11 Most Beautiful Cars In The World 2019

Cars are more than just a means to get from point a to point b. They can be works of rolling automotive art. Legendary designers such as Marcello Gandini, Giorgetto Giugiaro, and more recently Ian Callum are artistic geniuses as much as they are “car guys.”

While beauty is without a doubt purely in the eye of the beholder, there are certain cars whose sleek lines, luscious curves, or sheer aggression make them universally loved. So, let’s have a look at the top 11 most beautiful cars around the world in 2019:

11. Aston Martin Vanquish

Most beautiful cars 2019

Price: $288,950

The Aston Martin Vanquish is a British grand tourer that was introduced in 2001 as a successor to the ageing Virage range. The first-generation V12 Vanquish, designed by Ian Callum, was unveiled at the 2001 Geneva Motor Show and was produced from 2001 to 2005. The prototype, built by the Ford Motor Company and Indian designer Dilip Chhabria, was driven by James Bond in the 2002 film Die Another Day. With a carbon-fiber body and huge 12-cylinder engine, there is no holding back the performance of Aston Martin’s new convertible, the Vanquish Volante. The drop top coupe has a top speed of 183 miles an hour.

10. Audi R8

Most beautiful cars

Price: $166,150

Audi’s luscious R8 is beautiful to behold, easy to live with, and simply marvelous to drive, it has everything you’d want in a sports car. The base engine is a 5.2-liter 540-hp V-10; the V10 Plus makes 610 hp. All-wheel drive is standard, as is a seven-speed automatic. The handsome interior features a 12.3-inch configurable display in lieu of traditional gauges; there is also 4G LTE connectivity and Wi-Fi hotspot capability. Only a coupe is offered for now; expect the Spyder version in spring 2017.

9. Land Rover Range Rover

Most beautiful cars

Price: $86,645

The Range Rover caters to every conceivable need by offering luxury and off-road prowess. The 340-hp supercharged V-6—with an eight-speed automatic and four-wheel drive—offers a decent compromise between power and efficiency. There is also a 254-hp turbo diesel V-6 with 440 lb-ft of torque. Standard and long wheelbase models are equally posh, especially in Autobiography trim, and feature lots of tech. The Rover may be expensive and imposing, but few qualities can match this status symbol’s panache.

8. Porsche 911

Most beautiful cars

Price: $90,450

The 911 debuted in the 1960s and remains at the pinnacle of automobile dome while staying true to its roots as the quintessential sports car. A rear-mounted 370-hp twin-turbo 3.0-liter flat-six powers the rear wheels. S models make 420 hp; the GTS makes 450. A seven-speed manual is standard; all-wheel drive and a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic are options. In coupe, convertible, and Targa form, the 911 is as luxurious as it is sure-footed, making even novices feel like racing legends.

7. Cadillac ELR

Most beautiful cars

Price: $75,995

It’s astonishing to look at, beautifully crafted inside and out, and the first electric-hybrid Cadillac since ever. Yet under the glitz is the heart of the Chevrolet Volt and its front-drive chassis. The ELR operates only on electricity for about 40 miles before the gas-fired engine kicks in to recharge the batteries and keep things going. However, the ELR starts at $65,995 which is considerably more than the Volt. That premium is hard to justify, which is why ELR production has ended.

6. Lamborghini Huracan

Most beautiful cars

Price: $203,295

Nothing on Earth can prepare you for the eyeball-melting performance of Lamborghini’s “entry-level” super car, the Huracán. The angular design is severe yet elegant; the stealth fighter–like cockpit is as luxurious as it is intense. Nestled behind the cockpit is a 5.2-liter V-10 with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic (sorry, no manual transmission is offered); with rear-wheel drive, it makes 571 hp and with all-wheel drive it produces 602. A convertible version (Spyder) is also available.

5. Aston Martin Vantage

Most beautiful cars 2019

Price: $189,281

The best way to live out your super-spy fantasy is behind the wheel of an Aston Martin, and the Vantage is the least expensive way to do it. Offered as a coupe or convertible, performance from the V8 Vantage’s engine is nothing short of brutish, at 420 or 430 hp; six-speed manual and seven-speed automatic transmissions are offered. For speed demons, the V12 Vantage has a turbine-smooth 565-hp 5.9-liter V-12 with either a seven-speed manual or a seven-speed automatic handling shifting duties.

4. Mercedes-Benz S-class

Most beautiful cars

Price: $97,525

The S-class has always been synonymous with luxury, and it continues that proud tradition. The rear-wheel-drive sedan comes standard with a 449-hp twin-turbo 4.7-liter V-8; all-wheel drive is optional. The stunning coupe has the V-8 and all-wheel drive; it’s quite nimble for its size. A rear-drive cabriolet is available with the same engine. Then there’s the S600, with a 523-hp twin-turbo V-12 and rear-wheel drive. A plug-in hybrid is available, rated to earn 58 MPGe combined.

3. Alfa Romeo 4C

Most beautiful cars

Price: $57,495

This is a sexy, with mid-engine Italian exotic carved down to affordable scale, and it’s available as a coupe or with a targa top. Powered by a 237-hp turbo four and weighing less than 2500 pounds, its zippy power-to-weight ratio matches its zippy steering ratio; sadly, only a six-speed automatic is available. The 4C practically anticipates road challenges, but the seats are tight, there’s almost no luggage room, and it’s so low it’s tough to get out of—none of which matters once behind the wheel.

2. Jaguar F-type

Most beautiful cars

Price: $62,395

From its seductively long hood to its steeply raked windshield and wide rear haunches, the F-type is a stunner. Offered as both a coupe and a convertible, it gets a snarling 3.0-liter supercharged V-6 pumping out 340 hp to the rear wheels through a six-speed manual or eight-speed automatic. Racier S models get a boost to 380 hp and offer all-wheel drive with the automatic. Suspension tuning is firm, and the F-type is always eager to play, but the cost is an often harsh ride over bumpy roads.

1. McLaren F1

Most beautiful cars 2019

Price: $13.75 million

The McLaren F1 topped our list because of its beauty. The McLaren F1 is a sports car designed and manufactured by McLaren Automotive. The car features numerous proprietary designs and technologies. It is lighter and has a more streamlined structure than many modern sports cars. In 1994, the McLaren F1 was the fastest and most expensive car. Even though it was built more than 15 years ago, it still has an unbelievable top speed of 240 mph and reaching 60 mph in 3.2 seconds. Even today, the McLaren F1 is still top on the list and outperforms other super cars.

Cars have always been center of attractions among most of the people and the best among them holds great fascination among car lovers. So, here we have provided a list of top 11 cars around the world which can hold eyes of each and every person around them. These cars are the real reason why so many people around the world are crazy about cars. These cars are not listed as per their prices but on the basis of their quality, driving ability, features, and value, they also have a great look which can keep anybody stunned around them.


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