Top 10 Most Dangerous Rides In The World

The amusement parks often serve as the recreation destinations for a majority of the people. These parks have certain rides that put the courage of the ride taker to test. Parks are often known to introduce tougher rides to attract more and more visitors. However they fail to introduce the required safety measures every time.

There may be design fails of the ride, or lack of trained safety experts who would give necessary instructions to the ride takers to take the ride safely which have led some of the theme park rides across the world to be the most dangerous ones. In the following section, few of the 10 most dangerous rides in the world are enlisted.


Most Dangerous Rides

The very infamous ride of the Action Park, Vernon, New Jersey is one of its kind which took physics just for granted. It was the first ever water slide to be completely enclosed and with a complete loop at the end of it. It was first run for a month in 1985 but was later shut down following a lot of accidents leading to a ban by the safety regulatory board. However very few people actually took the ride when it was introduced back in the 1980s. Owing to the large number of accidents the park was completely shut down in 1996 but has now reopened and the authorities are currently planning to reintroduce the same slide again but with certain modifications.


Most Dangerous Rides

Catapults were primarily designed for hurling stones, boulders or even cattle. But the Middlemoor Water park used the catapult for hurling humans into the air. There was a safety net at a certain distance where the person taking the ride was expected to land. There were instances when the person taking the ride overshot the safety net and landed on the ground with a lot of serious injuries. This makes the Human Trebuchet one of the most dangerous rides in the world.


Most Dangerous Rides

The ride at Oakwood Theme Park, United Kingdom combines a drop from a steep height and rushing water against the body. The ride has led to a great number of mishaps. There is an instance when the safety rail of a ride-taker malfunctioned only leading her to fall from 100 feet to death. In another instance, the heavy weight of a person taking the ride caused her to fall from a height thereby causing death. This was an instance from the Knottā€™s Berry Farm in California with a similar ride.


Most Dangerous Rides

This was one of the most dangerous rides of Action Park in New Jersey. The ride consisted of a 20 feet long rope from a steel arch with a pool underneath wherein the person taking the ride is expected to land. But the water used in the pool was never heated and was spring fed which led to the water being extremely cold which resulted in several death due to heart attacks of the ride takers on their sudden entry into the pool. Although there is no notable danger associated with this ride, the water temperature played a significant role in making the ride one of the most dangerous rides in the world.


Most Dangerous Rides

Scad dives consist of a caged structure with a platform situated at around 150 feet above the ground and a safety net underneath it. It is generally advised not to look down before the jump. The person who jumps travels at a speed of about 120 km/h under free fall. All the necessary precautions like positioning of the body before the fall and during the fall are highly vital for safety purposes. A lot many accidents have occurred due to wrong landing positions of the ride-takers.


Most Dangerous Rides

This was a type of wooden roller coaster where two wooden carts raced against each other on tracks made of wood as well. There were often reports of the passengers being thrown out of the carriages during the ride which led to fatal injuries. Back then when the fun ride was introduced there were not enough safety measures for the protection of the ride takers which led the ride to be considered as one of the most dangerous rides to be ever made. It was one of the most popular rides in the early decades of the 20th century as well.


Most Dangerous Rides

These rides are often related to the fun and unpredictability associated with it and are widely taken by the young and brave hearts round the world. The flow of the water is unpredictable and is the key fun element in the ride. However the rafts that were used in the rides often had a wheel in the centre which could be used by the riders to spin themselves around. However handing the responsibility of controlling the ride to the people was not such a great idea after all. Since a majority of the ride takers are generally untrained, a large number of accidents took place which resulted from the overturning or the capsizing of the rafts.


Most Dangerous Rides

The ride is one of the major attractions of the Gold Reef City theme Park situated in Johannesburg. Although there have been no accidents that are associated with this ride since its inception in 2001, the ride maintains a class of its own. The ride includes a free fall of 49 feet which results in a G Force of about 6.3 units which is about 100 percent more than what a person would get when launched in a space shuttle. There are instances of a large number of ride-takers puking during and post ride.


Most Dangerous Rides

They are also referred to as the Toboggan Runs where the ride taker is made to sit on a cart and the cart runs in a track that is generally made of fibre glass and concrete on rough and steep terrains. There is a handbrake facility on the cart which generally fails when the cart is at high speeds. The most common accidents include the derailing of the cart or collisions. There are instances where the ride takers died after falling out from their carts.


Most Dangerous Rides

This is again one of the most dangerous rides from Action Park in New Jersey. The slide was made of metal rollers which is the most dangerous part of the slide. The ride takers were given a plaster plate which slid upon the rollers into a pool which was just 12 inches deep. A correct sitting position is highly necessary for taking the ride safely. There are cases where the ride takers landed on their face in the shallow pond due to incorrect seating positions. The rollers that were used on the slides were also major trouble causing agents in the slide which caused the people pinching themselves.

A large number of fatal accidents occur if necessary safety measures are not taken in these theme park rides. Every park should thoroughly test the ride efficiency before implementing it and opening it for visitors. There should be trained professionals to give all the necessary information regarding the safety measures that need to be taken in the ride. Lastly the person who is taking the ride should also be careful to avert any possible mishap while taking the ride.


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