Top 10 Most Beautiful Flowers In The World 2019

Admirable landscapes, unique animals and birds, trees, plants, tasty fruits and colorful flowers are the creations of our beautiful nature. Nature expresses​ it’s beauty it’s vivid creations. However, flowers are one of the most beautiful creations of the Nature. Flowers are so beautiful and expressive that people use to express their feelings of love, friendship, loyalty, even sorrow.

Flowers beautify the place where they are kept. It’s beautiful colors, sweet fragrances, amazing shapes and sizes make them so famous. Flowers are cultivated and sold at high prices. Here is a list of all the most beautiful flowers which are in great demand in market.

10. Bleeding Hearts

Most Beautiful Flowers 2019

This flower has got its name after its shape. Bleeding Hearts appear similar to the heart shape with a drop like structure at the tapering edge of the flower. These species comes under the poppy flower family. They are mostly red or dark pink in color. They are found in Korea, Japan, Northern China and some parts of Siberia. These flowers grow on trees and require moist or cold climate to blossom. They can also be cultivated in other climatic regions​ but the plant should be in shaded area. These flowers are also called as Asian Bleeding Hearts. These flowers being so beautiful are used to showcase love, red or pink bleeding hearts are given to express romance. These flowers are also used to express grief on the death of a young lady, white bleeding hearts are offered at the funerals at some places.

9. Dahlia

Most Beautiful Flowers

Dahlia is a round shaped ball type flower. It has numerous petals of deep red or purple color and has a tint of white or pink on the tips of the petals. The color of the flower may vary according to the area they are cultivated and the season. Dahlia may also be seen in colors like purple, orange, yellow and more. This gives the flower a beautiful appearance. Dahlia is the national flower of Mexico. Dahlia is one of the most grown garden flower in Mexico and some regions of northern South America. The Dahlia have around 42 species with slight hybrid characters, out of which most are non fragranced​. Dahlias are used for decoration purpose at weddings and other occasions. When someone gifts Dahlia flowers that represents elegance and perfection. The name Dahlia, this has is after the name of a botanist Anders Dahl, who at first discovered the them.

8. Daffodils

Most Beautiful Flowers

Daffodils are yellow or white colored flowers having a particular six petal and a trilocular ovary from the center. These flowers showcase beauty and elegance. Daffodils have medicinal usage and botanical importance. They symbolize​ life and rebirth, the Daffodils blossom on starting of spring season, that’s why they are sometimes also called as Spring flower. The Couples give their partners a bouquet of Daffodils on their tenth anniversary to represent their love, happiness and well-wishes for other. Daffodils will make any one smile if observed dancing with winds over a landscape. Famous poet, William Wordsworth described beautifully the Daffodils and compared​ his feeling with the characteristics of Daffodils. They are mostly found out cultivated in the regions of North America except southern Florida.

7. Lotus

Most Beautiful Flowers

Lotus is one of the most beautiful flowers across this globe. It is available in different colors. Lotus, if not planted by anyone mostly grows in muddy or quicksand area. Symbolically the Lotus represents, goodness, strength, beauty and perseverance and purity. The roots of the Lotus plant go down in the muddy water at the base, but the flower always blossoms above the water and is clean, pure and transfers it’s beauty to the surroundings. Thus gifting a Lotus can vary their meaning according to their color, green colored lotus represents rebirth and peace, it can be given to them who are starting a new habit or heading towards new beginning. Pink and white Lotuses​ symbolize purity, beauty and devotion. In Hindu mythology, the creator Lord Bramha also evolves from the Lotus. Lotus is one of the sacred flowers, they are mostly used as offering in religious ceremonies and worshiping.

6. Sunflowers

Most Beautiful Flowers

Sunflowers are bright yellow colored and has a dark shade head at the center. Sunflowers is one of the fastest​ growing flowering plants. The sunflowers​ are cultivated to get oil and seeds from the flower. The sunflowers when gifted to someone can make their day, symbolically the Sunflowers represent cheerfulness​, love, happiness, adoration,​ loyalty and faith. Sunflower is the only flower that has a flower in its name. America is the country of origin for the sunflower. They were first identified and named in America, then were brought to Russia and other parts of the world. Mostly sunflowers were cultivated for getting oil, bird seed, dye, medicine and food. Sunflowers are one of the fastest growing flowering plants and provides large number of advantages that’s why they are cultivated on large scale.

