Top 10 Most Dangerous Spiders In The World 2019

Spiders are one of the most common insects, which can be found everywhere. They can even be considered as your roommates who have been living with you since ages. However, some of us, the two legged mammals have developed a fear of these eight legged tiny beasts; Arachnophobia. Majority of its species are aggressive, however, even the most venomous of spiders also attack in extreme situation, where they see you as a threat. Here is a list of some of the most dangerous spiders in the world 2019, who have been ranked according to their powerful and deadly venom.

10. Yellow Sac Spider

Most Dangerous Spiders 2019

These spiders are found throughout North America, which usually have a length of up to 0.25 to 0.5 inches. They can be found inside houses as well as outdoors, under thick leaves or wooden logs. They are named as ‘Sac’ as they cannot weave webs. These spiders create their nest around corners. Their venom is known for destroying the dead skin tissues of its victims. Their prey usually includes insects of all sizes, they are known for consuming their own eggs. Due to their presence around households, thousands of cases of sac spider’s bite are filed in the local hospitals.

9. Fringed Ornamental Tarantula

Most Dangerous Spiders

Tarantulas can lengthen up to a size of 10 inches, which can scare anyone away. They are most commonly found in the Indian Western and Eastern Ghats. They are also known as Indian Ornamental or Indian tree Ornamental spiders, whose poison can put any human in coma with a single bite. They usually live in tree holes, where they create thick, funnel webs. They are known for consuming all types of flying insects. They are super fast who paralyze their prey with their venom. Their bite can cause muscle cramping and excruciating pain in humans. They can’t pass through webs; however they make up for it with their powerful venom.

8. Chinese Bird Tarantula

Most Dangerous Spiders

The sizes of Chinese Bird Tarantula can length up to 8 inches. This specie of tarantula are found in Southeast Asia, commonly in the rain forest of Vietnam and China. Despite its name the spider doesn’t survive on birds, just like other members of its species it survive on insects which include cockroaches, crickets and rodents. They are scared insects who only attack humans if provoked. They have strong legs which can span up to 8 inches, which they use to dip into the ground. Their venom is said to contain compounds of neurotransmitter blockers and neurotoxins. Their bites can cause severe nerve damage on humans, which can paralyze the bitten party.

7. Mouse Spider

Most Dangerous Spiders

As the name suggest, the spider received the name because of its similarity with mice. It’s stout, furry and fast just like mouse. They are covered in dark black or blue colour with light patches on the top. You can identify its male, by looking for a red or orange area near their eyes. They are known for creating silk burrows, up to 55 cm deep with trap doors. They attack their prey using their vibrator senses, by quickly attacking the prey by grabbing or biting them by lunging through their trapdoor. Their venom can burn human tissues.

6. Brown and Chilean Recluse Spiders

Most Dangerous Spiders 2019

They are usually 0.25 to 0.75 inches long, which can be a deceiving cover for their powerful venom. They have small fangs which can put a human in coma in mere seconds with a single bite. Their bite victims have suffered from tissue destruction, expanding wounds, gangrenous skin disorders and kidney failure. These spiders can cause human deaths, even when the patients are treated with anti venoms.

5. Redback Spider

Most Dangerous Spiders

They are relatively smaller than what you would imagine a dangerous spider to look like. They can size up to 0.12 to 0.16 inches, where males are smaller than females. They are exclusively found in Australia. They are a member of Black Widow family. Its venom can be more toxic for some people as compared with others. For example, Redback bites have caused seizures, coma and respiratory failures, while in some case it recorded less severe symptoms like muscle shake, swollen lymph, migraine headaches and nausea. As the name suggests, the spider has a red striped back, with an hourglass design near its abdomen.

4. Black widow Spider

Most Dangerous Spiders

One of the most popular spiders in the world, Black Widow is usually size from 0.5 to 1.5 inches. They are commonly found in North America. Their references have been used in several Hollywood movies and songs. The female spider of this specie is infamous for eating its mate after their mating. Its venom can cause ‘Latrodectism’ in humans, which can cause cerebral paralysis and muscle spasms, which can be deadly for children and elderly. They can be categorized into multiple versions because of their different designs. However they are all content with a similar red hourglass shaped design on their abdomen. Anti venoms usually help in curing their bites, which is a blessing, given the amount of people who experience its bite every year.

3. Sydney Funnel Web

Most Dangerous Spiders

They can length up to 0.4 to 2 inches, and are found in Australia, with its other species in USA. They have large fangs, through which they deliver high dose of venom through their bites. The dark black spider can cause its victims to die in just few minutes. Their venom is called Atracotoxin, which can kill a small kid in 15 minutes. Adults can experience severe pain, fatigue, nausea and vomiting due to its bite. They are one of the most aggressive spiders who can bite several times if provoked. They live in grasslands and small crevices where they create small funnel webs as homes.

2. Six Eyed Sand Spider

Most Dangerous Spiders

They can length up to 0.6 inches only, but don’t get deceived by their size as one bite from them can give a very painful death. They are found in the deserts of Southern Asia and Africa. Their legs can span up to 2 inches, with small fangs that can exert a good amount of venom when they attack. This is a pretty non aggressive species that doesn’t attack until disturbed.

There isn’t any direct anti venom for their bite, which requires a couple of weeks stay in the hospital in order to get cured completely. There venom can cause internal and external bleeding, clotting of blood throughout the body, which can eventually lead to death.

1. Brazilian Wandering Spider

Most Dangerous Spiders 2019

As the name suggest, the spider is commonly found in Brazil, including the outlying regions of South America. This spider can size up to the length of 0.67 to 1.89 inches. This is officially the deadliest spider in the world, which holds a Guinness World Record. It can span its leg up to 5 inches despite its small size. It is known for injecting 1.069 mg of venom with a single bite, which is enough to kill three adult humans. This spider is not friendly and is always looking for a fight. Its venom contains neurotoxins, which causes breathing disability, leading to death in a few minutes.

These are some of the most dangerous spiders that you wouldn’t want to mess with. Just because these are old species on earth doesn’t mean few of these aren’t completely horrifying. Most of them won’t attack you without any reasons so don’t take any risk of provoking these venomous creatures. The best thing is that death from spiders is rare, some of them are they’re incredibly lethal.


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