Top 10 Most Controversial Tourist Attractions In The World 2019

The word, ‘tourist attraction’ is a positive term. When you use this word, you look forward to seeing something new and fascinating. It could be something that you would not find elsewhere. However, you can be in for surprises. There are tourist locations in the world that court a lot of controversies.

Controversies can be cultural, geographical, or political. You have places with dubious histories. We shall look at the top 10 most controversial tourist attractions in the world in 2019. These places can range from the horrific to the inquisitive. However, a controversy is a controversy. You cannot wish it under the carpet.

10. London Dungeon, U.K.

Most controversial tourist attractions 2019

At No.10, we have the London Dungeons. At one point in time, they used to be the real dungeons where hundreds of people have been tortured to death in the medieval times. Today, this is a major tourist attraction. Thousands of people visit this place every week to experience the gallows style humor acts performed by local artists. You get a chance to visit some of the torture chambers and imagine what the victims might have gone through at that time.

9. Padaung Karen Reserve, Thailand

Most controversial tourist attractions

From the horrors of the dungeons we come to Thailand. The Padaung Reserve is the abode of a secluded group of women, the Padaung Karen. Living in an artificial hill specially created for this purpose, this is a major tourist spot. These women wear brass rings on their neck to elongate them. The continuous wearing of these rings deforms their shoulders and chests while elongating their necks. This is a sort of a torture for these women. You have to pay the Thai Government in dollars to visit this place. However, the controversy is that the money never reaches these women leaving them for fend for themselves. This place is at No.9 in this list.

8. Jarawa Reserve, Andaman Islands

Most controversial tourist attractions

At No. 8, we have the Jarawa Reserve in the Andaman Islands. You must have been to a zoo where you would have seen animals. The Jarawa Reserve is a kind of a human zoo. You pay money to watch these tribal people. There is a ban on tourists from interacting with these tribal people. However, tour groups defy these bans and conduct safaris. It can be disgusting to see fellow human beings being treated in such a callous manner.

7. North Korea

Most controversial tourist attractions

The No. 7 spot goes to North Korea. Everyone knows that North Korea is a dangerous place. It has an air of mystery surrounding it. This is a secretive country where no one can enter without raising some kind of suspicion. Under the normal circumstances, it is tough to come out unscathed. However, people still visit this place out of curiosity. It truly is one the most controversial places in the world.

6. Vang Vieng, Laos

Most controversial tourist attractions

Vang Vieng in Laos is the No. 6 spot in the list. You get everything that you are not supposed to in this place. We are referring to the 4Ds. They are Drugs, Drinks, Drowning, and Death. This is a river side partying town famous for its drinking and drug parties. You get to hear about tourists drowning the river and losing their lives. Now, we leave it to you to guess whether these are accidents or otherwise. The combination of the 3Ds leads to the 4th D. This is what we call as controversy.

5. Lower Ninth Ward, New Orleans, U.S.A.

Most controversial tourist attractions 2019

This is a small coastal town in New Orleans. In the normal course, this should pass off as a quiet town. However, the hurricane Katrina brought this town to its knees. The devastation was terrible with wholesale destruction. Suddenly, you could see a whole new category of people doing the rounds in the city. They are the tourists who wanted to look at the destruction. This is a perfect example of one man’s pain being the other person’s interest. Hence, there is a ban on tourism here. Lower Ninth Ward lies at the No. 5 spot.

4. Devil’s Island, French Guiana

Most controversial tourist attractions

Would you like to see a ghost? The Devil’s Island off the coast of French Guiana in South America is one such place abounding in supposedly paranormal activity. One of the largest islands in the world this place is an uninhabited one. Known as the Green Hell, this island in the Atlantic Ocean has seen spirits roaming all over the place. If you love to have a date with the ghosts, this is the place for you. The Devil’s Island is at No. 4 in the list.

3. Plastinarium in Guben, Germany

Most controversial tourist attractions

If you could see ghosts at Devil’s Island, you can see skeletons at the Plastinarium in Guben, Germany. Plastination is a medical term for preserving of human bodies for anatomy purposes. We have the Dr Gunther Von Hagen’s museum at No. 3. Medical students can learn a lot in this place. However, this place has become a tourist spot with hundreds of tourists swarming the place to have a look at skeletons playing poker.

2. Antarctica

Most controversial tourist attractions

The No. 2 spot goes to the most uninhabited continent in the world. Antarctica is full of ice throughout the year. You have scientists and explorers visiting Antarctica on their missions. This place was out of bounds for other tourists. Now, you have them visiting this place in the summer months. You can see hordes of penguins frolicking on the ice. The controversy is that human tourists can bring with them diseases and seeds that can cause disturbance in this serene location.

1. Dharavi Slums, Mumbai, India

Most controversial tourist attractions 2019

The Dharavi slum presents the dark underbelly of Mumbai, India. The financial capital of India is the home of Asia’s largest slum population at Dharavi. It would be impossible for a new comer to find his way through the maze of houses in this slum. You can see the true spirit of Mumbai in this place. This slum is the perfect place to see people flourishing in adversity. It can pain you to see the sufferings of people here. However, the residents of this slum do not seem to mind it at all. This “Never Say Die” spirit is the culture of Mumbai.

We have just seen the ten most controversial tourist locations in the world. It depends on you whether you want to visit these places or not. Be ready to have a lot of heart if you want to do so. You are welcome at some places whereas at some places you are not.


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