Top 10 Most Amazing Roads In The World 2019

Road transport has been and always is the most common mode of transport adopted by men. There is around 4 miles of roads in US alone. Roads are built all over the planet, in Antarctica, under the ocean and dead ends.There are many roads across the globe that is really famous and amazing for the splendid and astonishing for the nature freaks.

These roads are the most loved and a dream for the bikers. A drive on these roads is an experience that is worth the hardships faced to reach there. Here is a list of the top 10 amazing roads across the globe in 2019.

10. Milford Road, New Zealand

Most amazing roads 2019

The Milford road in New Zealand is a road that depicts a genuine picturesque beauty. Most of the beauty of New Zealand is captured on the Milford road. Lord of the Rings was shot in this country because of the amazing and stunning beauty this place with holds. Some of the striking and significant journey of New Zealand is revealed by this road. The first major spot that will leave you spell bounded is the Eglinton Valley. Your journey will be carried on with many such mind-blowing views.

9. Valley of fire road, Nevada

Most amazing roads

The road is the real depiction of the beautiful and amazing view. The valley of fire roads obtains its name due to the reddish appearance of the road. The road is visited by thousands of bikers. Valley of fire road gives an amazing experience to the people who take a drive on it. The road is also very famous for the hiking, photo shoots and camping. The drive on the road will give you an experience never gained before.

8. Atlantic Road, Norway

Most amazing roads

The Atlantic Road that is a marvelous and an amazing 8.3 kilometers long road which is a part of the County road 64. The road was originally planned for a railway line but the idea was dropped. The construction of the road started in the year 1983. The road provides an amazing view to the people who are lucky enough to take a drive on this road. Atlantic Road captures the beauty of Norway. The road is used by thousands of people for their love of nature and adventure.

7. Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina, USA

Most amazing roads

The Blue ridge parkway road is what you want to call an amazing and an incredible road. The road is prominent in the United States for the scenic beauty it withholds. The road is located in the North Carolina and Virginia in the USA. Every year the road is visited by many visitors. The road stretches across the Blue Ridge Parkway. The road connects two beautiful spots; the Shenandoah National Park and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The construction of the Blue Ridge parkway was started on June 30 in the year 1936. The construction of the parkway proved as beneficial to the nearby areas as it created the job opportunities for many people.

6. Hana Highway, Hawaii

Most amazing roads

This amazing and wonderstruck destination is a 64 mile long stretch. The Hana Highway was entitled in the year 2000 as the Hana Millennium Legacy Trail by the then President Bill Clinton. The place is even registered as the National Register of Historic places on 15 June in the year 2001. The place attracts a lot of tourists every year. The eastern sides of the place have many beautiful waterfalls that add up to the beauty of the place. The beautiful and amazing highway leads to the Ohe’o Gulch, a place where the seven sacred and holy pools are located.

5. A82 Road, Scotland

Most amazing roads 2019

The astonishing and miraculous A82 Road in Scotland runs from Glasgow to Inverness and passes through Fort William. The road is basically managed by Transport Scotland. The load apart from being an important link for the Scottish highlands is also an attraction for the tourists. The road was designed by Telford. The A82 Road is of vital economic importance for the Scottish government as it connects two main parts and is also said to connect many trunk roads. The road apart from being beautiful is also considered as the dangerous roads in Scotland.

4. State Route 1, Big Sur, California

Most amazing roads

The State Route 1, Big Sur, California is a state highway that runs north-south covering of most of the Pacific coastline of the California, USA. The total stretch of the highway is 655.8 miles. The State Route highway is also entitled as the All American Road. The highway is known for its scenic beauty and is a major attraction for the tourists. The highway has gained fame all over the globe. Many people pass this highway every year and are dumbstruck by the astounding beauty it has. The highway is of great economic importance for the government as the number of people passing through the highway is increasing every year.

3. Ruta, Argentina

Most amazing roads

Ruta highway which is also known as the National Route 40 or the RN40 is a very famous highway in the Argentina. The highway stretches across Punta Loyola in the Santa Cruz Province in the south to the La Quiaca in Jujuy Province in the North. The highway runs parallel to the Andes Mountains. The highway is surrounded by tourists throughout the year. The highway has a lot of adventurous tourism. The highway is the longest route of Argentina and is also among the longest roads in the world.

2. Chapman’s Peak Drive, South Africa

Most amazing roads

South Africa is known as the place with beauty across the globe. South Africa is known for its marvelous and scenic beauty. The Chapman’s Peak Drive is a beautiful road. A drive on this road gives you the feel of travelling along a mountains edge. The road is carved with 114 curves. Every year many tourists travel to this place. The amazing and mind-blowing view makes the drive on this road worthwhile.

1. Rohtang Pass, India

Most amazing roads 2019

Rotang Pass is an elevated road that is located in the Mountain ranges of PirPanjal, Himalayas in India. The place is visited by thousands of tourists every year across the globe. The Pass is open for the tourists only from May to November. The tourists get to witness a lot of Glaciers, rivers and mountain tops covered with snow but with the amazing and marvelous view come a responsibility to take proper precautions.

The list provides an overview of the amazing and miraculous roads across the world. These roads are visited by many people throughout the year. These roads prove to be of great economic importance for the attraction it has towards tourists. The roads are also very famous among the bikers and for other adventurous tourism. But along with the beauty, it is very important to maintain proper attention while driving on these roads.


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