Top 10 Most Expensive Engagement Rings 2019

“Engagement is not just a wearing ring, custom for two, it’s a commitment of dream, love and feelings.” Engagement is something which a person occupy the attention or efforts of someone. An engagement ring is basically a ring which show that the person wearing it is associate with other to be married. This are worn generally by ladies, and rings can include precious stones or diamond which looks luxurious in nature. This tradition of providing engagement rings is come up from western culture. In few of the other culture men and women both wear matching rings.

Engagement rings are basically a vital signature of your love and trust. It is just the matter of giving something precious to someone who is more precious than anyone else. Some engagement rings are ordinary or very common but some are handcrafted and unique. Here we are going to give some light on the world most expensive engagement rings in 2019 which will catch your attention due to their beauty and luxury.

10. Kate’s Garrard 18-Carat Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring – $137,200

Most expensive engagement rings 2019

This Garrard oval shaped blue colored ring has given to Kate Middleton by Prince William. It is the same ring which his mother Diana used to wear who is that time Princess of Wales and got engaged with Prince Charles in 1981. The 18-carat oval blue sapphire is bordered with 14 tiny-tiny diamonds and cost around $45,000 during that span of time. If we take about royal standard it is not unique but now it is become priceless and among the most famous engagement ring ever. Today, its estimated cost is around $137,200 which make this luxurious beauty more awesome.

9. Catherine’s Fred Leighton Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring – $2.5M

Most expensive engagement rings

This is marquis shaped diamond ring which is presented to Catherine Zeta Jone by Michael Douglas. It is basically a 10-carat vintage ring fixed with white marquise diamond which is placed horizontally and surrounded by sparkling 28 tiny white stones. This spectacular ring is produced by Fred Leighton. The estimated cost for this luxurious beauty is around $2.5 million.

8. Anna‘s Pink Pear Cut Engagement Ring – $2.5M

Most expensive engagement rings

This Pink Pear ring has given to retired Russian tennis sensation Anna Kournikova by Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias. This 11-carat pink pear-cur diamond is designed by Argyle Jewelers. In this ring it contains two Trillions stones on the side and surrounded by pure natural pink diamond. Due to its uniqueness it is one of the most valuable luxurious ring that’s why it comes under the slab of top most valuable engagement ring given in this decade. The estimated cost for this awesome beauty is around $2.5 million.

7. Jackie’s Lesotho III Diamond Engagement Ring – 2.59M

Most expensive engagement rings

This marquise Lesotho III diamond is given to Jackie by Aristotle Onassis in 1968 when she got engaged with him. According to sources, it is said that she only wore it twice in her whole life and then deposit it in a bank wallet in New York. This antique ring contains 40.42-carat marquise shaped diamond which is auction on 1996 by Jackie’s estate and sold for $2.59 million. This ring was originally purchased by Harry Winston. This precious diamond is cut from a 601-carat rough diamond which is believed to be discovered in South Africa in 1967.

6. Melania’s Graff Emerald-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring – $3M

Most expensive engagement rings

This Emerald cut diamond is presented by today’s American President and American Business tycoon Donald Trump to his wife Melania Knauss on the occasion of engagement. This pretty emerald 15-carat diamond setting up in platinum ring which looks spectacularly awesome is purchased from house of Graff in London. The estimated cost for this precious emerald cut stone is about $3 million.

5. Jennifer’s Neil Lane Blue Diamond Engagement Ring – $4M

Most expensive engagement rings 2019

This blue diamond engagement ring is given to Jennifer Lopez on her engagement by her fiancé Marc Anthony in the year 2007. This sparkling 8.5-carat blue diamond ring is designed and produced by Neil Lane. The natural blue diamond is very rare in nature as this ring associate with Spanish singer it is become more precious. The high profile 8.5-carat blue diamond is fixed at the center surrounded by valuable metals. The estimated cost for this Neil Lane’s diamond is about $4 million.

4. Kelly’s Cartier Emerald-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring – $4.06M

Most expensive engagement rings

This Cartier emerald cut diamond is presented for great actress Grace Kelly by Prince of Monaco Rainer III. Both of them met first time in Cannes Film Festival in 1955 after spending few days together they fall in love with each other and got engaged. Then this Hollywood iconic beauty became the princess of Monaco. The 10.47-carat emerald cut diamond is place in middle surrounded by two tiny diamond on both the side make it more pretty. The estimated cost for this antique piece is around $4.06 million.

3. Paris’ Golden Diamond Encrusted Engagement Ring – $4.7M

Most expensive engagement rings

This Gold diamond encrusted engagement ring is given to Paris Hilton by her ex-fiancé Paris Latsis in 2005. This is basically a 24-carat white gold ring whose diamond is rectangular in shape. The diamond associate is appeared to be so much bigger massive in her finger. The white rectangular diamond is placed at the center surrounded by two tiny triangle shaped baguettes fixed either sides. When her engagement broke up she auctioned this precious ring for Katrina hurricane victims. The estimated cost for this incredible luxurious beauty is around $4.7 million.

2. Beyonce Lorraine Schwartz Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring – $5M

Most expensive engagement rings

This Lorraine Schwartz diamond engagement ring is presented to Beyonce by Jay-Z. This is basically a platinum ring which is octagon in shape which is encrusted with 18-carats of precious diamond. The Lorraine Schwartz ring’s octagon diamond placed at center and which is surrounded by tiny white colored diamonds. The designing work on this particular ring is awesome, it is desirably more precise and beautiful as simple as that. The estimated cost of this Beyonce’s platinum ring is around $5 million.

1. Taylor’s Asscher cut Krupp Diamond Engagement Ring – $8.8M

Most expensive engagement rings 2019

This Asscher cut diamond ring is presented to the Elizabeth Taylor by Richard Burton on their engagement. This is the one of the most expensive engagement ring ever given to any celebrity. This diamond is of 33.19-carats and asscher cut it is believed that asscher cut diamond is the purest form of diamond which is transparent in nature. The diamond associate is of type IIa and it is chemically most pure form of diamond. This diamond also features with exceptional optical transparency which make it the world most valuable diamond. In 2011, Asscher-cut krupp diamond engagement.

Women are always curious about the engagement and most importantly the ring associate with it. When it comes to true love’s weight in gold or diamond carats, the most expensive engagement ring in the world can also be just as cheap as a toy ring. So, this rings are priceless for their lovers. We make our best efforts to bring you the most expensive valuable engagement rings now trending. This rings are so much luxurious and beautiful when they wear in finger. Hope you guys enjoyed the list.


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