and-a-half hours. Around 695 people were dead in Missouri and Indiana. 750 people were killed in the tornado in the three states.

4. The Manikganj, Singair and Nawabganj Tornado in 1973

Largest Tornadoes Ever

Bangladesh is one of the most tornado-affected places in the world. In the year 1973 major areas of Manikganj, Singair and Nawabganj in Bangladesh were destroyed by it. A large village called Balurchar was completely wiped out along with parts of nine other towns. 681 people lost their lives to the tornado. The Manikganj, Singair and Nawabganj Tornado is often considered to be one of the biggest cyclones in the world.

5. The East Pakistan Tornado in the year 1969

Largest Tornadoes Ever

In 1969 Bangladesh was known as East Pakistan. The tornado that hit Bangladesh on April 14, 1969, killed around 883 people and injured 4,000 people. The tornado struck Dhaka where most people lived and Homna Upazila which was also a well-populated at that time. The tornado cost Bangladesh millions. Houses were destroyed, livestock killed, and crops destroyed because of the tornado.

6. The Valletta Tornado in 1951/1956

Largest Tornadoes Ever

The Valletta Tornado occurred in 1951/1956. It was the deadliest cyclone to hit in the Grand Harbour of Malta. Approximately around 600 people died, and it destroyed an entire armada of ships which were parked at the dock ready to sail. The tornado had started as a waterspout before it became a tornado when it reached land.

7. The Sicily Tornado in 1851

Largest Tornadoes Ever

Like the Comoro Tornado in 1951, the Sicily Tornado too began as a waterspout and became a full-blown tornado when it reached the land. It is estimated that the tornado killed 500 people. In the eighteen hundred’s, technology was not so advanced to alert people about the tornado which led to the high death rates. Many theories can be found about the tornado. Experts believed that two waterspouts merged as they reached onshore and became two powerful tornados.

8. The Narail-Magura Tornado in the year 1964

Largest Tornadoes Ever

The Narail and Magura tornado in Bangladesh in the year 1964 send the world grieving. About 500 people died or went missing when it hit the cities of Narail and Magura in Bangladesh. Seven villages were affected by the tornado. According to the reports around four hundred people from the village of Bhabanipur were never found. They were later presumed dead by local authorities. Other details about the tornados were not found except that it was one of the biggest tornados the world has ever seen.

9. The Comoro Tornado in the year 1951

Largest Tornadoes Ever

Comoros of the eastern coast of Africa experienced a deadly tornado in the year 1951. The tornado first started as a waterspout and gained strength and intensity as it reached the ground. Around 500 people died when the tornado struck the ground. Data about the tornado is not known because at that time the country was under foreign rule. Getting the exact data about this event is very difficult. But, in the known history The Comoro Tornado is the biggest tornado experienced in Africa.

10. The Belyansky, Ivanovo and Baleno Tornado in the year 1984

Largest Tornadoes Ever 2019

The outbreak of the Belyansky, Ivanovo and Baleno Tornado happened during the Soviet era in Russia. Much is not known about the tornado because it occurred during the Communist era of Russia. The country was very closed at this time. It is estimated that around 500 to 700 people died in the tornado. The tornado covered around 400,000 square kilometers. Many concrete reinforced structures were completely destroyed, and 1180 homes were destroyed. Russia has been experiencing tornados on its western coast throughout history. But, this tornado was considered one of the biggest natural disasters to hit Russia.

Tornados cannot be prevented, what can be done is to take preventing measures to save lives, and a good disaster management team can be resourceful. Disaster preparedness can help in saving lives. Lessons should be learned from the large tornados that hit the coast around the world. Data about climatic conditions should be collected on a daily basis to register any anomaly in the atmospheric conditions and successfully predict future hurricanes. There is an old saying that,” prevention is better than cure.” This saying is especially effective when dealing with natural disasters like tornados and earthquakes.


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