Top 10 Longest Running TV Game Shows In The World Ever

Top 10 Longest Running TV Game Shows of All Time Television is undoubtedly the most diverse source of entertainment that always scores high over motion pictures with the various genres of shows that air round the clock. While infotainment, drama, sitcoms provide ample entertainment; it is actually game shows on TV that have proved their mettle in terms of engaging audiences consistently over a longer period of time.

Despite lot of series on the tube boasting success with the continuation of “seasons”, they are yet to take an unassailable lead against TV game shows that have proven success and popularity for decades. TV game shows allow the audience to get involved to those nail-biting make or break moments as well as moments of triumph. Another smart trick applied by these TV game shows is guest appearance of famed celebrities, lucid format and a perfect blend of knowledge with humor. Here’s the list of top 10 longest running TV game shows dating back right from the 50’s to the current century.

10. To tell the truth

Longest Running TV Game Shows Ever

The game show that started in the 1950’s holds the unique record of being one of the two shows in the US that has aired a minimum of one new episode in at least seven decades on the trot. In this show created by Bob Stewart, a quartet of celebrity panelists is invited to identify the central character that is vowed to tell the truth. The fun lied on the fact that two of the accompanying impostors could lie and the challenger would win based on the number of wrong guesses. The game show enjoys popularity even today as the show’s latest season is on air since 2016 with Anthony Anderson as its presenter.

9. Let’s make a deal

Longest Running TV Game Shows Ever

Hosted by Monty Hall for more than two decades, Let’s make a deal is one of the longest running TV game shows largely due to the fact that it was audience oriented right from the word go. Audience members selected by the host get the chance to strike a deal as trader for items that could either be valuable or “zonk” compared to the deal given earlier on. The show also saw the surge of audience members dressing in the most outlandish manner to get noticed by the host, a tradition that continues even now. Such is the success of the format that it has had international versions in countries like Turkey, Australia, India, Brazil and Israel.

8. Concentration

Longest Running TV Game Shows Ever

A game show with watertight format that lasted for over 15 seasons and 4000 episodes, Concentration challenged the participants to solve rebus puzzles that composed of matching pair of cards which revealed the puzzle elements once removed. However this game show stirred large scale implications of being rigged back in the 1950’s itself. Nevertheless, the brainchild of Jack Barry sustained itself till its final edition of 1991 known as Classic Concentration.

7. Hollywood Squares

Longest Running TV Game Shows Ever

The game show that let the regular people play with celebrities in a cash and prize award winning tic-tac-toe game combined humor beautifully with the joke answers known as “zingers”. Celebrities were asked questions by the host and the contestants were required to answer them right albeit the show was scripted with bluff answers being provided to the celebrities to add to the fun actor. After enjoying fabulous success for 14 years, the final season saw major changes in the overall game rules.

6. I’ve Got a Secret

Longest Running TV Game Shows Ever

Creators Allan Sherman, Howard Merill created this thoroughly interesting game show based on the template of What’s my line. I’ve got a Secret incorporated a panelist of celebrities who had to guess the secrets of the contestant which at times were hilarious and brought embarrassment to the participants. The show that aired between 1952 and 1967 was resurrected in the 70’s and even in the 2000’s. The final season was presented by Bil Dywer in 2006.

5. What’s my Line

Longest Running TV Game Shows Ever

It was a game show of the 50’s that called for celebrity panelists of four to guess the occupation correct with a “yes” or “no” of a fifth contestant known as the mystery guest. Spanning over 25 seasons, What’s my Line was moderated by Wally Bruner post cancellation by CBS and later by Larry Blyden. TV Guide ranks the game show ninth in the list 60 greatest game shows ever.

4. Truth or consequences

Longest Running TV Game Shows Ever

Originally a radio show, contestants in the TV version of this game show were made to answer trick questions, often vague. Failure to answer the questions right resulted in doing embarrassing stunts which served as the “consequence” in this Bob Barker hosted show. The show went strong till the time Barker was at the helm of affairs (19 56 to 1975) but it just could not replicate the success of the earlier seasons during its revival in the 80’s.

3. Jeopardy

Longest Running TV Game Shows Ever

A unique general knowledge quiz show created by Merv Griffin, Jeopardy’s USP lies on the fact that contestants are given clues of general knowledge that must be rephrased by them in the form of questions. The show enjoys tremendous popularity and the fact that it has 7000 plus episodes under its belt have made it one of longest running shows with four decades of fame.

2. Wheel of Fortune

Longest Running TV Game Shows Ever

Another popular and long running game show coming from the creative genius Merv Griffin, Wheel of fortune dates back to the early 70’s, it gave people the opportunity to spin the wheel of fortune and win cash prize by solving word puzzles. The game show has reached unprecedented heights of popularity with 32 seasons aired so far. Chuck Woolery and Susan Stafford moderated all the seasons before the syndicated version took over.

1. Price is Right

Longest Running TV Game Shows Ever

More than 35 years into the show and it still grabs impressive television ratings. Price is Right is an internationally popular show that was first broadcasted on NBC in with Bill Cullen as its host. The game show has the simplest of rules; contestants chosen from the audience had to compete against each other to identify the prize of merchandise most accurately.

As mentioned earlier, game shows broadcasted on television are the most readily available form of entertainment and in some cases becomes entertainingly credible source of knowledge. Contrary to the fiction shows that one may not finding suitable for their viewing, game shows makes viewing easy without having to lose the plot! More importantly, game based TV shows have always been meant for uninterrupted viewing by audience of all ages without any viewing regulation involved. This is specifically the reason why game shows have had high rate of format adaptations internationally by many countries to make them more feasible for broadcast in their respected countries.


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