Top 10 Most Corrupt Police Forces in The World

We have always tried as much as we can to talk about corruption and even further deal with it, it is like this is a vice that has ears because it always has a way to fight you back. You can try all the possible means to free yourself from that vice but alone, it is like fighting a hard rock that is not willing to crack soon. But the unfortunate thing is that you are going to find yourself in a fighting mode that you will never escape, the people that you expect most to help you are the one that are going to be the most corrupt of them all.

For instance, who knew our security department that should be the one that ensures that you are safe is the one that is going to be the worst corrupt? I know we have some police forces in the world that are known for their remarkable best work but I have to report to you that whenever you have good, there is also a bad. Here are Top 10 Police Forces in The World 2019 that are rated to be the most corrupt of all.

10. Pakistan Police

Most Corrupt Police Forces 2019

When the international anti-graft watchdog carried out their survey, they realized that Pakistan police had some form of corruption going on within them. That was even further confirmed by the citizens who hail from the state because they said that they don’t have confidence in their police because of the way you handle things. Money talks and always exchanges hands for your freedom. It is even now going to be hard to deal with criminals because they can easily buy their way out of the jails without any problem. The police have all forms of injustice, from brutality, bribery, extortion and even arresting innocent citizens.

9. Russia Police

Most Corrupt Police Forces

What is funny is the fact that the government of Russia is one of the systems that is no stranger when it comes to corruption. Instead of having a police force that is going to safeguard the right and security of the people, it has been found out that the police department in the nation is among the leader is taking part in crimes and corruption. There are all manners of junk that you will find in the force for instance, brutal ay of dealing with citizens, extortion of bribes, and the arrest of citizens who even don’t have any crime in question. The big question is, what happens with their salaries? That is an answer that you won’t get easily because most of the police officials thrive in wealth that they cannot easily account for.

8. Sudan Police

Most Corrupt Police Forces

Let us now shift our findings to Sudan which has a police force that is known to be corrupt in various reasons. You cannot be a leader of a nation and you are even the one that is against humanity due to several factors in question. For instance, Sudan has been a country that has been under the rule of Omar Al-Bashir and as we know, this is a leader that has been indicated because of war crimes and also allowing genocide to take part in his country. Now, remember that he is the commander in chief of the forces and when he says something, it is followed to the letter. That is why now the police have even decided to extort some bribe from their citizens so that they are able to have something that can supplement their incomes.

7. Afghanistan Police

Most Corrupt Police Forces

One funny thing about these police men and women is that their rate and corrupt has no indication of ending soon, in fact, as times goes by, it get worse. That is why when it comes to corruption, it is a vice that ahs made it impossible for the to improve and even to their job effectively. In fact most of the people that run into getting the jobs don’t have an idea or love for the job, they want a ground that they will do their job of getting money without sweating at all. If you are caught or arrested by the police, you only need to bribe your freedom form the jails and you will be out enjoy the fee air God gave us.

6. Somalia Police

Most Corrupt Police Forces 2019

The list will be absolutely incomplete if we don’t take heart and mention that Somalia is also not going to escape the hook. What we cannot understand is that this is a war tone country and always faces a lot difficulties in ensuring that their people and facilities progress. But do we find, a nation where you will never be rich if you were not born in the rich family. Money will always buy anything for you, even your peace and freedom. The police that the nation has are always known to be uncompetitive in their service, crooked and ferocious. When asked why they decide to do this, they say that they are underpaid.

5. Iraq Police

Most Corrupt Police Forces

Corruption doesn’t start with one person; it is definitely that it needs two people for it to take place. There is person to be given and another one to give out, but what about when you refuse to give? Yes, you will find yourself in wrong side when you find yourself in police’s hand. The police of this country have been reported to have long history of corruption and even when they have funs and also retraining efforts, you will find fin that that these police forces are maintaining their corruption. If it like they are not satisfied with their salaries. You will find that these people are highly sectarian and even participate in ransom payments, bribery and also kidnapping. They are also ineffective at controlling terrorism issues and protecting the civilians the way it is needed.

4. Burma Police

Most Corrupt Police Forces

When it comes to corruption issues, the police force of this country will tell you more, they are known to have troubled agency. These police even ask victims to pay them before they conduct the criminal investigation and we can ask yourself what can happen when you refuse to pay them. We can also conclude that even the suspects are paying them to cancel the matter. These police forces are known for extortion money from the civilians and Burma is ruled by authoritarian military regime and that s why corruption is very high. Rights of the citizens of this country are under direct hold of the military.

3. Kenya Police

Most Corrupt Police Forces

Even on utility services, you will find yourself paying bribe to Kenya police. 92 percent civilians of this country have reported to rank their police as the most corrupted. If you want to get access to various services like healthcare, custom, police, education, registration and permit you must have to give police something. What is funny is that even the traffic police bribe the drives. The Kenya police are making a lot of money through bribery and they are earning more than their wages.

2. Mexico Police

Most Corrupt Police Forces

They are one of them most troubled police force and what is funny is that they get worse each day. In this country especially in the city and towns, crime is a song of the day and several of the police offices are worsening the matter. The police have turned to corruption to find means of making money since their pay is low. They can bribe criminals and also extort tourist and even victims are given two options that are bribe or be killed! They also work with drug cartel and even protect them and also enforce drug trafficking. Reported cases are being ignored and they don’t do investigations and they even imprison innocent civilian to cover up their dirty work which is sad.

1. Haiti Police

Most Corrupt Police Forces 2019

Quite a while the Haiti police have been reported to most corrupt and have negatively influenced the society. They have been reported to have violated several human rights and even broken numerous laws like kidnapping, police brutality and also drug trafficking. When it comes to gang-related violence, these police are known for that matter. You can’t imagine when you child is kidnapped and you don’t know where to report the matter because it is only the police who know the story behind the curtain. It is only time that will tell us if the Haiti police will change their manner and do their duty as it should be.

The police forces that you have here in question have deeply rooted their corruption behavior in their work until it is always difficult for you to remove any corruption criteria from them. Corruption is in fact going to hurt the society and the police are going to walk scot free without any stress. The reason is that they are the law enforcers and when they are crooked, then there is nowhere that you are going to report any infringement that is done to you. I find it a hard thing to teach police how to behave but it is a fact that the governments in question have also completely failed to ensure that things are streamlined in their country.


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