Top 10 Longest Flights In The World 2019

Traveling via air route is the best option in regards to saving time to cover journey of few hundred miles that might take a few days otherwise. Air services or airlines at large put in their best endeavor to provide best in class services to make journey thoroughly memorable.

While majority of the flights cover shorter distances, many international flights fly for 15 plus hours to reach their designated destination. Understandably, these journeys can prove to be a claustrophobic experience for many but leading airlines are of the opinion that these long flights covering the farthest distance are part of the growing demand of the industry. So let’s take a look at the 10 longest flights in the world in 2019 which currently operate through various airlines. Make sure you have a frequent flier’s mileage!

10. Dubai (UAE) to Houston (USA)

Longest Flights 2019

In operation since 2007, the flight en route to Houston takes nearly 16 hours and 45 minutes to cover the said journey. Middle East’s second largest airline Qatar Airways facilitates the flight on Boeing 777- 300 ER aircraft which covers the distance of 8,168 miles.

9. Doha (Qatar) to Los Angeles (USA)

Longest Flights

Though the distance covered by the flight operational since Jan 1, 2016 is 8,306 miles, it still manages to cover the distance in 16 hours and 15 minutes. The Los Angeles bound flight is operated using Boeing 777-200 LR/F and is one of the few long distance airlines with only two cabins on offer; Business and economy.

8. Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) to Los Angeles (USA)

Longest Flights

The flight which was ranked fourth in the list of longest flights in the world has now slipped four spots further below. Its maiden service was offered in the year 2014 and since then it has been covering 8,332 miles in 16 hours and 40 minutes. It must be noted that the flight operating in Boeing 777-ER travels 7 miles less than the Dubai- Los Angeles carrier.

7. Dubai (UAE) to Los Angeles (USA)

Longest Flights

Available daily courtesy two operational flights that include Boeing 777-300ER and Airbus A380-800. Flight duration estimates around 16 hours and 15 minutes for covering 8,339 miles. More than the distance covered, it is the boarding capacity of 489 passengers which makes is delightfully preferred flight by many fliers. While the first class private suite can have 14 passengers onboard the A380, its business and economy class can accommodate 76 fliers in lie-flat beds and 399 in its spacious economy class respectively.

6. Abu Dhabi (UAE) to Los Angeles (USA)

Longest Flights

Etihad’s Boeing 777-200LR/F began its journey to the Los Angeles on June 4, 2014 thereby making the city fourth in the list of Etihad’s flight that serves the US. Middle East’s second largest airline takes 16 hours and 45 minutes of time to cover the 13,502 km or 8,390 miles of distance. The following journey gives the fliers the option to travel in first, business and economy classes.

5. Johannesburg (South Africa) to Atlanta

Longest Flights 2019

Delta Airlines has been alleviating the travelers from South Africa to Atlanta and vice versa with their Boeing 777-200LR which makes the journey of 8,439 miles possible in 16 hours 55 minutes to make it to the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport. Post cabin modifications, the Boeing 777-200LR in the Delta Airlines are now equipped with Panasonic eX2 system.

4. San Francisco (USA) to Singapore

Longest Flights

Singapore Airlines have made it possible to venture toward San Francisco from the Singapore Changi Airport in 17 hours 15 minutes onboard A350-900. The South Asian airliner has been encompassing the 8,446 mile journey since Oct 23, 2016 in business, premier economy and economy class.

Additionally, another flight in the same air route and destination is being operated by United since June 1, 2016. The flight, a tad more than Singaporean Airlines takes 17 hours and 25 minutes for the same distance.

3. Dallas (USA) to Sydney (Australia)

Longest Flights

Qantas, leading and oldest airline of Australia covers 8,578 miles from Dallas to Sydney which happened to be the longest flights in the world for quite some time. Qantas is currently flying on Airbus A380 instead of Boeing 747. Not only does the new carrier make this journey non-stop due to the fact that it does not make a stop-over in Brisbane, it also carries 484 passengers across four cabins.

2. Auckland (New Zealand) to Dubai (UAE)

Longest Flights

Starting its journey from the land that was the last settlement in the world to Dubai, the newest land of opportunities, the B777-200 LR encompasses 8,824 miles of journey from Kiwi city of Auckland to Dubai in 17 hours 25 minutes. Not only is the journey second longest at 14200 kilometers, it is also considered to be a luxurious flight worth boarding despite all the jetlag involved! Flown by Emirates, the numero uno airlines of the Middle East, it absolutely pampers its passengers on the Airbus 330-800 that has high rated service in business, economy and first class cabin.

1. Auckland (New Zealand) to Doha (Qatar)

Longest Flights 2019

Another flight taking off from Auckland, it happens to be the longest flight in the world right now having started its service as recently as Feb 6, 2017. Flight number QR921 ventures the 17 hours and 30 minutes long journey in Boeing 777-200LR/F. The whole length of the journey is around 9,032 miles or 14,536 kilometers! While it is seen as very convenient and highly recommended flight for its luxurious treatment, the only flip side is the fact that there’s no business class offered. However fliers have hardly anything to sound off since the business and economy class offers excellent in-flight service.

We would hardly be wrong to guess that the very mention of these flights might have given jitters to a few of you. Well, no worries. For there are some ways to help you channelize or tone down the jetlag. Touchwood; the delay too if any! So here’s what you need to do. First, de-stress yourself at least a day prior to the flight; that could either be an intense work out to ease your muscles to withstand the jetlag or light breakfast to start the day. Next comes the new generation savior in the form of noise cancellation headphones that can be a handful to counter all the whizzing and buzzing in all the 12 hour plus flights. Not to mention, the snoring of your co-passenger! And lastly, double check on a comfortable eye mask. More so if your flight is schedule to take off in the day. And by eye mask, we mean the best one which lets you sleep without twitching your eyes!!!


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