11 Most Expensive Dresses In The World 2019

“Dress shabbily and they remember THE DRESS; Dress impeccably and they remember THE WOMEN.” – Coco Chanel (French fashion designer). Dress is basically means to put cloth on yourself or someone else. It is a piece cloth which is well finished in design and quality such as a frock, gown or a skirt or even a school uniform is termed under the category of dress. Whatever well suited clothes worn by men or women is referred as dress. It is sometime termed as outer garment for girls or woman comprises of bodice and skirt in a single piece.

If we come down under the valuable dresses it cost more and you guys don’t even aspect that how much costly a dress would be. Some dresses are costly due to their brand value associated with it but here it is not the case, these dresses are costly because they are very rareness and uniqueness. Few of the dresses worn by the famous celebrities who now pass away due to which this dress become antique, few other dresses costly because they are fixed with precious stones diamonds and the designing material used in it is much costly. The designer of the dress take care of all this materials and for whom the dress is made all stuffs are noted. Here we are going to introduce about some of the expensive dresses in the world in 2019 which made you to think how expensive a dress will be?

11. Ginza Tanaka Gold Coin Dress – $267,948

Most Expensive Dresses 2019

This Golden coin dress was designed by Japanese jeweler Ginza Tanaka in the year 2007. The amazing golden dress which contains almost 15,000 golden Australian coins due to which the dress weight increases to 10kg. The dress was first revealed at a fashion show in Tokyo. It looks pretty and dazzling and contain a price tag of around 267,948 USD.

10. Marilyn Monroe’s Happy Birthday Dress – $1.3M

Most Expensive Dresses

This costume which is worn by Monroe is designed by famous American fashion designer Jean-Louis Berthaulto in the year 1961. The dress is considered to be the first ever dress which crosses one million dollar mark. This awesome dress only designed to worn by the Marilyn Monroe which she worn in American President John F. Kennedy’s forty-fifth birthday party. The dress is made up of very thin material and also contain sparkling tiny diamonds all around. The original price of this antique dress at that time was $12,000 but now it will auction at the cost of 1.3 million USD.

9. Julie Andrews’s 1965 Dress – $1.56M

Most Expensive Dresses

This antique dress which was worn by Julie Andrew in The sound of music in the year 1965. This is basically a pinafore dress which is now auctioned and get a healthy cost of around 1.56 million USD. The amazing fact about this dress is that it doesn’t contain any diamond or precious stone but get price so much which is really exiting.

8. Maria Grachvogel Precious Dress – $1.8M

Most Expensive Dresses

This precious was designed by British fashion designer Maria Grachvogel. This pretty dress is maroon colored and encrusted with almost 2,000 tiny sprinkling diamonds and was made with silk which also studded with diamonds. This pretty dress is exclusively revealed at fashion show of Maria. This maroon colored dazzling dress is sellout with a price tag of $1.8 million USD.

7. Vera Wang Peacock Wedding Dress – $2M

Most Expensive Dresses

This gorgeous peacock feather dress is designed by American fashion designer Vera Wang. This beautiful wedding gown is composed of more than 2,000 peacock feathers which looks awesome and make whole dress as greenish. The luxurious dress took eight craftspeople for stitching the feathers onto this dress. It was firstly revealed in Wedding Exhibition in Nanjin, China in the year 2009. The estimated cost for this feather dress is around 2 million USD.

6. Debbie Wingham Black Diamond Dress – $5.5M

Most Expensive Dresses 2019

This mind-blowing black colored dress is designed by British fashion designer Debbie Wingham. This black beauty is composed of 50 two carats black diamonds which weighs a staggering 29lbs (13kg). The dazzling handmade dress took six months to sew by hand which is a center piece of five carats of black diamonds. This black gorgeous gown is first unveiled at Ukraine Fashion Week in 2012. The estimated cost for this dazzling dress is around 5.5 million USD.

5. Yumi Katsura Wedding Dress – $8.3M

Most Expensive Dresses

This pretty looking wedding dress is designed by Japanese designer Yumi Katsura. The dress is very beautifully designed and decorated with 8.8 carat green colored diamonds as well as 5 carat 502-faced cut diamonds with thousands of real pearls. This dress is first worn by Olympic figure skating champion Shizuka Arakawa of Japan in a bridal fashion show in Tokyo. The estimated cost for this white wedding gown is one billion yen or 8.3 USD.

4. Scott Henshall Diamond Dress – $9M

Most Expensive Dresses

This spider web shaped dress is designed by British fashion designer Scott Henshall. This dress is looks different from others because it is totally designed like a spider web which is very light in weight and looking beautiful as well. It contains almost 3,000 tiny-tiny diamonds and the stitching also used as diamond type imprinted on a black colored cloth. This dress was first worn by the famous singer Samantha Mumba at the time of Spiderman movie premier in 2004. This dress is highly decorative with tiny sparkling diamonds and the estimate cost for this web shaped dress is around 9 million USD.

3. Renée Strauss AND Martin Katz Wedding Dress– $16.2M

Most Expensive Dresses

This pretty white gown is designed by Renee Strauss in collaboration with Martin Katz who is a jeweler. The dress is basically a luxury wedding gown consist of 150 carat flawless sparkling diamond which are stitched are over the dress from top to bottom. This exclusive bodice with gown wedding dress is looking precious and was first shown at the Ritz-Carlton in California. This wedding gown cost around 16.2 million USD.

2. Debbie Wingham Abaya dress – $17.6M

Most Expensive Dresses

This black colored dress is designed by British fashion designer Debbie Wingham. This dress is termed as abaya an Arabic name which is look like gown, is a traditional North African and Arabic women’s’ style of wearing cloths. This black abaya which is designed for a personal client composed of red diamond, which is appraised at about $7.4 million, the dress is also include such different-different 3,000 stones. This awesome design also comprises of flawless 50 two-carat black diamonds as well as 50 two-carat white diamonds with 1,000 pointer rubies and 1,899 black-and-white pointer diamonds as well in it even the thread used in stitching this abaya contains 14-carat gold. This Abaya dress cost is around 17.6 million USD.

1. Nightingale of Kuala Lumpur – $30M

Most Expensive Dresses 2019

This awesome heart loving dress is designed by Malaysian fashion designer Faiyzali Abdullah. The dress is composed of heavy materials such as chiffon, satin, taffeta and silk. It is also been well decorated by precious stones which are about 70 carat in pear shape and crystalline texture is about 751 Swarovski. This mind-blowing dress said to be the world most expensive dress and cost approximately 30 million USD and was presented in the fashion show STYLO Fashion Grand Prix KL in the year 2009.

Above is the list of top of the line most expensive eleven dresses which are looking luxurious gorgeous and mind-blowing. We make so much efforts to bring you this countdown. These dresses are valuable in many ways due to who wore it or the material used in creating it. Hope you people enjoyed this heart loving expensive dresses.


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