5. Magnolia

Most Beautiful Flowers 2019

Magnolia is a beautiful species of flower which grow on trees. They are light shade usually white, pinkish or peach colored, small sized​ flowers. Magnolia is one of the ancient species of Flowers, it is named so after the name of a great French botanist, Pierre Magnol. These flowers originate from south-eastern parts of Asia, Central and South America and eastern North America, as well as in some parts of West Indies. Mangolia is a flower family has large variety of flowers under its genus, they all have slight mutations than the other. There are more than 200 known varieties flowering trees of this genus. As beautiful Magnolia flowers grow on trees, people consider the Mongolian​ tree as a nice option to gift to their dear ones. Mostly Mangolia is used as a gift for women, these flowers symbolize the purity, serenity and nobility similar to women. In south America, bridal bouquet have white Mangolia flowers that are used to enhance the beauty of the bride.

4. Passion Flower

Most Beautiful Flowers

Passion​ flower is a flower with no beautiful fragrance but has a really beautiful structure and colorful pattern. Passion flower resembles somewhat to the lotus and has a pattern slightly similar to an Indian bird Peacock’s feather. These flowers grow on vines, so it is a nice option to make them climb over the walls of one’s place also they blossom beautiful flowers so it beautifies the area they are planted. This flower has around 500 families under its genus out of which around 60 species produce tasty edible fruit usually named as the passion fruit. The passion flowers grow in southern and eastern regions of Asia, New Guinea and south America. Passion flower has great resemblance with the crucifixion story of Jesus Christ.

3. Tulips

Most Beautiful Flowers

Tulips are the third most beautiful flowers in the world. They are usually bulb shaped, bright colored and have a long thin but strong stalk. The tulips are cultivated in the regions of Europe, Asia and South Africa. There are around 75 various species of Tulips which are accepted world-wide. Tulips are a perfect gift to express ones feelings​, thoughts. Tulips symbolize love and loyalty, red tulips symbolize true and pure love while yellow tulips​ symbolize cheerful thoughts and sunshine while purple tulips represent royalty. People gift tulips to their soulmate on their eleventh anniversary, a bouquet of tulips are considered as an expression of grace and elegance.

There are many flower vendors which provide tulips​ on demand. Tulips are originated from Persia and Turkey.

2. Orchids

Most Beautiful Flowers

Orchids are one of the most cultivated flowering plants and also one of the two largest families of flowers. They spread in almost every part of the world. These are small in size, beautiful pinkish-purple in shade. The orchid’s plant is easily distinguishable they are short shrub type. Orchids at symbolize love, strength, beauty and luxury. Orchids are usually used for gifting and decoration purpose bouquets made with orchids are sold in high price all over the world. According to the ancient Greek mythology, orchids were the symbol of manliness and the possibility of a baby being a boy increases if the father ate large Orchid tubers. Thus orchids were famous in early Greece. Today also Orchids are in great demand.

1. Rose

Most Beautiful Flowers 2019

It is no wonder, Rose taking the first position in this list. Rose is considered as the king of the flowers. The Rose has everything a beautiful flower needs to have. It has pleasant fragrance, is naturally available in different pretty colors, can be cultivated in any atmosphere also it has the most variants in its own species. People nowadays are doing budding, and are growing roses of almost every color, size and most importantly roses can be cultivated in any climate. Roses are used for different purposes, one can give a rose as a present to their loved ones. Different colors of the flower symbolize different feeling, such as a red rose shows love and affection, white Rose is a symbol of peace and well-wishes, yellow symbolize initiative of friendship and so on. Roses are available in almost every color. The Roses present in the garden increases the pleasantness of the area.

Flower be of different colors and specialties. When gifted to someone it brings smiles in faces when put in hair enhances the beauty of the lady also they are used to decorate the place at occasions. It was tough to arrange them in this list. Hope I have done justice with all varieties.


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