Top 10 Most Expensive Liquors in The World 2019

Liquor is the soul of any party. Nobody wants to attend a party with no booze. We all like to drown in the influence of alcohol every now and then. The invention of alcohol is an evident proof that God wants us to have fun and stay happy and carefree. Who doesn’t want to feel high?

Sometimes to run from our fears, move on from an ex-lover and sometimes just to have a little fun. But how many of us would like to party with booze if it cost over $1 Million. Well just like the old saying ‘Old is Gold’, we have listed some of the oldest and most expensive liquors in the world in 2019, which can cost millions for giving you a temporary high.

10. Vieille Bon Secours Ale – $1,200

Most Expensive Liquors 2019

Let’s warn you in advance, that this is probably the most affordable liquor on our list, which is concealed by this beer brand. However, this is also the most expensive beer in the world. It is produced in a brewing style, which takes the taste of this beer to a whole new level. It is produced in Belgium by La Brasserie Caulier. The age of this beer, make it so expensive which has been matured for over 10 years that helps it deliver the wholesome taste of toffee and anise.

9. The Winston Cocktail – $14,000

Most Expensive Liquors

This is probably the tastiest and expensive cocktail in the world. You might even consider prestigious and classic, which can only be consumed by royalty because of its expensive price of $14,000. The Winston Cocktail was invented by a prestigious bartender named Salvatore Calabrese. It comprises of some of the strongest alcohols like vodka, whiskey, and rum. Salvatore knew his work behind the bar, as this cocktail’s exquisite taste, can take you on to heaven.

8. Legacy By Angostura – $25,000

Most Expensive Liquors

This is the 8th most expensive liquor in the world. Its expensive price is an outcome of its amazing taste and mixtures. This liquor is a mix of whiskey rum and other drinks which have been produced and matured over 17 years. Unfortunately, only 20 packs of this exquisite drink were made, to honor the 50th anniversary of Tobago and Trinidad’s independence. Each package will cost you $25,000. Its bottle contains a crystal decanter in its bottle, which highlight the beauty of this liquor. The bottle of this liquor was designed by a popular London-based Jewelry house named Asprey.

7. Chateau d’Yquem – $130,000

Most Expensive Liquors

Chateau d’Yquem is a popular and one of the oldest winemakers of France. They are known for producing some of the most prestigious and exclusive wines. There Chateau d’Yquem is amongst the most popular wines in the world, which cost $130,000 for each bottle. This is a rare vintage wine. Robert Parker, a famous wine critic, gave it 100 out 100, for its soothing and eccentric taste. This wine belongs to batch no 1811, which is one of their most prestigious and valuable bath of this wine producer

6. Penfolds Ampoule – $170,000

Most Expensive Liquors

Tasty or not, this wine definitely has one of the unique bottle designs in the world, which will make you curious enough to invest in it. Penfolds Ampoule is a popular red wine in the market, which you can expect if you are going out on a date with Christian Grey. Penfolds Ampoule is considered as the tastiest red wine in the world. Wine lovers are crazy for the taste of this wine. But sadly only 12 bottles were produced of this wine; making is one of the rarest red wine on the planet. The packaging of this bottle consists of a timber case which is designed by Andrew Batlett.

5. Armand De Brignac Midas – $215,000

Most Expensive Liquors 2019

Armand is a one of the most popular and expensive wine on the planet. It’s priced so high because of the taste, age and the packaging of its bottle. This sparkling wine stays put, in a big 30-liter gold skin bottle, which is stylishly designed with a crafty Card game heart pattern. Armand De Brignac Midas is obviously not meant for daily consumption unless you can afford it. The big bottle is enough to serve a big party. So, open this bottle for your wedding or a family dinner, and impress everyone with your gourmet taste and elite style.

4. Dalmore 62 – $215,000

Most Expensive Liquors

Dalmore is vintage liquor that is expensive for its taste and age. It is amongst the rarest alcohols on the planet. Only 12 bottles of this gourmet drink were produced on earth, which is available on the market for $215,000 if anyone is interested. It is amongst the most refined whiskeys. Whiskey lovers would kill to get a taste of Dalmore 62. Several whiskey critics and experts have praised it for its taste and high. It will leave you with a soothing aroma and a solid high. You will be paying for of the whiskey only in this case, so imagine how amazing it must taste that it’s priced so expensive.

3. Diva Vodka – $1 Million

Most Expensive Liquors

Do you love Vodka, then you with love this bottle as well, but it’s unlikely that you will be able to or want to invest in vodka of worth this price. It is the costliest Vodka in the world. Diva Vodka is known as the strongest vodka on the planet. However, its price tag is the product of the decoration that is attached to its bottle. The bottle is covered with Swarovski crystals in the center of the bottle that highlight the refinedness of the liquid inside the bottle. This vodka is distilled thrice, which comes inside your glass filtering through expensive gems.

2. Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne – $2 Million

Most Expensive Liquors

Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne is the second most expensive alcohols in the world. It is amongst the rarest Cognacs. This Champagne bottle was made to pay tribute to King Henri IV. The only thing we can consider rarer than Cognac is the very bottle in which it is preserved. It is decorated and manufactured with sterling platinum and 6000 diamonds which surrounds the bottle. Its body is constructed with a 24 carat gold, which makes it so beautiful and expensive. It can be considered as an expensive decoration than a liquor, which won’t prefer opening to celebrate your own birthday.

1. Pasion Azteca by Tequila Ley (Platinum Liquor Bottle) – $3.5 million

Most Expensive Liquors 2019

Pasion Azteca is one of the most expensive alcohols in the world. It is also considered to be the strongest tequila in the world. Pasion Azteca is priced $3.5 Million because of its expensive packaging. Its fancy bottle contains over 4-year-old Anejo tequila, which is decorated which a platinum and white gold based body that also adorns over 6,400 diamonds. We wonder who would buy this bottle as it seems the customer will be paying for the bottle than the ingredient inside it. This bottle is a representation of how rich people can go crazy to flaunt their money.

These are some of the most expensive beers on the planet, which are priced at such an expensive price because of their taste and age. While some of these liquors are expensive for their packaging which is done with all the jewel in the world, some are just priceless because of their taste.


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