12 Most Expensive Colognes In The World 2019

Who doesn’t want to smell good?! Whether it’s going for an outing or making your presence felt somewhere, a cologne helps you to create an aura of your own. A good cologne is everybody’s rescuer whether it’s helping you cover your body odor or making you smell mesmerising. Everyone should have a perfume that screams their presence and makes it felt.

The global perfumes brands have been really good at picking the right smell and these colognes come in a package of astonishing fragrance as well as prices. Hence, the following is a list with a brief of the top twelve colognes of 2019 which are splendid, catchy, and insanely expensive.

12. Gucci Pour Homme by Gucci

Most expensive cologne 2019

This is the cheapest one in this and costs around 50 dollars. It is still a head-turning cologne and such a fragrance is a necessity of modern everyday man. An investment on this one will not for sure be something one will regret about. It is high-quality cologne, a suitable and apt pick for cold, winter days. Gucci Pour Homme is sure shot to create a remarkable first impression.

11. One Million by Paco Rabanne

Most expensive cologne

One Million by Paco Rabanne is another most popular cologne. It costs around 65 dollars and that doesn’t mean so much. This one here is also suitable for winter nights and evenings with its distinctive smell. The fragrance is a combination of blood mandarin, rose, mint, spicy notes like cinnamon combined with the aura of ripe grapefruit. It evokes elegant freshness and all the right kind of feelings as it’s the harmony of white wood and Indonesian patchouli essences. It’s another great pick for men who like hot choices.

10. Viktor and Rolf Spicebomb

Most expensive cologne

This is one of the exclusive colognes which is gaining more and more followers and fans around the world.

Victor and Rolf’s Spicebomb has something special about it which makes people go crazy for it. Its container is in the shape of a grenade which indicates the explosion of fragrance and it’s magnificent and splendid smell. The best part about this cologne is that you get feel fresh, fabulous and zesty on a price less than hundred dollars. The scent is manly and regenerating with its tobacco and leather aura.

9. Serge Lutens Borneo Cologne for Men

Most expensive cologne

This cologne which is considered one of the best by men comes within a range of 135 dollars. It was first started as a scent for both men and women and later got confined to men. The fragrance is unique for its spicy and warm scent, with a blend of patchouli, cardamom, galbanum, cocoa, French labdanum and white flowers. Cocoa and patchouli is the combination that makes this scent special.

8. Ambre Topkapi

Most expensive cologne

The list is growing costlier and costlier. The eighth one on the list is Ambre Topkapi which costs around 610 dollars. This amazing fragrance was created by Pierre Bourdon with the mixture of strong spices like cinnamon. Ginger, cardamom, and nutmeg with pineapple, lavender, and grapefruit. The unique feature about this scent is that it is characterized by a strong smell in the beginning and the more it lasts, the more it blends into a woody, breezy smell which is the most suitable for long nights out in the town.

7. Annick Goutal’s Eau D’Hadrien

Most expensive cologne

With this fragrance, we get into the inner most strata of incredibly expensive colognes and scents. Annick Goutal’s Eau D’Hadrien comes at an exclusive price of 1500 dollars. This one is the right choice for men who don’t like woody, spicy, musky smell. This godly scent is for the ones who are subtle yet fresh in their taste of scenting their skin. This cologne is made individualistic with scents that remind one of the ripened fruits and the hints of cypress. This fragrance is the go-to product for an ultimate beach day.

6. Caron Poivre

Most expensive cologne 2019

This brand has been around since 1954 and known to be the eye of the storm regarding debates on whether it’s more suited for women or men. It is the world’s renowned unisex fragrance which has a dominant pepper note. The spicy tag makes it appealing for both men and women. Crisp and clean wood scents give the fragrance its strong base and floral scents work as it’s heart. It’s an explosion of floral deliciousness and intense spicy waves. It comes out at a price of 2000 dollars, which is pretty much insane for a mercurial cologne but you sure can feel at the top of the game with scent.

5. Clive Christian No.1

Most expensive cologne

This brand of cologne costs a screeching 2350 dollars and the first thought one may have is “ Why in the world would a fragrance cost so much?!” The answer is quite simple. It is made out of the rarest of the rarest ingredients which are collected from a different part of the world that makes about its unique smell. One should not also forget the fact that it’s bottle is made out of fine real crystals and the bottle’s neck is pure gold made. This fragrance is for the one who lives a truly luxurious life. Another thing to notice is that there is a five-karat diamond in the gold inset. The scent was created way back in the Victorian age of 1800s and it is believed that its modern day pattern was granted by the Queen herself.

4. Chanel Grand Extrait

Most expensive cologne

It is the great work of an imaginative perfumer, Ernest Beaux and is widely popular since the year 1921. It’s every jug is created via molds and costs 4,200 dollars per ounce. The main ingredients are rose and jasmine. It is one among the original old fragrances. Its scent is the rarest and the most original, which aptly explains it’s price.

3. Baccarat Les LarmesSacrees de Thebes

Most expensive cologne

This Cologne comes from the luxurious crystal maker Baccarat. It is priced 6,800 dollars per ounce. It was released by the company in the year 1998 and its release was constrained. This makes it rarest and more significant.

2. Clive Christian No.1 Imperial Majesty Perfume

Most expensive cologne

This one comes with its exquisite aroma and charm in an exceptional bottle. It’s Bottle’s neck is adorned with five-carat white stones and the neckline is of solid eighteen karat gold. It costs 12’721.89 dollars per ounce and considered by many as the costliest. It’s bottle usually contains 16.9 ounces, which indicates that one needs to shell out around 2,15,000 dollars for a jug.

1. DKNY Golden Delicious Million Dollar Fragrance Bottle

Most expensive cologne 2019

The fragrance that tops this list is DKNY’s Golden Delicious Million Dollar Fragrance. This fragrance came out in the year 2011 and is a precious bottle containing including splendid stones like ruby, sapphires, and tourmaline. This cologne costs a whopping million dollars. It is considered to be the finest work of art in the perfumery world. Its entire creation took around 1,500 hours to get completed. The best part about this product is that its entire profit is donated to a global philanthropic organization called Action against Hunger.

Thus, scent or aroma carriers and creates a special meaning in everyone’s day to day lives. These plushest cologne brands not only excited and incorporated with lavish aroma but also amaze one with its luxury packaging. So, what are you waiting for?! Go grab your bottles!!


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