Top 10 Most Luxurious Airline Cabins Suites 2019

Past were the days of the boring lie-back seats as well as large-screen television and now it is the time for the modern gizmos and the most lavish facilities served in the first-class flying segments. If you want luxurious comfort while travelling in airline, you would walk the initial few rows of an aircraft making others feel jealous.

Extended haul flights will be a completely enhanced with additional leg room as well as certain width in the seat. When you travel in such high-class airline cabin suits, you will experience a feeling of comfort matched to heaven. All the facilities get served to you as per your preference directly you without requiring wondering anywhere. Are you interested in knowing details about luxurious airline cabins suites in 2019 so that your next trip can be filled with comfort? Well, for that go through below sections:

10. British Airways First Class

Most Luxurious Airline Cabins Suites 2019

This airline lets aeroplane travel from New York to London countries and Boeing 747-400 presents extremely great comfort in its first class seats. The First Class cabins of this airline are ornamented in blue colored having shiny modernised furniture. Passengers are provided pyjamas, amenities and even slippers for purpose of comfort. The kit offered comprises eyeglasses, socks, etc. with gender specificity as part of special amenities. Moreover, many entertainment things are also included within the cabins and review states the food provided by them is good but simple. It is known that its seats are not spacious but sufficient to provide you a solid sleep for less than 4 hours.

9. Thai Royal First Class

Most Luxurious Airline Cabins Suites

It is said that luxury is the final thing what you will purchase by purchasing the tickets of this classy airline. The seats of this airline cabin suits provides enhanced comfort as well as great level of privacy. This luxurious flight provides a well-known spa services for the passengers belonging to first class. It is known that Bulgaria luxurious products are presented to the passengers with delightful dash of orchids. Besides this, passengers can even watch films to avoid feeling sleepy and make the travel interesting.

8. Jet Blue Mint Class

Most Luxurious Airline Cabins Suites

After you take a ride on this luxurious airline, you will certainly say that the whole travel was fantastic. There were many reviews for this luxurious airline cabins suite and all of them stated that the overall review is certainly good. The finest part here is the food and the food provided by the attendants is very tasty and good to have in a flight. Moreover, the seats are spacious, bigger than required to let you feel comfortable. It is reviewed that sliding door supplements an indication of planned interior to provide appealing look.

7. Qantas Airlines

Most Luxurious Airline Cabins Suites

Every cabins suite possesses its personal control module that permits you to organize everything present around you with just a touch of a finger. This includes every imaginable viewpoint of your sheepskin-covered mattress, giving you the best comfort. This airline is considered as the flag carrier airline of Australia country and based on fleet size it is the largest airline, global flights as well as global destinations. It is known that this is the third oldest airline all over the world, securing position after KLM and Avianca. This luxurious airline was founded in year 1920 and it started global passenger flights in year 1935. Basically, the Qantas name originates from “QANTAS” and moreover, its popularity is high as Qantas is regarded as a founding associate of the Oneworld airline group.

6. Air France A380 First Class

Most Luxurious Airline Cabins Suites 2019

This luxurious airline cabins suite consists of total 9 seats dedicated for first class travellers. Few of them are single and few are having some seats adjacent for purpose of comfort. In this airline, privacy is not the crucial purpose of the seats definitely and in this seats are controlled manually which are not too so tricky. It is known that every seat is escorted with Bose super headphones and amenity kit, pyjamas, and slippers are provided to each passenger. Moreover, there is a trunk below ottoman for purpose of well-mannered storage. Other than its seat and bedding, one more noted aspect is the service of the attendants. The airline’s staff always serves the passengers their needs with a cheerful smile on their face.

5. Qatar Airways Business Class

Most Luxurious Airline Cabins Suites

It is common to think that there is no privacy worried between two head-to-head seats provided in the first class even in general travelling. However there is a separator that can be elevated to include some privacy from the passenger side. Every seat in this airline is presented with a large LCD screen for purpose of entertainment. The cabins of this airline are roomy, well-ordered and finely decorated as well. Moreover, its bathroom is slightly small but it serves the required purpose. Here, the business class bar is additional attractive portion of the flight and you can buy wifi facility by paying additional $20.

4. ANA First Square

Most Luxurious Airline Cabins Suites

The luxurious airline cabins suite presents little less privacy as compared to that of Emirates’s. It offers spacious area as well as long walking way to freely breathe and refresh yourself. Moreover, there is a place dedicated inside this suite to hang clothes and by making request, the attendants arrive and change your seat to flat as well as add pillows, bedding facilities, etc. In this airline, full course meal is offered to the passengers and even they can elect them from the menu. Moreover, passengers get pyjamas for a relief in sleep and even get cardigan to stay away from cold.

3. Emirates First Class Suites

Most Luxurious Airline Cabins Suites

The cabins provided by this luxurious airline cabins suite are actually larger in size than others. The attendant in this provides the passengers facility kit by BULGARI for comfort. Miscellaneous foods are must to try in this flight as well as the seat transforms to a bed with best bedding through comfortable pillows. The staffs of this airline cabins suite always assist the passengers regarding the operation of the showers. The flight of this cabin suite has a distinct liquor zone which is well furnished through help of assorted wines and alcohols.

2. Etihad Diamond First Class

Most Luxurious Airline Cabins Suites

On this airline, there is a tag line shown that displays travel from abu dhabi to the world. The tariff range of first class seat is wide-ranging from $600 to $1500 USD and in this attendants receive the passengers separately through their names which is an exceptional way. They warmly welcome passengers with help of a Belgian chocolate box of gift for comfort. Nearly all kinds of foods are presented in the menu and the chef comes to the passengers in order to add his notes. Moreover, passengers belonging to Fist Class get amenity kits through slippers and pyjamas.

1. Singapore Airlines

Most Luxurious Airline Cabins Suites 2019

Any people can purchase this greatest luxurious suite in affordable price range of $5500- $23000. This luxurious airline is grasping the whole attention currently and the eventual comfort as well as luxury you can get here. Its corresponding flight has usual seats as well as excellent suite facilities and few are one bedded. Married couples can even get facilities to share two bedded suites service. Besides, this flight has beneficial liquor bar, expensive spa, and astonishing privacy to have comfort. Within the suite you will not be bored because its authority has intended many entertainment options before you arrive into it.

The discussed airline cabins suites are luxurious as well as costly to gain comfort. Such suites can let you run after them by their lustrous appearance and great level of comfort. Cleanliness, sanitization, stylish look are not only the noteworthy aspects of these suits but they are very comfy.


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