Top 10 Hottest South Indian Actresses

South Indian movies are some of the most watched movies in the world. The Bollywood movie industry has grown tremendously in the recent past. Thanks to the hot actresses of South India that keep millions of movie enthusiasts glued to the screen. Their impeccable beauty makes them irresistible. They have pretty faces, mind blowing figures and above all, they are extremely talented.

Movies featuring hot South Indian actresses are nice, captivating and spellbinding. You will want to watch them till the end. And even if you are done, you will want to rewind. Why? Because the actresses are more than beautiful. They are sizzling hot. They are the kind of women that every man would like to have. There is no better vocabulary to describe their exceptional beauty. But one thing we can assure you is that they will blow your mind. These are top 10 hottest South Indian Actresses of recent times that will keep your eyes fixed on television for long duration.

10. Kajal Agarwal

Hottest South Indian Actress 2019

She made her debut entry in Bollywood film industry in 2004. She is super beautiful and hotter than fire. She became famous after staring in Ho Ga Yana. Her exemplary beauty became received appraisal after acting in a film entitled Lakshmi Kalyanam. She became prominent following her superb performance in Magadheera. She also featured in Special 26 film which made her register huge box office success.

9. Shriya Saran

Hottest South Indian Actress

Shriya is a prodigy when it comes to acting. But that is not all. Her phenomenal beauty coupled by her sexy eyes makes her a human magnet. She will keep you glued to your TV 24/7. Her first commercial success was registered in a film entitled Santhosham. She became popular in Sivaj film. She received considerable acclamation following her excellent role in Awarapan film. She is one of the best Bollywood actress. She has nice curves which can take your breath away. Her beautiful features make her desirable. You definitely want to meet and have a word with her.

8. Nayanthara

Hottest South Indian Actress

She made her debut entry film industry in 2003 where she stared in a Malaysian film called Manassinakkare. She is stunning and performs extraordinarily well in all the movies she acts. Her extremely good looks makes her attractive. You might think that she is the goddess of beauty. Nayanthara is a household name in South Indian movies.

7. Taapsee Pannu

Hottest South Indian Actress

Taapsee has a curvaceous body that will make you tap your head when you see or watch her. Her attractive face will blow your mind in an instant.She began her acting career in a film entitled Jhummandi Naadam. Other films which she has featured include Vandhaan Vendraan and Mr. Perfect.

6. Asin Thottumkal

Hottest South Indian Actress

Asin was acclaimed for her outstanding performance in a Hindi film called Ghajini. Her first commercial success was in 2003 following her acting role in Telugu film entitled Amma Anna O Tamila Ammayi. She has a toned body which makes her one of the most beautiful and desirable South Indian actress.

5. Trisha Krishnan

Hottest South Indian Actress 2019

Trisha won Miss Madras crown in 1999.Thanks to her perfect beauty. She made her debut entry in acting industry in a film entitled Jodi. She stepped in Bollywood by starring in a film called Khatta Meetha. She performs so well in all the movies she acts. On top of that, she is good looking and her beautiful smile will eliminate all the stress in your life momentarily. Watch her and have an unforgettable experience.

4. Samantha

Hottest South Indian Actress

Samatha can best be described as ‘’complete package’’. She is beautiful, sexy and talented. She featured in Telugu romance film entitled Gautham Menon. Other films in which she has featured include Dookudu and Brindavanam. She is adorable and many movie enthusiasts fantasize her. She has all that it takes to be referred to as ’’ The Beauty Princess”.

3. Ileana D’Cruz

Hottest South Indian Actress

She has a charming smile that will drive you crazy. She is famous for her cute face and sensuous personality which makes her sexually appealing. She has won several awards including The Best Female Debut-South. Thanks to her acting prowess. She has also appeared in blockbuster films such as Jalsa, Kick, Julayi and Pokiri. She made her debut in Bollywood in 2012. Since then, she has registered tremendous success in her acting career. She is lovable among many people. She is one of the best South Indian Actresses 2017.

2. Tamannaah Bhatia

Hottest South Indian Actress

She is known for her fantastic style of shaking leg when acting. She started her acting career in Bollywood through a film called Chand Sa Roshan Chehra. She has stared in many movies. She is one of the Tollywood’s leading actress. Her impressive beauty is what makes her adorable. She has nice eyes, well toned body and flawless skin which makes her irresistible.The manner in which she shakes her waist will drive you insane.

1. Shruti Haasan

Hottest South Indian Actress 2019

Forgive us for not finding the right words to describe this multi-talented, hot and fine South Indian actress. If you see her, whether physically or on your screen, you will understand the true definition of the word beauty.You will appreciate the work of the creator. Not only her eyes, lips, hips and face are beautiful. Everything about her is perfect. Her amazing voice makes her double up as an actress and musician. She made her debut entry in acting in 2009 where she stared in action drama called Luck. She featured in 7am Arivu film which made her more famous.

It is quite evident that the above are the most beautiful and hottest South Indian Actresses of 2019. They have impeccable beauty which makes them desirable. They are also talented in acting. If you watch their movies, you will agree that all this is true.


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